! Mistralton City

!! Background
Mistralton City is one of the westernmost cities in Unova. While it covers a large area, it is relatively underpopulated, containing the largest airport in the region as well as a large farming community. It started out as a rest stop for travellers passing through Chargestone Cave some time ago, and has since expanded as the land around the city is ideal for farming.

!! Geography
Mistralton City is situated on the northern side of Chargestone Cave, with Unova Route 7 connecting it to Icirrus City via Twist Mountain. Driftveil City is to the southeast through Unova Route 6 and Chargestone Cave. The city is situated in a valley between the two mountains, mitigating the effects of extreme weather somewhat, making it ideal for both farming and landing aircraft.

For non-trainers who may find it difficult hiking along the routes, Mistralton is connected to Driftveil by a direct highway, stretching east out from Mistralton and following the river south from there.

!! Industry
Mistralton is known primarily for its produce and its aircraft. A variety of cargo planes fly daily from the airport to a variety of locations around the world, including places as far away as Kanto. Typically, these are only shuttling high-quality produce, though they do occasionally carry other things. People can book a flight on one of these aircraft, but these are typically very expensive due to a lack of demand and not having dedicated passenger planes. There is a large and well established aircraft plant and aerospace research centre which shares research and technological developments with the Lilycove Space Centre.

The fertile fields well supplied with water runoff from the mountains are the other half of Mistralton's industry. A huge number of fruit and vegetable crops are grown here, including some rare berry varieties such as Coba and Wacan. The less perishable of these crops generally get driven by road to Driftveil, where they are refridgerated and transported the world over, while the more perishable ones are flown to far off regions and sold for high prices.

!! Tips for Trainers
Mistralton City hosts a gym, founded by an expert pilot and Pokemon Trainer. It is now being run by his daughter Skyla. Since she also happens to be the best pilot currently in Mistralton, however, she has a tight schedule and is typically only available for battles a few days of every month.

Another important landmark is the Celestial Tower, located nearby in Route 7. A similar building to the large shrine in Mt Pyre, it serves as a resting place and cemetary for Pokemon. Many people come here each year to pay their respects and it is widely believed to be important that Trainers visit the shrine to honour those Pokemon that came before by ringing the bell atop the tower.

!! Native Pokemon
Mistralton Town itself does not have many Pokemon occuring in it, as the noise from the planes drives many of them away. Some can be found in the fields though, particularly Deerling and Tranquill. Driving them off to protect the crops is common.

Outside of town, the wide variety of locations mean a large variety of Pokemon can be seen, which change during the seasons - Cubchoo is quite common on the path to Twist Mountain during winter, for example. The Celestial Tower's spiritual presence and sense of grief is very strongly attractive to ghost-types, most notably Litwick. Electric type Pokemon such as Joltik and Tynamo are attracted to the strong electric fields in Chargestone Cave.

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