Fanon Pokedex / Meditite

Meditite Line

Morphs [Oak Catalogue #]

  • Meditite [307] – Pongo meditus

  • Medicham [308] – Pongo yogus

Physical Description

The members of the Meditite line are a pair of bipedal, dual Fighting and Psychic type Pokémon.

Meditite stands at around 60cm tall and can weigh anywhere between 8 and 14kg though members that are either larger or smaller exist. For accuracy and for consistency through this encyclopaedia Meditite’s height is measured from head to toe despite it spending a great deal of its time meditating. Meditite’s body is mostly blue with white/grey wristband like bands on its wrists, white feet and a white nappy like section below its stomach. Its head, which is shaped similar to an onion, is also white/grey with ovular pink markings on its cheeks and round swirled ears on the side. These ears are higher up on male Meditite than on females.

Upon evolution into Medicham it more than doubles in height, becoming around 1.3m tall and can weigh between 29and 34kg. Medicham has a grey/white body, arms, feet and head while the headpiece atop of its head is red with a bulb like protrusion on top with two smaller bulbs hang down over its temples. The bulb atop Medicham’s head is noticeably smaller on females. Medicham appear to wear loose red "pants" with a yellow waistband; the reason for these are currently unknown, though they may be for courtship purposes. They also appear inorganic, suggesting craftsmanship, though it's not known how they are constructed.

It was recently discovered that Medicham was one of the select Pokémon capable of undergoing the process dubbed Mega-Evolution. As Mega Medicham its basic appearance does not change; retaining the same height and weight as well as the same basic coloration. Changes that have occurred however is a widening of the “waistband” of its “pants” with it also now possessing a number of blue teardrop shaped decorations hanging from the lowest waistband. Mega Medicham possesses a golden ring on each wrist and its headpiece now resembling a white turban with the top red protrusion of its regular form visible through the top. The turban possesses a yellow stone in the centre and five white protrusions; three from the stone and two from either side. Mega Medicham uses its enhanced focus and willpower to create four ghostly white “hands” of psychic energy and aura. It has been noted that the stronger and more highly trained its spirit the more dexterous these hands are with the oldest and most highly trained able to use them as if they were their real hands.

Some researchers have hypothesized that Mega Medicham might have been the next stage in the natural evolution of the Meditite line before human industry was achieved recently, which slowly interfered with Medicham’s ability to reach this stage without artificial stimulus, (I.E mega stone). However, this hypothesis has yet to be scientifically proven.

Notable Biology

As dual Fighting/Psychic Pokémon, the members of the Meditite line are amongst a small collection of Pokemon that prominently exhibit both natural and decidedly supernatural abilities, rather than having a strong preference for one or the other; Gallade, Mega Mewtwo X and "Pirouette form" Meloetta are among the few other Pokémon to pertain to both practiced physical and psychic combat methods. Both members of this line are also two of the few Pokémon able to manipulate "Aura", which is also shared by Lucario's line.

Due to their meditation and fasting the members of this line have developed a sixth sense which it uses to assist the use of its psychokinetic powers and to avoid attacks.

There are two distinct sub-groups of these Pokémon. The most common subgroup of these Pokémon use their meditation and training to redirect some of their psychokinetic energy into their muscles and combining Aura into their strikes to greatly increase their physical strength an ability known to trainers as “Pure Power”.

The second much rarer sub-group uses their psychic powers to boost their “sixth-sense” beyond the normal limits allowing them to avoid any attacks used by allied Pokémon that may be headed their way. This ability has been dubbed “Telepathy” by trainers for obvious reasons. As Mega Medicham regardless of which sub-group a member of this species belongs it will possess the Pure Power ability while in its Mega Evolved state.

As with all Pokémon the Meditite line has members that exhibit a rare phenotype that alters their colouring. These members as Meditite simply swap their normal blue colouring for red while the normally white/grey areas are tinged with pink. Upon evolution to Medicham members with this phenotype have a golden colour to their skin while their “pants” and headpiece are blue. As Mega Medicham members with this phenotype keep the same colouration as before they Mega evolved while their ghostly “hands” take on the same colouration as their body and the stone on their turban is orange instead of yellow.


Both forms make their home in fields and mountains where they can use their psychic powers to hide themselves from others. They prefer isolated areas where they can meditate and train in peace.

Meditite are relatively common Pokémon, most likely due to a desire to test themselves against other Pokémon particularly those trained by humans, and are commonly found on Mount Pyre and in Victory road in Hoenn, Routes 208, 210, 211, 216, 217, the Acuity Lakefront and in Mt Coronet in Sinnoh and Connecting Cave in Kalos. There have also been reports of them appearing within Sprout, Bell/Tin and Burned/Brass Towers in the Johto region if they hear music reminding them of the Sinnoh region.

Meditite are much more uncommon but have been found in Victory Road in both Hoenn and Sinnoh as well as Route 217, Acuity Lakefront and Mt Coronet in Sinnoh. There have also been reports of them appearing in secret difficult to find Grottos within Unova’s Pinwheel Forrest though the frequency of these occurrences seems be differ in each report for unexplained reasons with some trainers reporting a high frequency while others have reported having to spend days trying to find one.


Meditite and Medicham are purely herbivorous, with a diet that consists of various local fruits, which includes berries. Most of these creatures tend to eat less food than other animals their size, perhaps as a tempering method for personal training. This factor makes them easy to care for Pokémon with very low maintenance costs, though it should be noted that their feeding needs will increase if they are entered into large numbers of battles that exceed the amount of energy use they would experience in the wild. Pregnant females will also change their feeding habits to incorporate the needs of its developing offspring, eating much more than usual.


For the most part both members of the line are largely pacifists only engaging in combat with opponents they feel are worthy and have even been known to come to the aid of trainers in peril however like with any Pokémon they will attack if provoked. As stated they are capable of not only powerful physical strikes but also powerful psychic and telekinetic strikes. Their preferred tactic is to use their psychic powers to cause an attacker to flee though this will fail on those with strong minds and wills. If this fails they will strike quickly and powerfully in order to disable the attacker rather than to explicitly injure or kill. Once the foe has been disabled they will either take the attacker away to someplace vaguely inhabited and leave them to wake up or simply disappear into the surroundings depending on the aggressiveness of the attacker or the potential danger to an unconscious soul.

Social Structure

Due to their meditative nature both Meditite and Medicham live largely solitary lives in relatively large areas known as ranges though they seem to have ranges that overlap with the areas of a number of females, usually 9, which usually appear to be immediate relatives, being encompassed by that of a males. Despite this the members of this species have only minor social interactions with the overlapping ranges appearing to be solely for convenience when breeding. Despite this when members do meet interactions are almost always friendly with only rare examples of true violence, as opposed to sparing, being observed. Due to these factors researchers tend to describe the social structure of the Meditite line as social but solitary.


While both members of this line are capable of breeding in captivity in the wild it is usually only Medicham who breed. Female Medicham when ready to breed will head to a select area of their range where they are met by the male whose range encompasses theirs. Medicham have a nine month gestation period after which the female gives birth to a single live young. The child stays with its mother for around two years after which they will start to spend less time with their mothers and begin to be weaned at four years of age. Once they have been weaned the child Meditite will leave in search of its own range. After giving birth female Medicham have an eight year interval before they breed again. Researchers have observed that the breeding in a group appears to be staggered such that the male breeds with only one female a year and spends the eight year interval before a particular female is ready to breed again breeding with each of the other females within its range one at a time such that the male breeds every year with a different female. Researchers continue to marvel at the apparent organization of the breeding cycle and the male’s apparent ability to know which female is ready to breed each year.

In Human Society

The members of the Meditite line are one of the most common Pokémon to appear in media due to their human-like appearance, similarly to chimpanzees. Unlike chimpanzees, they are generally easier to handle into adulthood since their social needs aren't as prevalent, and overall leans towards quiet, non-aggressive mannerisms.

Written by Shadow6666