Fanon Pokedex / Heracross


Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Heracross [214]

Physical Description

Heracross are large bipedal beetle-like Pokémon and bear a great resemblance to the well-known kabutomushi, the Japanese rhinoceros beetle. Its steel-hard exoskeleton, blue in color, is capable of withstanding several moderate-to-heavy-attacks, though it is more vulnerable to brute force. Its eyes are a pretty yellow or amber-gold. Easily the most noticeable body part is the single large pronged horn on their head, which also serves to signify one's gender; a male's horn terminates in an "X", while a female's ends in a heart-or-butterfly-shaped structure.

Notable Biology

Heracross are among the strongest Pokémon in sheer power; it can easily carry and hurl objects of up to 100 times its body weight (5,400kg) with the help of its horn. They are very proud of this fact, and often show off in contests of power.

On the whole, however, they are generally docile, and rarely attack unless provoked.


Their preferred habitats are deep temperate forests and heavy woodland, for use as both shelter and food supply. Heracross are found in Johto, Sinnoh, and the Sevii Archipelago.


The favorite food of a Heracross is tree sap, sweet honey and other plant juices, though they will willingly drink any sweet liquid; this eating habit can be used to a Trainer's advantage by slathering honey on certain trees in Sinnoh and waiting for one to pass by; it is usually too greedy to notice the Trainer until provoked. Their eating habits make them very unpopular with the Bulbasaur line, whose bulbs are often mistaken as sapholders, and it is common for them to fight over the issue.


The most obvious hazard of a Heracross is, of course, its horn. While Heracross is not violent, and the horn is not sharp, it is hard, and a Heracross is capable of breaking bones with a charge. Even unintentionally, Heracross can do a great deal of damage to other Pokemon or humans. Caution is advised when attempting to capture one or observe one.

Social Structure

Heracross live in groups.

Written by De Loye.