Fanon Pokedex / Groudon


Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Groudon [#383]

Physical Descriptions

Groudon is an enormous, heavily-armoured reptilian Pokémon which bears a slight resemblance to a Therizinosaurus. The underbelly is dark grey, while the rest of its body is covered by a series of overlapping red armour plates; the divide between the underbelly and armoured epidermis is demarcated by a row of white spikes, and the scales between the armour plates form strange geometric lines that occasionally glow with eerie blue phosphorescence.

The creature’s broad foreclaws each possess three bladelike fingers and a thumb, while the feet have only three spiky toes. Groudon possesses a distinctive four-ridged crest on its head, and this crest is echoed by the four blades protruding from the end of its broad tail. Finally, the creature possesses a mouth full of serrated teeth, which will be replaced by teeth from a secondary row if knocked out.

While not the largest, Groudon is easily the heaviest known species of Pokémon, out-massing Snorlax at an incredible 2094.1 lbs, or just over 1 short ton.

When sufficiently exposed to ambient natural energy, it undergoes a process known as Primal Reversion, growing an additional five feet. The divides in its armored epidermis become filled with what appears to be lava, generating an immense amount of heat.

Lore and History

Groudon has long been worshipped by the inhabitants of Hoenn as the God of Flame and Earth, being diametrically opposed to Kyogre, God of the Sea, and subordinate to Rayquaza, God of the Sky. In most of Hoenn’s religious texts and creation myths, Groudon and its brothers fashioned the world from the primordial darkness of time and space, creating land for humans and Pokémon to dwell upon and fire so that man might be able to eat food without taking ill. In turn, Kyogre and Rayquaza blessed humanity with the gifts of the sea and all its bounty, and the sky, with which man and Pokémon might live, respectively.

Furthermore, the creature’s association with volcanoes has also translated into a belief that Groudon is a spirit of death and rebirth, much like the lava flows that, while deadly, inevitably increase the amount of arable land. The souls of the dead are carried along the pyroclastic flows of the underworld to Mt. Pyre, where they must learn penitence before they can return to the land of the living. Because of the immense spiritual importance of the mountain, a Blue Orb, fashioned eons ago by inhuman hands and tied to the Continent Pokémon’s power, rests atop Mt. Pyre’s summit.

Known Sightings

Groudon is an extremely rare species of Pokémon; in the last century, there has only been one sighting, when the creature was briefly roused from its slumber by the eco-terrorist organization known as Team Magma. Despite this, the Earthshaker appears in sculpture, cave paintings, statuary, and many other forms of art throughout Hoenn’s long history; this artistic evidence, when combined with fossilized bone and tissue fragments, show that the creature was indisputably real.

In the past few years, there has been at least one attempt by Magma splinter groups to resurrect a Groudon from a single fossil using technology pioneered by the scientists at Cinnabar Island; this attempt failed disastrously, and all working on the doomed project were killed in the resulting catastrophe.

Diet (if any)

Although the presence of enormous, serrated teeth would seem to indicate that Groudon is a carnivore, it cannot be said what the creature's eating habits are with any certainty.


Despite not being a Fire-type Pokemon, Groudon apparently possesses powerful pyro-sacs which enable it to launch searing gouts of flame from its mouth. In addition, the creature displayed no discomfort whatsoever when observed sitting in a pool of magma; thus, it can be inferred that Groudon is impervious to extreme heat and unfazed by the poisonous gases normally present in areas of volcanic activity.

Groudon is also believed to possess photosynthetic cells which allow it to collect sunlight, like certain Grass Pokemon, and expel it in a beam of distilled solar radiation. Furthermore, it displays impressive geokinetic powers, being able to sunder the ground, cause earthquakes, and even draw magma plumes up through the crust from the mantle, creating highly localized and devastating volcanic eruptions.

Recent Sighting have indicated, that when sufficiently saturated with natural energy, Groudon does indeed become a Fire-type, and its muscle mass and internal pyro-sacs become much denser. In this form, its geokinetic powers are amplified to the point it can create spires of superheated rock below its foes. Its body gives off such immense heat, that the resulting air pressure difference blows away all forms of weather, allowing the sun to shine through unimpeded, and when combined with its body heat, vaporizes Water type attacks before they reach it/


As one can see from reading the above section, Groudon is an incredibly dangerous Pokemon that, if encountered, should not be approached under any circumstances. Thankfully, Groudon is not a particularly active Pokemon, apparently spending much of its time beneath the earth's crust in a state of hibernation.



Written by Sullen Frog.