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Gothita Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Gothita [#575]
  • Gothorita [#576]
  • Gothitelle [#577]


Gothita are toddler sized pokemon with black hair that covers the majority of their body, although they do have an odd zigzag diamond "belt" of white. Both arms and legs are underdeveloped, with no digits and barely any range of motion; Gothita generally move about in a 'waddling' sort of way, using their psychic abilities to keep their balance. Their head is roughly twice the size of their body, with the only hair being a simple topknot and the rest ezposing their purplish skin. Gothita have large blue eyes with thick eyelashes and a tiny set of red lips, but their faces are otherwise featureless. Two white ribbonlike feelers, tied into a pair of bows, are on either side of the head; a third such feeler rests at the front of the neck, like a bow-tie.

Gothorita are almost twice as tall as their pre-evolution, due to their now longer limbs and body. Their legs now have visible, stocking-like feet; their arms are long enough to bend at the elbow. The black hair on their body has grown from skintight to long, pooling around their waist like a small dress; while their white 'belt' is mostly hidden, a small portion can be seen on the rear in the shape of a bow. The Gotherita's face is mostly unchanged from their pre-evolution, only sporting a more cynical and unamused expression. Their hair, however, has gone from a simple topknot to an enveloping hood, exposing only the forward portion of the head; even then, three triangular bangs dangle over the eyes and the 'nose' of the pokemon. Furthermore, two spherical buns now grow from each side of their head, with a droplet of even more hair dangling from each of them; each bun is almost the same volume as the head itself. Finally, Gothorita's ribbon feelers have doubled in count; each bun has one resting on both the outer surface and its connection to the pokemon's skull, with two more feelers atop the chest and waist.

Gothitelle is as tall as the average adult human, and again this is mostly due to the body and limbs extending in length. While the legs are mostly simply longer versions of Gothorita's, the arms have developed white focus discs resembling cuffs around the wrist, leaving the mitten-like hand completely furless and exposed. The body hair has grown to incredible length, bundling up in no less than four conical formations that resemble a complex dress; this illusion is only further augmented by the four white bows that dot the front of the Gothitelle's body. As with the body, the head's main change is in an increase of hair; the stoic face is even more encapsulated by a black border, and four disks with the same circumference as the central skull jut from each side. An additional point of hair, with a single bow on the back, gives the head a tear-drop silhouette.

There is a minor mutation of the Gothitia line where individuals lack a specific pigment. This renders their skin a lighter lavender shade, their hair a faint navy blue instead of black, and the eyes of a Gothita start as red, although they darken to purple in later evolutions. This mutation is somewhat sought after by collectors.

Notable Biology

The Gothita line possesses powerful psychic potential, usually focused through their ribbon-like feelers. They generally use this to extend their senses, with young Gothita in a near constant state of wonder as they observe the auras and minds of the creatures around them. Gothorita tend to push their visions even further, with most of them attaching value to auras coming from the night stars. They will reach out in an attempt to show what they learn to others; this has had the unfortunate side effect of compelling weak-willed or sleeping individuals (such as children) to come to their home-made starcharts, although the Gothorita has enough responsibility to attempt to return them home before dawn. The Gothitelle are tempered by experience, and tend to take a long-term view of reality; they will project visions of stars far away from the world during nightly meditations, and often ruminate on the shortness of living creatures in comparison to the totality of the universe.

The Gothita line's extrasensory ability lends itself well to battling; a good portion of them are able to detect any held items of an opponent with but a single glance, while an equal amount translate any induced weakness to an increased psychic potential. A rare few are able to compel their foes and keep them from fleeing until the battle has been dealt with. No matter their ability, however, they usually fight with stoic, brutal efficiency; they don't even seem to find satisfaction in winning, using their immense psychic powers to batter their opponent's minds so they can go back to meditating on the universe.


The Gothita line is native to Unova, living primarily on the central peninsula. Gothita are generally found around Nimbasa City, where they can be cared for by friendly pokemon and humans; upon evolution to a Gothorita, they are compelled to migrate through the forest to the region around Route 9. This is due to the psychic beacon maintained in the area by the Gothitelle, who claim the intervening forest is a test of the Gothorita's ability; making it to Route 9 is a rite of passage for them, and the Gothitelle will take them under their wing to raise them.

In recent years, however, Gothorita have been seen migrating to other places. A strange house off of Reversal Mountain has attracted a number of them, who claim to be in discussion with the ghosts that haunt the halls; they have even started a new colony of Gothita and seem to intend to renovate the place for reasons unknown. The rumored pokemon village in Kalos has also been claimed to have a Gothorita population, and there are unconfirmed sightings of Gothita on Hoenn's route 102.


The Gothita line is, in general, able to eat whatever a human can; both later morphs have been seen actually cooking, although they will accept typical pokemon food in a pinch. They do have a slightly more powerful immune system than a human, though, and thus can occasionally be seen eating meat that is too raw or rotten for human consumption; as a trade off, certain spices are in fact poisonous to the pokemon. Do NOT make the mistake of presenting food in any manner that you yourself would object; the later morphs in particular demand a modicum of respect and if they are forced to eat from a dog bowl, they will use their powers to express their displeasure.


As is typical with psychic pokemon, some caution should be taken when encountering the Gothita line. Their mental assaults are built around powerful and disruptive mental projections, which can leave a person reeling in shock, terror, or simply unconscious. Thankfully, the Gothita line is also incredibly difficult to truly upset; they might express annoyance by standing up and walking away or, if they cannot leave, simply staring at the offender unnervingly until they cease their actions of their own accord.

The line is also one of the few pokemon with a social hazard; like many psychic pokemon they can communicate telepathically, but their obsession with destiny and casual acceptance of death gives them somewhat macbre commentary that can seriously depress sensitive trainers, with even young Gothita having odd things to say. Most of the time, however, they strive to avoid causing undue stress; many even strive to cheer up their friends although their humor can be a tad... understated and unusual.

Courting and Childrearing

While all members of the Gothita line are sexually capable, it is usually the latter two morphs that will produce children. In most instances, a Gothorita or a Gothitelle that wishes to find a lover will meditate upon the stars until they receive a vision that leads them to a specific destination; this can be anywhere from within a few hour's walk to another region, and the first creature there will be the one that they consider their mate.

They will then attempt to bond with or woo the pokemon in question, and will continue to pursue them until they agree to the relationship; there are rumors that they will violently enforce this, but as of yet these rumors are unsubstantiated. A Gothorita or Gothitelle will remain with their mate until they perish; a 'widow' might choose to seek another mate, or might not, depending on their own preference, but will generally return to the sanctuary from which they hailed upon their mate's death.

In general, female Gothorita or Gothitelle will give their eggs to the Audino that inhabit most of Unova, with the request that they be transported to Nimbasa City. It is unclear exactly why they chose Nimbasa and the surrounding regions as their destination, as the Gothitelle will only say it is a fulcrum of destiny; nevertheless, it is clear that they expect the humans living there to take good care of the Gothita until they evolve and begin their journey to the Gothitelle sanctuary somewhere close to Route 9. Multiple reports exist of Gothita abusers being found at sunrise lying on the stairs to the Nimbasa theatre, quivering and sweating. These victims universally report a group of Gothitelle descending on them and giving them visions, although they are quite reluctant to explain what these visions entail.

In younger 'outposts', however, the situation is different. The Gothorita in the Strange House have taken it upon themselves to raise their children, as no Audino will approach the place; all rumors of the hidden Kalos village indicate a population of only Gothorita which suggests that their children are either handed off as with Unova's general population or hidden away.

Social Structure

Gothita generally do not have any real social structure, instead following any pokemon or human they find 'interesting' at the time. However, they are intelligent enough to recognize caretakers, and will waddle to them if they are hungry, thirsty, or otherwise needy. This has caused some problems in Nimbasa, as the Gothita line does not seem to sleep; not too few people have been woken up in the middle of the night by the psychic prodding of a Gothita they had fed before, and had to walk out and calm them down before being allowed to rest.

Gothorita will form small groups when they begin their migration to a sanctuary, usually relying on each other to keep themselves safe while some of them meditate; sometimes they will attempt to share their visions with those not in the group, such as other pokemon or weak-willed humans in range of their power. Occasionally a Gothorita will set out for a sanctuary on their own; why they choose to do so is unknown.

Each sanctuary has its own methodology, but there is a general pattern. A core council will create and maintain a 'beacon' that migrating Gothorita can flock to; who exactly resides on this council is determined by group meditation every equinox, and the council will in general direct the goals and activities of the rest of the group. Older members who are not on the council will care for and teach younger members; it is usually expected that the younger members, in turn, contribute to the care of their sanctuary.

As explained above, Gothorita or Gothitelle that feel the need to seek a mate can split off from a sanctuary for years at a time, although if they find their mate within the sanctuary they will assist as per usual. Due to the line's high ratio of females to males, this means most of the wandering Gothorita or Gothitelle will produce Gothita eggs. While there are constant rumors that Gothorita or Gothitelle will occasionally find humans at the end of their 'vision quests', nobody has stepped forward to confirm this; nevertheless, there exist numerous questionable images of such on the internet, as is only to be expected.

Trainer's Notes

The Gothita line, upon evolving to Gothorita or Gothitelle, becomes quite obsessed with destiny. It is suggested that a trainer allows them to meditate at least once a week; without such meditation, a Gothorita or Gothitelle grows nervous and erratic, sometimes leading to injury of themselves and others. Fortunately, such meditation is easily accomplished and can be conducted at night, while the trainer and their party is sleeping. Trainers should also beware of waking up with their Gothita, Gothorita, or Gothitelle standing over them; the younger morphs generally do this out of curiosity, but Gothitelle in particular appear to get some amusement out of a trainer's startled reactions. There is also a tendency for the line to suddenly appear when they need to address their trainer. In general, it is best to be prepared for the unnerving, but not for anything truly dangerous.

Interestingly, interviews with Gothitelle regarding 'captured' specimens have indicated that the line considers Gothita and Gothorita in a Trainer's party to be on their own form of migration. While this does afford them some unique experiences, it also prevents them from learning certain lessons from established sanctuaries unless the trainer specifically seeks them out; this means that Gothorita who evolve into Gothitelle will often make the mistake of looking into a possible future and discovering something that brings them to tears (such as the death of their trainer). Despite this, they will remain loyal until they are sent off, whereupon they complete their migration to the nearest sanctuary and are welcomed warmly.

In Human Society

Because of the Gothita that are forced upon Nimbasa and its surrounding areas, the line has long been a part of Unova's society. Many home economic classes will gather Gothita and assign them to students in hopes of teaching them good parenting skills, and they are generally allowed to wander through the city without any objection. Of course, trainers often catch Gothita out on the routes to Nimbasa; this is considered the same as 'selecting' them to be raised by Unova as a whole, and many trainers with members of the Gothita lines are praised for their parenting skill (sometimes to their confusion).

The latter two morphs have seen frequent employment as service staff in larger buildings, such as mansions and hotels. This appears to be an extension of their 'sanctuary' instinct, as they feel compelled to maintain such environments so long as a number of people or pokemon frequent it. In defiance of all expectations, Gothitelle can also make good nannies; while they are at a loss when it comes to infants and toddlers, any child old enough to form complex sentences is a child that they can care for easily, although their macbre ways will often be transferred to the children whom they help raise.

As a result of their services, black outfits with white trim have become standard among female servants, with many such individuals either mimicking their dry wit or seeming silence. The concept of a Gothitelle nanny also led to the creation of a book series that was later adapted to film (although the original author famously stated her dislike of the film's 'light-hearted' nature). Another series famously had a Gothitelle and Bisharp couple (along with their children and extended family) living a loving, happy, and entirely too macabre life.

Written by Masterweaver.