Fanon Pokedex / Exeggcute

Exeggcute Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Exeggcute (Ovus unicephalis) [#102]
  • Exeggutor (O. arbrocephalis) [#103]

Notable Biology

The creature known as "Exeggcute" is not really a singular creature at all. Instead, the gestalt superconsciousness known as such is formed of up to six creatures, superficially resembling eggs but in fact closely related to the Sunkern and Bellsprout lines. It is not known why the creatures group together so. Before research into the line was conducted, aspiring botanists and Trainers alike would attempt to remove one from the collection and train it. The results were disasterous- both the lone pod and the remaining five quickly sickened and died.

Encephalograms of the interior of an Exeggcute reveal that the individual components of each "egg" are mostly brain. These brains are intristically linked to one another in a form of advanced telepathy. Furthermore, the consciousness can, by temporarily enveloping others into the consciousness, project simple thoughts, images, and emotions into their brains. This is primairy a defensive mechanism. If a member is picked up without consent, the Exeggute in question will most often implant negative feelings or thoughts into the attacker. If threatened, the six can defend themselves by either relasing a inhibiting burst of paralysis-inducing powder or by amplifying their psionic attacks, to the point where powerful Exeggcute can trigger sleep hormones in the target's brain and cause it to fall into a deep sleep.

But despite their prowess in combat, the majority of wild Exeggcute are simple, peaceful creatures. They spent most of the day soaking up sunlight and water, while at the same time communicating with each individual node in the consciousness. As each individual brain grows, they periodically shed their skins. This takes the form of the old skin cracking and flaking off, thus heightening the resemblance to an egg.

If, by chance, they are given or find a Leaf Stone, then the group will evolve and achieve reproductive readiness as an Exeggutor. In this stage, the six individual creatures merge into a single, tree-like body. The "claws" at the base of the trunk are, in fact, truncated roots, which draw up moisture from the soil. Despite having legs, Exeggutor rarely walk, instead preferring to stand in on spot. They will only walk if they feel the need to relocate to richer soil or to find a place with more sunlight. The six nodes, previously linked psionically, are now physically connected to one another by the means of six seperate cerebellum, each connected to one controlling brain, a fusion of each individual's conciousness. It is very difficult to sneak up on an Exeggutor, as they have 360 degree vision, the ability to psionically detect any nearby interlopers, and the physical and mental strength to deal with the intruder accordingly.


Exeggcute and their relatives enjoy living in warm, wet, and sunny climates. Trainers and botanists have both noted that taking care of the creatures is more similar to taking care of a plant than an animal- they are mostly sedentary and simply require sunlight and water to stay happy. Occasionally, a captured Exeggutor may decide to "relocate" without their Trainer's permission- expect broken fences and trampled foliage as the creature moves to a neighbour's lawn to take advantage of their soil.

Exeggcute are incredibly rare, and were recently declared a protected species. As such, large quantities of them were captured and moved to the Safari Zone, where the majority can now live free of the threat of poachers.


Both creatures photosynthesize. In fact, neither have any sort of digestive system, despite having a mouth.


If threatened, Exeggcute and Exeggutor prefer to flee or nonviolently deal with the aggressor. If cornered, they will attack. One such incident occured in the year 19XX, when an overeager poacher entered the Safari Zone attempted to find and shoot an Exeggutor for his collection. Six weeks later, his body was found in a remote forest. Dissections revealed that he had been poisoned with a fast-acting neurotoxin that attacked the nervous centers, before his brain was directly exposed to a psychic attack emanated from the creature, essentially overloading and "short-circuiting" the subject's brain.

It should, however, be noted that this is an extreme case. As long as your Exeggcute or Exeggutor recieves proper sunlight and sufficient soil, fertilizer, and water, they will make affectionate and loving companions. Several cases of Exeggcute abuse, however, have led to the unfortunate hospitalizations or deaths of abusive Trainers. Angry or abused Exeggutors will often appear sickly or wilting; this is a result of the stress on their large neural centres affecting the health of their bodies.

If confronted with a wild Exeggcute or Exeggutor, remain calm. Do not move towards the creature or make any sudden movements. Instead, adopt a submissive posture and move slowly away to a distance of one to five metres. At this time, you should release any Pokémon in case the Exeggcute attacks. The ideal Pokémon in this circumstance would be a Houndoom- Fire attacks can damage the creature's flammable body, while Dark-type attacks can momentarily overwhelm the sensitive brain and disorient the hive consciousness.

Courting and Childrearing

As an individual Exeggutor walks, it disperses clouds of spores. Each spore that lands on the ground will germinate and grow into an Exeggcute. The majority will not survive, as an individual spore will need five others within a meter to form a sustainable consciousness. As they can only reproduce after finding a Leaf Stone, they are incredibly rare in the wild.

Social Structure

Both creatures spend the entirety of their lives alone. Large "groves" of Exeggcutor may conglomerate due to optimal conditions, but they have no instinctive grouping instincts.

Written by Locoman.