! Electabuzz Line

!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Elekid [#239]

* Electabuzz [#125]

* Electivire [#466]

!! Physical Description:

Elekid are small, rotund creatures, with distinctive yellow-and-black striped fur covering their bodies. They have no discernable toes and stubby legs, though despite this they are surprisingly fast. Their arms are proportionally large, and are often spun to charge their electrical attacks. Of particular note are the two horns on their head, the unusual shape of which inspired the look of some types of modern electrical plugs.

Electabuzz are significantly more primatoid than their pre-evolutions, having fully-developed hands with opposable thumbs, longer limbs, and a tail. Their horns also more closely resemble the nubs of a Girafarig at this stage.

Electivire are larger than Electabuzz, with a different pattern of stripes, black fingers, two tails (that are black with red tips as opposed to the striped single tails of their pre-evolutions), red eyes, and a set of teeth that is [[SlasherSmile fairly disturbing]] to some observers.

Like almost all Pokémon, exceedingly rare alternate phenotypes exist – in Elekid, it manifests as brighter yellow fur, while Electabuzz and Electivire display orange fur (with the latter gaining blue eyes and tail tips as well). Obtaining one of these rare specimens is considered quite an accomplishment (if only for [[BraggingRightsReward bragging rights]].)

!! Notable Biology:

Like most Electric types, members of the Electabuzz line carry many electrochemical cells within their bodies for the purpose of using electrical attacks. Notably, the highest concentrations of these cells on the body differ depending on the evolutionary stage: Elekid carry them in the muscles at the base of their arms (hence their habit of “charging” attacks by spinning their arms), Electabuzz have more in their chest, while Electivire carry the most in their two tails. All forms, however, have a good number of these cells in their hands and fingers, contributing to the legendary power of their “Thunderpunch” attacks. Interestingly, breeding these Pokémon with certain other Pokémon will result in offspring that can use ice and fire based punches as well, leading to much cross-breeding. Electivire in particular are known to be able to breathe fire and cause massive earth tremors with the right [=TMs=].

One particular use for their electrical cells in the first two stages is the ability to use small electrical shocks to impair the opponent’s muscle function – though this only works if the opponent comes in direct contact with the Elekid or Electabuzz. Electivire, on the other hand, has a totally different use for its electrical cells – it can use them to absorb the electrical attacks of others and convert them into energy to be used by the muscles in its limbs – giving it a marked increase in speed and agility for a short time. A rare, recently discovered strain eschews the above skills for an enhanced metabolism that makes them immune to moves that would cause other Pokémon to grow drowsy or fall asleep.

While Elekid and Electabuzz are fairly common, Electivire are comparatively uncommon. This is because Electabuzz needs a specific concentration of a certain type of electrical energy in order to evolve. While this happens occasionally in the wild when an Electabuzz is struck by lightning in the right way (see Diet), in captivity an item known as an Electrilizer is used in conjunction with Trading Machines.

These Pokémon are all highly intelligent, with mental skills equal to or greater than that of other primate Pokémon, and even on par with some Psychic types.

!! Habitat:

Before humanity gained the ability to mass-produce electricity, Elekid/Electabuzz/Electivire troops followed thunderstorms, quickly moving on to another once the one they were following dissipated. As such, they are highly adaptable, and at home pretty much anywhere. Once humanity created its first power plants, however, their migration patterns changed, with many troops adopting a pattern of finding a power plant, raiding its electricity until the humans either chased them out or abandoned the power plant (in extreme cases), at which point the troop moved on to the next one. As such, they are often seen near human settlements.

!! Diet:

Elekid have a mostly herbivorous lifestyle, feeding on berries and other fruits, occasionally supplementing their diet with small mammal, bird, and Bug Pokémon. Electabuzz have a pretty even diet of animal and plant matter, feeding on larger prey than Elekid. Electivire are apex predators, hunting down large herbivore Pokémon and killing them with a combination of electric shocks from their tails and sheer force. Electivire, will, however, happily eat fruits and berries every so often.

However, all forms supplement their diet with large amounts of electricity, which helps keep their electrochemical cells in peak condition. In more natural settings, they congregate in areas where lightning is about to strike; in human-colonized areas, they converge on other sources of electricity, and are often responsible for blackouts when they eat too much.

!! Hazards:

Elekid pose relatively little threat physically, generally being more mischievous than aggressive, with most of their attacks being fairly weak. However, a fully-charged Thunderpunch (which they will use when sufficiently aggravated) will hurt a lot and potentially break small bones. Additionally, they have less control over their muscle-impairing shocks than Electabuzz, so be cautious and wear protective equipment when possible when handling an Elekid.

Electabuzz, being much larger, are capable of physically overpowering and even mauling a human when sufficiently incensed – and it’s hard to tell if something will anger an Electabuzz or not until it’s too late. While they lack true claws, their fists, arms, and fangs are all capable of lethal damage to a human.

Electivire expound on this threat – since they are the dominant members of their society in the wild, they often initially feel superior to the other Pokémon on the team, and will shove them out of the way when tough opponents are at hand. The heavy levels of testosterone in both males and females can cause them to experience severe bouts of aggression – most exemplified by poorly-trained, enraged Electivire beating on their opponents long after said opponents had given up. Even after overcoming this initial superiority complex, they are often protective of who they consider to be members of their “troop,” and will assault any perceived threats if not properly socialized.

Note, however, that despite the above descriptions, the depiction of these creatures as mindless, savage brutes is pretty much untrue, and they can be very caring, loyal, and downright friendly Pokémon when given proper care. That being said, they are still far from “cute and cuddly” and it is not recommended to keep the latter two stages as pets, or let novice trainers use them. (With proper caution, Elekid can be owned by both as long as it is given access to an Everstone.) Some Leagues require Electabuzz to pass a behavioral test before their trainer is permitted to evolve it, due to the aformented issues.

As with all Electric Pokemon who feed on electricity, it is recommended not to leave electronic devices around this line, as they will likely be irreparably damaged from their electricity being siphoned at a rapid rate.

!! Courting and Childrearing:

Elekid are not sexually mature, and cannot breed even in captivity.
Electabuzz mostly mate with the dominant Electivire of the troop. The Electabuzz show interest in mating (their mating season is year-round) by pursing their lips and cautiously approaching the dominant Electivire. If the Electivire is interested (which it usually is), it will take the Electabuzz and the two will go do their business in the bushes somewhere.

Elekid are born soon after, either through eggs or live birth –a common adaptation among mammal Pokémon. Due to the relative lack of females in the Electabuzz population, the entire troop assists in child-rearing – indeed, many Electivire act especially playful around their young, and even protect them from internal conflicts within the troop. Females nurse their young with milk and electricity from their electrical cells, until the baby is old enough to eat solid food and find its own sources of electricity.

!! Social Structure:

Most of the behavior of the Electabuzz line is dedicated to finding sources of electricity – whether natural or man-made. They migrate for miles, in troops of about 20 individuals, searching for thunderstorms and/or human electrical sources to feed on, picking up other food along the way.
Leadership is determined mostly by luck. Any Electabuzz exposed to the proper type of electrical current will evolve into an Electivire. (On rare occasions, an Electabuzz will evolve itself by stealing an Electrlizer and figuring out how to activate it.) When this happens, one of two things will occur.

- If the Electabuzz troop is new and lacking an Electivire leader, they will accept the newly evolved individual as their new leader. This can occur whether the evolved individual is male or female – indeed, female Electivire get more respect and mating opportunities due to their rarity.

- If an Electivire already occupies the leader position, the two will fight until one is chased off and forced to form its own troop.

Examples of the latter are actually the most often seen wild Electivire, and their propensity for attacking other species more often out of desperation for food is a source of Electivire’s reputation as a bully.

Occasionally, a foolish young Electabuzz will try to challenge the dominant Electivire for rule of the troop. (Strangely, the challenger is almost always the same gender as the leader it’s challenging). This usually ends with the interloper soundly beaten and exiled from the troop (females are sometimes forgiven due to their scarcity), and they must band up with other loner Electabuzz, often forming a new troop in the process. [Note: These loner or new-group Electabuzz are the best to capture if you want a wild one – their social structure is either nonexistent or not fully-formed, leading it to more readily adopt you, your family and friends, and your Pokémon team as its new troop. Capturing the other two stages in the wild is not recommended, as Elekid are closely guarded by the parents, while Electivire become resentful toward their captors, often culminating in violence. If you really want to start with an Elekid, consult a Pokémon breeding faciltity.]

Attempts at breeding done by a subordinate Electabuzz are often met with infanticide of the resulting offspring by the leader.

!!In Human Culture:

Even before they were regarded as pests due to feeding on power supplies, the members of this line were often vilified as dumb brutes only capable of malice and occasionally lust. One of the most famous examples of the latter was a movie series where a [[Film/KingKong giant Electivire]] from an island populated by prehistoric Pokémon kidnaps a woman and carries her up one of the largest skyscrapers in Castelia City, only to eventually be shot down by planes.

Certain cultures take a bizarre, though not entirely different, interpretation of the line. They distorted the latter two evolutions into [[{{Youkai}} demon and ogre like beings]], which differed from their real-life counterparts in many ways – particularly in coloration, with the mythical creatures tending to be [[RedOniBlueOni red or blue]] instead of yellow. This interpretation remains its own distinct entity, and is a common stock enemy in animated TV shows and video games from these regions.

Recently, humans have gotten more sympathetic toward these creatures, thanks to studies showing their innate intelligence. One Electivire specimen named Ellie is capable of speaking her own form of sign language, as well as communicating with humans via other means. Even the aformented giant Electivire received a more sympathetic interpretation. However, early revelations of the intelligence of these and other primate Pokémon lead to a movie where such Pokémon – the Electabuzz line included – [[Franchise/PlanetOfTheApes successfully take over the world]], and, despite the fact that most primate Pokémon seem comfortable with their position, the idea has remained popular enough that the movie received several sequels – as well as two [[Film/RiseOfThePlanetOfTheApes reboots]].

The Electabuzz is also the mascot for a team in the Johto League Baseball association. The team's career has been a rocky one between losing and winning streaks, leaving it with a relativly small yet dedicated fan base.


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