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Dream World


The Dream World is an alternate world of sorts, similar in some ways to the Distortion World. The most unusual thing about the Dream World, and the thing that gives it its name, is that it is shaped by the neural activity of sleeping Pokémon, partially due to the trace psychic abilities they all possess (possibly due to their ties with the Psychic-type Mew) that, in Pokémon with no ability to use psychic attacks, are normally used to enhance the elemental attacks they are capable of using.

The Dream World is normally totally isolated from the ”material” world, and the only reason it was discovered was due to research on the Pokémon Musharna. When studying its Dream Mist, scientists, particularly Dr. Fennel of Unova, noticed that Musharna could shape the Dream Mist into objects or even beings when threatened. The main breakthrough came when a Reuniclus, using its telepathic abilities, conversed with a Musharna and said that it drew its powers over the remnants of dreams it ate from “a world where dreams themselves have power.” After studying Musharna’s Dream Smoke and psychic emissions, it was discovered that the species did have ties to an alternate “dimension” shaped by the dreams of Pokémon, and that Dream Mist was a diluted form of the base material of the plane, which can be changed into normal matter when influenced by psychic energy.

By hooking up sleeping Pokémon to a special machine powered by Musharna’s Dream Mist, Fennel was then able to allow them to manifest themselves in the Dream World and interact with the native Pokémon. Even more astoundingly, she was then able to bring Pokémon native to the Dream World to the material world through certain places tied to it. However, her research on it is currently too experimental to do anything beyond bringing back Pokémon, common berries and miscellaneous objects, and only one place is currently useable for bringing Pokémon from the Dream World to the normal world: a forested peninsula in the middle of Unova where the Pokémon and objects mysteriously materialize after going to a certain location in the Dream World.


The geography of the Dream World, while mostly resembling that of the normal world, is always changing due to the nature of the place; new dreams can gradually form and even destroy entire swaths of land. Floating islands are common, and the native Pokémon often migrate when the landscape around them changes. However, a few areas remain stable, and most studies focus on five such habitats.

The Pleasant Forest is a temperate woodland area that’s home to a wide variety of Pokémon species and types.

Windswept Sky is an area of constantly cloudy sky and swirling thermals above an island chain. It has small floating islands as well, and many Flying-types spend their entire lives there.

The Sparkling Sea is a bay with a large, varied population of Water-types and other aquatic Pokémon.

Spooky Manor is unusual in that it resembles a large and elaborate yet abandoned human house, and is perhaps formed from dreams of home life. It is inhabited by many Psychic, Dark, and Ghost Pokemon.

Rugged Mountain is a hilly, rocky area full of Rock and Ground types.

In addition to these, there is one area of utmost stability where native Pokémon often gather; it is a massive tree, dubbed The Tree of Dreams. The most unusual thing about the tree is that it seems to have some link to the material world; during observations of Pokémon manifesting themselves in the Dream World, the native Pokémon have an almost religious “ceremony” where one of their number is chosen by the visitor to go through a hole in the base of the tree. The exact same Pokémon appears in the Unovan forest, known as the Entralink Forest, shortly after, and greets the Pokémon who chose it like an old friend.

Whether more such conduits exist is currently being studied.

Tips for Trainers

Currently, Dr. Fennel is looking for participants for her research on the Dream World; she offers trainers who help her the opportunity to capture Pokémon and retrieve items sent to the normally restricted Entralink Forest from the Dream World.

Native Pokémon

The Pokémon in the Dream World are almost exactly like Pokémon living outside of it, and have almost identical biological and behavioral characteristics. They are even capable of interbreeding with normal Pokémon when they immigrate to the material world. However, there is one important difference: the vast majority of Pokémon in the Dream World are of strains that are incredibly rare in the material world, and it is theorized that in at least some cases the strains originated there.

Scientists are currently studying how these traits are inherited, but in the meantime species of Pokémon with particularly valuable rare strains like Ditto, Poliwag and Torchic are sought after heavily by Trainers.


Evidence indicates that around 19XX the Dream World was wracked by a series of natural disasters; this is thought to have some tie to the birth of a powerful psychic entity, with Mewtwo being the most likely candidate.

Since its discovery, the Dream World has been featured in a film where humans attempt to manifest themselves in it, but get caught in a series of “dreams within dreams”.

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