!! Chimchar Line

!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Chimchar [#390]
* Monferno [#391]
* Infernape [#392]

!! Notable Biology

Being the official Fire Starter of the Sinnoh reigon, Chimchar are often regarded as cute and appealing. However, it takes a patient Trainer to properly take care of such a demanding and mischevious creature. Chimchar, Monferno, and Infernape all posess a gas-filled fire sac on either the head or tail, depending on the form. Chimchar have one on their rear, Monferno have a larger sac on their tails, and Infernape have an outlet above their head, leading to an internalized flame sac. The purpose of this flame in their everyday life is still unknown, but some believe that it may be a form of distinguishing individuals based on the brightness and shape of the flame. It also allows them to use Fire-based attacks.

Like humans, Chimchar also have extremely flexible grasping hands. Combined with their prehensile toes, they can brachiate swiftly through trees. In the care of a Trainer, this uncanny talent is often used to pry open food canisters and to conduct raids on valuables.

Monferno have all of these talents, in addition to a long, flexible, prehensile tail. This tail allows them to grab branches, objects, or even an opponent. Being larger and stronger than Chimchar, they are the most aggressive and hyperactive of the line. (TRAINER'S NOTE: It is a good idea to let your Monferno out of its Pokéball daily to let it exercise and tire itself out.)

Infernape are the final evolution of the line. They are quieter than Monferno, but still relatively aggressive. This aggression, however, is tempered with wisdom and the experience of age. Whenever possible, they will rather flee than fight. That being said, they are still potent fighters and will often train by play-sparring with other Infernape.

These Pokémon have proven to be very popular in media. One famous folk tale revolves around a magical, jin-wielding Infernape and his adventures around the world. This tale has been adopted into a wildly popular television series, with the main protagonist being changed into a part Infernape, part human martial arts user.

!! Habitat

Troops of this line are found in areas of dense woodland in spring and summer. They are extremely adept tree climbers and have been clocked at almost twenty miles an hour in their arboreal habitat.

In wintertime, they will migrate to mountainside hot springs, with which they will ride out the cold weather. In addition to this, all members of the line will eat as much as possible during the autumn months in order to develop a layer of insulating fat. The line is relatively rare in the wild, but, owing to their Starter status, many can be found in captivity.

!! Diet

All three species are frugivorous. They have excellent color vision and can distinguish ripe fruit from far away, which they can then pluck with their agile fingers. Ocasionally, they will eat small insects and Bug Pokémon like Kricketot.

!! Hazards

Wild Infernape are wary of humans and will often flee rather than fight.

Chimchar given to inexperienced Trainers as starter Pokémon can prove to be maddening. They are very mischevious, and it is not uncommon for them to steal or hide valuable items. Trainers should discipline their Chimchar firmly for such transgressions and keep an eye out for their mischief at all times. In addition, a threatened or frightened Chimchar is prone to unleash adrenaline-fuelled bursts of violence or pyrotechnics in order to protect itself. However, these will pass as the Chimchar matures and it grows into its abilities.

Monferno are considered difficult to raise by many. They will clamber over most anything, and will respond to a disturbance by igniting their flame sacs, badly burning any real or imaginary threat. In addition to this, many are not aware of their own strength, and a playful tackle can result in an injury for their trainer.

Infernape are well aware of their strength and incendiary prowess. They are the most relaxed of the three and pose no hazards to an unwitting trainer. In fact, Infernape are very good around young children and can be left unsupervised with them for long periods of time.

!! Courting and Childrearing

Infernape mate for life. In early autumn, females will enter heat, whereupon their mates will impregnate them. Gestation time is approximately eight months, and young Chimchar are born in springtime. They will only give birth to one baby at a time, although twins are not unheard of. Newborn Chimchar will cling tightly to their mother's chest or their back and will learn to walk weeks after they are born.

!! Social Structure

Chimchar, Monferno, and Infernape tend to live in large troops. These troops are led by a dominant male Infernape and his mate. Other Infernape will sometimes challenge the dominant male. This is usually done by making the most noise and commotion as possible, usally through screaming, hooting, and shaking branches. These fights are rarely lethal and more often than not result in badly wounded pride for the loser.


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