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Fanfic Recs: Touhou General Written
These are recommendations made by tropers for Touhou fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. This section has fanfics focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. You can do it by expanding on the synopsis and/or pertinent tags, or linking similar or related fanfics. Reviews are also encouraged, but please make sure to make reviews have substance; if you simply want to recommend a fic without an extensive review, put your troper name in the Recommended by line of the fic in question. Please use the discussion page for conversations about fics.

☢ CAUTION ☢ CAUTION ☢: All links to Danbooru are NSFW due to advertisements.

Alice's Glorious Homestead Defense by X to the Zoltan
  • Recommended by: Selryam, Jiven, Vrock8
  • Synopsis: A look into Alice's mind and life when she has to put up with playing hostess to Marisa for a day.
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  • Animating Gensokyo by !ZA L5aj 48 Pg
    Thread 2, Thread 3, Thread 4 (Keep following the threads for updates, or go to the /th/ board where this story resides).
    • Recommended by Tropers: THP Anonymous
    • Synopsis: —>"A Necromancer forces his way into Gensokyo, searching for a particular Lovecraftian tome. Necro Anon is rather different from most in his profession. He's trying to recover what a loved one lost and Gensokyo just might hold the key. Now only if he'd stop putting his foot in his mouth when talking to pretty nuns and terse shrinemaidens."
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  • Average Joe in Bullet Hell by Magnificent Sasquatch
    • Recommended by Flash Of Sonic, Kerreb17, Nightmare Syndrom
    • Synopsis: Follow the misadventures of a shameless semi-self-insert as he attempts to make heads or tails of this new crazy world and its even crazier inhabitants! There is fantabulous adventure to be had! (From author's description)
      • It has its own tropes page, here.
  •  2 reviews
  • Be Careful What You Wish For, by Vanishing Trooper
    • Recommended by: Redcynic, NachtRitter, nitewind, Blue Bird
    • Crossover of the Familiar of Zero and Touhou Project.
    • Synopsis: Louise wished for a powerful familiar. Yuka wanted a change in her life. Both will get what they want...just not in the way either of them expected. Currently on Season 2.
    • Comments: A different and rather unique Familiar of Zero and Touhou Xover fic. Breaks away from canon and different from Gabriel Blessing's Hill of Sword, and still good. Strongly recommended.
  •  1 reviews
  • Being Meiling (Thread One), by Keymaster.
    • Recommended by: HatFancier and colBoh
    • Synopsis: A slice of life comedy (for the most part) starring the one and only Hong Meiling. Things start looking up after she manages to pull one over on a certain black-white witch, and it only escalates from there. The series has two sequels in Pleasant Meadows and Tengu of (Mis)fortune.
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  • Between Life and Afterlife by Snail-Ice-Cream
    • Recommended by Selryam
    • "Synopsis": A bright red higanbana was blooming at brink of the Sanzu River. /one-shot/
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  • Boundless World of Danmaku by Terrarian Creeper
    • Recommended by That Random Guy In the Corner
    • Synopsis'': Following Darius Loyhrs, who finds himself forced into Gensokyo against his will by Yukari to distract and escape from an angered Reimu, he ultimately decides to stay. As time continues, an old friend of his awakens her locked powers and loses control, instigating not only a war for Gensokyo itself, but the awakening of an ancient entity hell-bent on the destruction of all.
    • Comes with a trope page!
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  • Dolphin Rider Koishi by Roukanken
  •  1 reviews
  • Ephemeral Light of a Cherry Coloured Innocence by Mind-the-Gappy
    • Recommended by Rising Tides
    • Synopsis: From the author's summary: Being a shortlived human's not fun, especially when you're as shortlived as Akyuu. Being a youkai must be so much more fun! Or so this little Hieda thought...until an unlikely chain of events ends with her wish coming true. But there's no time to settle in. Gensokyo is in dire need of a new heroine and she's going to have to learn on the job. Watch Out, Gensokyo! It's Akyuu's turn! Personal Synopsis: A very empathic tale with a central theme that many touhou fans should be able to relate to - the wish to become a youkai and become a part of that wonderland that is Gensokyo. Thus was Hieda no Akyuu's wish when death finally came knocking on her door at the end of her most recent incarnation. However, Seiga had other plans for her, one that involved making Akyuu her personal undead Jiang-Shi servant. Her plan didn't account for one thing - the appearance of Satsuki Rin. Akyuu's wish was granted, but not quite in a way she could ever have imagined possible.
    • Notes: Contains a lovely depiction of a zany cloud cuckoo lander Satsuki Rin as Akyuu's personal youkai mentor.
    • Tags: Action-Adventure, Drama, Comedy
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  • Exciting Investigation of Eastern Mysteries by Nathan Huss
    • Recommended by 71TheRoman
    • Crossover with: The Melancholyof Haruhi Suzumiya
    • Synopsis: The SOS Brigade makes a field trip to a remote Shinto shrine said to be haunted by mysterious spirits. Upon arrival, they discover too late the shrine has been abandoned, and Haruhi nearly blows a fuse at the seemingly wasted time until the bizarre disappearance of Koizumi grabs everyone’s attention. Add to this two college students suddenly showing up, talking about a dream world called “Gensokyo”…
  •  1 reviews
  • A Fairy's Tale by Princess Tepes (another writter name of U. N. Owen)
    Small Tales & Tall Tales, to read after the main story
    • Recommended by Megaolix
    • Synopsis: A completed Choose Your Own Adventure Pre-Gensokyo story at the Scarlet Devil Mansion with some interesting characterization. A Fairy's Tale follows a fairy maid in the Scarlet Devil Mansion who's normal day leads to a fateful encounter that changes her life forever. The narration starts off somewhat simple as to reflect the development of the character. Starting off nameless, she eventually gets a name and over time there is a paradigm shift as she learns and develops, breaking down simple views that we see in the beginning as she learns more about the world and the others in the Mansion.
  •  1 reviews
  • Fantasy Of Utter Ridiculousness, by Curtis Wildcat (link)
    • Recommended by: RN 452
    • Crossover with: Megas XLR
    • Synopsis: "Not long after the Glorft's attempt to smash the Moon into the Earth, a mishap involving the Lunarians drops Coop and the others into Gensokyo. Buckle up, people; it's going to be a weird trip." And talk about weird!
  •  1 reviews
  • Favors Owed by !ttRabBit9s
    Thread 2, Thread 3, Thread 4, Thread 5, [1] (Keep following the threads for updates, or go to the /th/ board where this story resides).
    • Recommended by THPAnonymous
    • Synopsis: —>"Poor little rabbit. Made a deal she shouldn't have, for people that really didn't deserve it. Poor, stupid little rabbit. Made a deal and didn't think of herself. Didn't think of her kin. Poor, naive little rabbit. Three favors owed, for three lives traded. For a life thrice, a poor little rabbit must repay in kind. Poor little rabbit." - Introduction Reisen made a bargain with an mysterious group to help Eirin complete the Hourai Elixer. Three Favors done, Three Favors owed, and her contractors are cashing in by having her assassinate three targets in Gensokyo. You control Reisen's actions, make sure she succeeds.
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  • Flandre's Playtime with Her Sister
    • Recommended by RN 452
    • Synopsis: "Remilia never plays with her little sister, who lives alone in the cellar of their mansion. Sakuya tries to fix this..."
  •  1 reviews
  • Flight of the Steel Butterfly by Spaztique
    • Recommended by Blue Bird
    • Synopsys: Brett is a middle schooler who gets gapped to Gensokyo by Yukari, but this is not his story: this is the story of his sister, Sara. Desperate to save her lazy brother, Sara travels all the way to the Japanese wonderland of Gensokyo, forgetting that she might not be so perfect herself...
    • Comments: An atypical take on the usual gapped into the Gensokyo formula. It shows what happens back on the outside world when someone gets gapped into Gensokyo. The sister aren't fully free of faults herself, but is still much, much better than many Gappies. Not that she's one herself.
  •  1 reviews
  • Functioning Alcoholic by Solblight
    • Recommended by Big B, 71TheRoman, SpiriTsunami
    • Synopsis:Ibuki Suika is a permanent guest at the Hakurei Shrine, but does Reimu know exactly what Suika does when she's not around? Or even when she IS around? Join Suika on her misadventures as she uh... she uh... Hic! What was I doing again...?
  •  3 reviews
  • Game Of Touhou by Duwee Davis II and Festasim
    • Recommended by RN 452, Feng Lengshun
    • Synopsis: The Touhou cast as one has never seen them before. Honor and justice, peace and prosperity, freedom and glory, chaos and strife, and a mere reunion with a lost sister... all these ambitions and more lie in the land of Noros. However, the only way to make these ambitions reality is to play the Game. The Game of Deceit, Treachery, and most of all, the Game of Thrones.
      • Also available in comic format, first page here. It also has extensive side-material, detailing the traits of all factions, a map of the continent, among others.
      • An amazing story, with a high amount of tension that makes you want to just keep reading it and hope it update fast. Fortunately, it does. Although there are certain canon characters that are deliberately made to be different, it has used all of them very nicely. Though there are OCs, all of them are interesting, which is quite an achievement. Very much recommendable. — Feng Lengshun
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  • Gensokyoland Saga by Norseman
    • Recommended by Chronopolize
    • Synopsis: Having been unwillingly transported to Gensokyo, our warrior-bard Viking weaves both his weapons and his words as he embarks on an great quest seeking his revenge against Yukari.
    • Note: Here is the full Chapter List.
  •  1 reviews
  • The Girl in the Cave and its sequel The Girl and the Oni
    • Recommended by Timeskipper
    • Synopsis: Parsee's best friend was the dripping water, and she hated it.
  •  1 reviews
  • The Gold, Blue, and Red-White by Einhalden
    • Recommended by Cirno
    • Synopsis: An "origin story" of Gensoukyou - why it was separated from the rest of the world and by whom.
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  • Human of the Other Side by Heraklinios
    • Recommended by kiriakoen
    • Synopsis: A normal male human arrives to Gensokyo. At the beggining, it seems like a regular self-insert, but avoids being a Marty Stu by being almost automatically hated by everyone. Plus, he's really unlucky and tends to snark a lot, making him likeable. He manages to get their trust with time, but still behaves like a jerk. After some chapters, it starts getting influences from Shin Megami Tensei.
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  • Imperfect Cherry Blossom by Supperdude9
    • Recommended by mysterykcad
    • Crossover with: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    • Synopsis: During the events of Snow Mountain Syndrome, Kyon is spirited away to Gensokyo, and ends up getting wrapped up in the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom. Due to a number of factors, including manipulations by the Sky Canopy Dominion and getting a late start, the events of the Spring Snow Incident are much more serious than in the game. A second story arc is currently in progress in which Kyon and Nagato find themselves in Gensokyo for the events of Imperishable Night.
    • Comments: While the premise is simple, the author does an excellent job intertwining the two worlds. While most of the focus is on Gensokyo's cast, the story is told from Kyon's perspective, with a fair amount of Original Flavor. The cast of Gensokyo are multidimensional, and their interactions with Kyon are realistic and entertaining. There also seems to be a Myth Arc developing around the Sky Canopy Dominion's interference with events in Gensokyo. Thankfully, unlike the other Haruhi/Touhou crossover fic on this page, this story is updated fairly regularly.

    Imperfect Metamorphosis by Taker Foxx
    • Recommended by Makuta9999, Extraintrovert, Guy You Met Online, Zudak, Jiven, Rena The Archmage, RN 452
    • Synopsis: It's the first day of spring, and Cirno and her friends are once again up to no good! But after stealing a strange box from Marisa's house, they soon find themselves over their heads as they discover some things are meant to remain locked up.
    • Has it's own page.
  •  7 reviews
  • I Negative Bullet by Sorrowful Reincarnation
    • Recommended by Patcheresu
    • Synopsis: Awaking without memories,neither of who he is or what he is, a youkai tries to find his lost past in the land he awoke in. Doomed to be a walking enigma, he roams Gensokyo for his past, present, future and purpose...
  •  1 reviews
  • Keys to the Heart by Wrathkal
    • Recommended by aetherlight
    • Synopsis: From author's summary: An OC finds himself in Gensokyo courtesy of Yukari, and decides to make the most of it. Can he survive and grow stronger despite being just a normal human?
    • Notes: It follows the same format Outsider-getting-gapped-into-Gensokyo-by-Yukari like other fics. This fanfic focuses on relationship of him and the inhabitants of Gensokyo.
    • Tags: Harem, Romance, Action-Adventure
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  • Kingdom Hearts of an Eastern Wonderland by Frost Matrix
    • Recommended by Naal2
    • Crossover with: Kingdom Hearts
    • Synopsis: Kids do their best now and are preparing. Please watch warmly until it is ready. The boundaries of light and darkness are in disarray. A hero and a miko are the ones who will open the door.
  •   add review 
  • The Last Stand of Cirno the Valiant by U.N. Owen
    • Recommended by Echo 13
    • Synopsis: Cirno has grown powerful- enough to make the other residents of Gensokyo wish her gone. Exiled, she makes a last stand to save the few allies she has left.
  •  2 reviews
  • Mind the Gap by Chibi Chen
    • Recommended by Calamity2007=[ * ''Synopsis'': "Written as a bet between me and the Walfas station wagon. What happens when a normal mechanical technician gets sent to Gensokyo, without being gaped in? Finished, and being made into a feature length Walfas film by the creator of Fanfic/DiamondInTheRough, Tropers/{{Spaztique}}!" -ChibiChen's description of the fic * ''Notes'': Written as response to the depressing {{Deconstruction}} fic, Fanfic/DiamondInTheRough, this fic, written by ChibiChen who went seeing DitR blind and didn't know much about Touhou, is a {{Reconstruction}} of the type of fics labeled ''[[MarySue Gappy Sue]]'' fics, where an outsider is transported to Gensokyo. Instead of treating Gensokyo like he is on holiday and gaining power, like many Gappy Sues, the main character, Isaac, is mostly just interested in getting back home, or at least living a quiet life if he can't. When ChibiChen asked Spaztique to read it, he actually really enjoyed it and decided to adapt it after DitR [=
    •   add review 

    A New World by Iced Fairy
    • Recommended by mysterykcad, Sakura Rurouni
    • Synopsis: Set 300 or 500 years (the author says 500 years, but all in-story references say 300) after the events of the main Touhou games, time has changed Gensokyo for the worse. The boundaries within Gensokyo have become more difficult to cross, as has the Hakurei border. In addition, the Lunarians have been growing tense due to human colonization of the false moon.
  •  2 reviews
  • No Such Thing As Fairy Tales by Luminous
  •  1 reviews
  • A Scarlet-Stained Memoir by U. N. Owen
    Full chapter list, Q&A thread made after the end (contains much information not in the story, including the meat of the epilogue). Threads do not contains links to each other.
    • Recommended by Brickman, Chronopolize
    • Synopsis: An ordinary peasant farmer stumbles not just into Gensokyo, but to the gates of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The mistress invites travelers in and offers hospitality, but once inside it's not easy to leave. Can such an ordinary man hope to uncover the mansion's mysteries? Can he even survive them long enough?
    • Notes: Contains three original characters including the Audience Surrogate main character. Of the other two, one feels fairly at home in Gensokyo and the other seems to be written to be as jarringly unfitting for Gensokyo as possible (for good reason).
  •  1 reviews
  • The Shrine of Gensokyo series by wrathie.
  •  2 reviews
  • Sublime Soliloquy by Luminous Beginnings
    • Recommended by Rising Tides
    • Synopsis: From the author's summary: Multiple expositional monologues from various Touhou and Seihou Characters. Semi One-Shot Series, with Alternate Character Interpretation and playing loose and fast with canon. Personal Summary: A lovely tale told from the viewpoint of various touhou characters, exploring very original and highly emotive interpretations of the various characters, all while very subtly following the journey of one unnamed human whose passing interactions with the various citizens of Gensokyo and its surrounding realms sparks seemingly-small yet far-reaching changes in those he meets.
    • Notes: So good it has even spawned a sequel.
    • Tags: Drama
  •   add review 
  • Touhou Chronicles by Etherdrone
    • Recommended by Nightmare Syndrom
    • Synopsis: Actual Summary: A newcomer arrives at Gensokyo after a great battle. Damaged, with low reserves of power, he tries to find his place within this strange, new world he has been introduced to.
  •  1 reviews
  • Touhou Doujin Dawitsus folly by Duwee Davis II
    • Recommended by Patcheresu
    • Synopsis: Flandre's Laevateinn has been stolen! A mysterious pair of newcomers seem to be to blame- and Reimu naturally is picking up the pieces. But, there's something unique about one of the newcomers... A fanfic conversion of my hand-drawn doujin.
      • It has its own trope page, here.
  •  1 reviews
  • Touhou Hearts: Yukari's Ploy by WriterRoxas
    • Recommended by Naal2
    • Crossover with: Kingdom Hearts
    • Synopsis: Sora, Donald and Goofy have arrived in Gensokyo, a mysterious world suffering from a Heartless infestation. There's just one problem - Everyone believes that Sora is responsible! How will the Keyblade Master survive in a world full of hostile demi-gods?
  •   add review 
  • Touhou Ibunshu by Usually Dead
    • Recommended by Kalle, Rena The Archmage, Extraintrovert, Selryam
    • Synopsis: A collection of stories, including retellings of the games (from tEoSD to IaMP) and side-stories, told from differing points of view as the writer slowly exposes the reader to an Alternate Universe Gensoukyou.
      • It has its own tropes page, here.
  •  3 reviews
  • Touhou Strikers - The Silver Lining by SynchroXyzStriker
    • Recommended by: hyperlimitsorant
    • Synopsis'': Over 600 years into the future, humanity is on the verge of extinction by the mysterious invaders known as CANY. In a desperate gambit to fight back, Frank Shinka Kizuna is sent back in time, bringing something that will determine the fate of not only humanity, but also for the supernatural beings in the land of fantasy, Gensokyo.
    • Comments: This is a unique Science Fantasy story, despite suffering from a case of Early Installment Weirdness in the early chapters. However, the author continuously improve on his writing stories and has begun Growing the Beard chapter upon chapter.
    • Tags: Action-Adventure, Science Fantasy, Time Travel
  •   add review 
  • Undying Gensokyo by WillieG.R.
    • Recommended by Makuta9999, Kerreb17
    • Synopsis: A selfish experiment works only too well and Aya and Satori find themselves surrounded by those that cannot die. Can they solve this incident on their own before losing their minds?
      • A sequel has begun here.
  •  2 reviews
  • Unparalleled Ayakashi Incident by Xavic
    • Recomended by Bstarman
    • Synopsis: A centuries-old evil is stirring, and Yukari is worried about the poison it's beginning to spread. When a teenager with no memory is thrust onto the front lines, how will he fight it?
  •  1 reviews
  • Vintage by Logan not here
    • Recommended by Selryam and Two Gun Angel
    • Synopsis: Sakuya and Murasa discover they have a common love of the fine and well-aged. "Even if that sounds a little gushy for me, I hear ya, Izayoi."
  •  1 reviews
  • The White Rose of Chireiden, by Sakura Rurouni
    • Recommended by the Nolrai.
    • Synopsis: The Ancient City being recast as a rebellious former client state of Makai. It tells the story of Makai's failed attempt at reconquest and the after affects.
  •  1 reviews
  • A Wizard Is You by Demetrious
    Thread 2, Thread 3, Thread 4, Thread 5, Thread 6, Thread 7, Thread 8, etc... (the next Thread link is provided at the end of each Thread).
    • Recommended by: Shockz, Jiven, Shinji117
    • Synopsis: "One morning you abruptly appear in Gensokyo, 357 feet above the ground, along with half of a flaming airship, the better part of a clock tower, three wyverns, four giant eagles and a gigantic red dragon." So begins A Wizard Is You, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story featuring a high-level Dungeons & Dragons wizard with far more spells than common sense as its protagonist. Thankfully(?), he's landed in one of the few places in the Planes where the average resident has even less common sense than him, and he ends up making fast friends with a local were-hakutaku and her ice fairy student. Now, if only he could figure out how the hell to get home...
  •  3 reviews

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