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Fanfic Recs: Touhou Crossover
As Rule 50 says: "A Cross Over, no matter how improbable, will eventually happen ", which is especially true with anything and everything related to Touhou. This is an attempt to document them all. Well, not really — that would be stupid; it's an attempt to document at least one crossover per work.

For further reading, please refer to, this, this and this.
Notes On Adding Examples:
  • Categorize the crossovers according to the category of the original work being crossed over, then by alphabetical order. Avoid listing MMD videos if a crossover is available in another form.
  • Link the crossovers to the new Touhou Wiki if there's an article available
  • Try to keep NSFW links to a minimum. If it's an image found in Danbooru, check if there's another one in Safebooru; if not, then use Danbooru. Even so, try to use images with a Safe rating as much as possible. Indicate if it's either Danbooru, NSFW, or both.
  • If it's a fanvid or a picture, indicate the name of the original work; if it's a whole new game, film, manga, etc., indicate the title of the crossover, then indicate the original work in parentheses beside it. Both are followed by a Link on the right. Indicate the notes in parentheses beside the link if there are any.
  • For the sake of accessibility, please avoid Nico Nico Douga or Pixiv links. Instead, use Safe/Danboorunote  or Youtube alternatives. Also, please avoid using link shorteners.

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