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''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ When Forever Wasn't Enough]]'' by melcia
* Recommended by Jane Poirot
* ''Synopsis'': After a single event that tears the club apart, each girl goes down their separate paths dealing with their own individual issues until one of the girls who was the catalyst for the friends tearing apart commits suicide, bringing the girls together in tragedy.
* ''Comments'': ''Incredibly'' [[TearJerker heartwrenching]] toward the end, but well worth the effort. The author has a firm grasp on the characters and rounds them out well, shaping some of them into different people than in the original series but in a believable way. The author also handles each issue the girls deal with in a touching and realistic manner (such as Abby realizing she may be gay and have a crush on Kristy, a suspicion long held by many fans), never getting preachy and narrating from each point-of-view in a manner that makes you truly want to believe them. The event that was the catalyst for the girls falling apart is handled well without treating it as a trivial subject matter. And then there is the suicide of the club member...again, it is ''very'' heartwrenching ''especially'' because of the other girls' reactions. They each have different reactions to her suicide, which is dealt with realistically. Overall, an emotional, well-thought out fanfic.
** This troper agrees with the above comment, but would like to add that it took awhile to get used to how jaded the characters acted, and that the fic is 100+ chapters- and worth every bit of it.
** This troper agrees as well. Heartbreaking is the right word.
** Sadly, it's been taken down.

''[[ Amsterdam! Amsterdam!]]'' by Celica60
* Recommended by Jane Poirot
* ''Synopsis'': Done in the style of a BSC Super Special, the BSC is whisked off to Amsterdam after Shannon's family inherits a dutch mansion, where they each have individual encounters with the city.
* ''Comments'': If ''When Forever Wasn't Enough'' gets a prize for best drama, then this deserves the prize for best comedy. Hilariously written, the humour sharp as ever (especially the sexual humour which never gets over-the-top), this fanfic highlights the various traits of the BSC that get [[{{Flanderization}} flanderized]] by various ghost writers and gives them even ''more'' flanderization, resulting in something that is truly hilarious to read. However, they are not mere cariactures of themselves in this fanfic; they are also genuinely rounded out and developed by the story's end, also managing to rake in a few genuinely dramatic moments (such as what happens to Stacey). Overall, a wonderfully well-written comedy.

''[[ Caludia Keeshi Middel Skol Mamma]]'' by Celica60
* Recommended by Fiftynumber, Twilight Shimmer
* ''Synopsis'': After ten years in the eighth grade, will Claudia finally graduate?
* ''Comments'': A hilarious read in which Claudia's dumbtitude has reached [[TooDumbToLive its logical conclusion.]]