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[[WMG: Authors and Websites]]

[[ Star Trek XI Kink Meme]] by various authors, very {{NSFW}}
* Recommended by {{Tropers/Ayries}}
* ''Pairing'': Various (Slash, Het, Femslash)
* A kink meme for ''Star Trek XI''. There are a good chunk of ''TOS'' related fics however. Not only has this somehow achieved upwards of five thousand comments in under two weeks, but it somehow has managed to have a very good excellent-to-poor fic ratio. Some of these authors are just amazing.
* It's currently on part fourteen and growing every day, and the excellent-to-poor ratio is, if not the same, better.
* There is a TOS specific kink meme [[ here]].
* And then here's the kink meme for everything Star Trek: [[]]

[[ Liz's Not-So-Little World]]
* Recommended by {{Tropers/LeighSabio}}
* ''Pairing'': Mostly Kirk/Spock/[=McCoy=]
* [[strike:Almost]] every fanfic on Liz's livejournal is excellent. She is especially good at writing a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming (Or a [[{{Lemon}} Crowning Moment Of Sexy]]). I especially recommend [[ A Cure For Migraines]] and [[ The Enterprise Incident - or, In Which Jim Has Pointy Ears]] (In two parts, link is to the first part). Liz also always replies to her reviewers politely, nicely and pleasantly. (A rarity on the Internet.)

[[ KCS]]
* Recommended by {{Tropers/dedicatedfollower467}}
* KCS usually does one-shot and drabbles, but everything written is spot-on. The stories have an excellent grasp of canon - I'd definitely say the stuff has an OriginalFlavor. What's unusual about the author in many ways is that the stories don't try to set up a particular ship or even focus on a particular character - while most of it is Big Three-centered, you'll find that they range all over. Definitely enjoyable work, go check it out!
** Seconded by {{Tropers/scarletclarinet}}. Brilliant writing and characterization. Lots of short pieces, but author has an admitted habit of taking short pieces and expanding them far beyond the original scope (e.g. the ''FanFic/{{Insontis}}'' series). Plots vary from original to filling in the gaps before, during or after canon episodes. Absolutely wonderful to read.

[[ Orion Press On-Line Archives]]
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jinjoo88}}
* A collection of stories published in the fanzine the Orion Press, written from the 1980's to the 2010's and spanning the in-universe timeline from pre-TOS to early TNG. They have the advantage of being screened and edited and are generally polished and enjoyable works written by a pool of pretty consistent contributors. They definitely conform pretty strictly to canon, and occasionally fanon.

[[WMG:[[GenFic General Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ A Trekkie's Tale]]'' by Paula Smith.
* Recommended by {{Tropers/JBridge}}
* ''Synopsis'': The original MarySue fanfic. Also coined the term.

''[[ Elysium]]'' by Argella
* Recommended by sauronlulz
* ''Synopsis'': "Reflecting on her ignorance helps to assuage the flicker of anger I feel toward her for her violation. She does not understand." Spock's thoughts during "This Side of Paradise."

''[[ Lost and Found]]'' by [=UKJess=]
* Recommended by @/{{Ainyre}}
* ''Synopsis'': Kidnapped and then mysteriously released by the Romulans, Kirk is travelling back to Earth to stand trial. Can his friends, and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise do anything to help this self-confessed traitor?

''[[ Fortune's Favoured Child]]'' by [=UKJess=]
* Recommended by @/{{Ainyre}}
* ''Synopsis'': After the deaths of both Edith Keeler and Sam Kirk, an alien encounter whilst travelling in a shuttlecraft is the last straw for the distressed and exhausted Captain of the Enterprise.
[=[[reviews: FortunesFavouredChild]]=]

''[[ Freedom Is Standing in the Light]]'' by Syn Ferguson
* Recommended by @/{{Ainyre}}
* ''Synopsis'': A chance meeting in a garden changes the shape of two lives forever.

''[[ What Lies Within]]'' by Jungle Kitty
* Recommended by @/{{Ainyre}}
* ''Synopsis'': At the Academy, Kirk faces the Kobayashi Maru.
[=[[reviews: WhatLiesWithin]]=]

''[[ Gotor: The Most Powerful Being Who Ever Lived!]]'' by Galaxy1001D
* Recommended by Andariel
* ''Synopsis:'' It's a trek through time as the officers of two Enterprises confront Gotor: The Most Powerful Being Who Ever Lived!
* ''Comments:'' Hilarious one-shot that takes place in both the Original Series and the Next Generation

''[[ Kraith]]'' by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and many others
* Recommended by Capt. Equinox
* ''Synopsis'': One of the oldest TOS fanfic works, the ''Kraith'' series dates back to 1969. It was a maturely written exploration of the Trek universe, with particular focus on Spock and Vulcan culture. It sparked great controversy and was deplored as much as embraced by fans. Its professional, polished quality caused it to be adopted as fanon, almost as canon, by thousands if not millions of fans. ''Kraith'' remains the only fanwork to actually have plot elements incorporated into the film and later series. [[ Much more background on Kraith here.]]

''[[ Alternate Universe 4]]'' by Shirley Maiewski,
Anna Mary Hall, Virginia Tilley and Daphne Hamilton
* Recommended by Capt. Equinox
* ''Synopsis'': Begun in 1967 and first published in 1974, ''Alternate Universe 4'' is still considered one of the most outstanding ''Star Trek'' fanworks. It depicts a fourth alternative universe (the first three are canon Star Trek, the Mirror Universe and ''Kraith'') in which Kirk is cast out of the Federation for his role in the destruction of a heavily populated star system. He changes his name and becomes a navigator on an alien freighter. He is recognized and recruited by a member of ''Lightfleet'', a secret space service existing in parallel to Starfleet. Founded by an ancient, idealistic alien race, it's named as the organization Gary Seven was working for in "Assignment: Earth". Intelligently plotted and sensitively written. [[ Background information here.]]

''[[ The Captains Speak]]'' by Electric Joe
* Recommended by {{Tropers/SuperTulle}}
* ''Synopsis:'' "This is In Their Own Words, and I'm Paul Barrows. Welcome back to our multi-part special about the facts behind the legend of the starship Enterprise."
* ''Comments:'' Ever wondered why some things in TOS seem a bit non-realistic? It turns out we've been watching the ShowWithinAShow!

''[[ Last Picked]]'' by Cathy German.
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jinjoo88}}
* ''Synopsis'': An adorable/terrifying recounting of our trio on a simple rescue mission gone wrong, told in the voice of a hilarious, sympathetic, and completely spot on Bones. The good doctor gets to be the hero of the hour for once.

''[[ The Dragons of Veyga]]'' by Closet Scrawler.
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jinjoo88}}
* ''Synopsis'': Kirk and Spock land on Veyga, a pre-warp, medieval-fantasy-style planet that has unfortunately been made aware of the wider universe by the Klingons. As they attempt to negotiate a successful trade agreement with the Veygans while navigating the cultural waters, our duo are attacked by the mysterious Shadowguard. They must follow the clues in an attempt to discover their assailant's motives, and in the process uncover the dark secret of Veyga. Don't let the "dragons" fool you- this is not crack. Kirk and Spock are IC and have some lovely understated moments of character interaction. The medieval styling is just a fun theme for what is a very Science Fiction story with an interesting ethical quandary worthy of Trek.

''[[ IMs from the COs]]'' by To.The.Hilt
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jinjoo88}}
* ''Synopsis'': LOL!

''[[ Absolute Horizon]]'' by [=AAmuse=]
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jinjoo88}}
* ''Synopsis'': The Enterprise's five year mission is coming to an end. The question is, what else is going to end with it? Absolutely brutal, even more so because it's totally believable as canon. It is gen, but just barely (technically pre-slash in context with the author's other works, but you don't have to read it that way).

''[[ Equilibrium]]'' by PSW
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jinjoo88}}
* ''Synopsis'': [=McCoy's=] transport is destroyed in what is thought to be an accidental containment field explosion. In truth, he has been abducted by a hostile alien race for a sinister purpose. Can Kirk and Spock rescue him when they don't even know he's still alive? A novel length work focusing on Bones with some great Vulcan OCs.

''[[ Arc of the Wolf: On the Nature of Wind]]'' by [=SLWalker=]
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jinjoo88}}
* ''Synopsis'': 2242 - 2243 "Courage, struggling for oxygen." Full length novel about Scotty's time in Engineering school during his senior year. Takes place after Distant Horizons. 1st Place ASC Award Winner, 2008. One of the only substantial fics I have seen focusing on Scotty. There are several more works in the Arc of the Wolf Series following Scotty's career.

''[[ Take Us Out]]'' by [=KLMeri=]
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jinjoo88}}
* ''Synopsis'': Leonard finds himself in a situation that quickly goes from bad to worse, and it turns out he is the only one who can fix it. Hostage situations sure tend to get more complicated with crazy telepaths involved.

''[[ Plain Sight]]'' by The Buzz
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jinjoo88}}
* ''Synopsis'': A routine mission goes bad when Kirk, Spock, and [=McCoy=] find themselves crashed on a remote planet, injured, and hidden from the Enterprise. To make matters worse, the planet's inhabitants appreciate neither Starfleet nor unexpected visitors.

''[[ The Lines Between]]'' by The Complex
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jinjoo88}}
* ''Synopsis'': Revenge blinds. Tempers simmer close to the surface when the Enterprise is interrupted from their much-needed break. Accusations are thrown about, misunderstandings are made, and mysteries are uncovered. Post "The Enterprise Incident." K,S,M friendship. A tense, painful character study.

''[[ Learning Curve]]'' by Lil black dog
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jinjoo88}}
* ''Synopsis'': Jim and Spock need to talk to each other. [=McCoy=] decides some tactful manipulation is in order and arranges shore leave for him and his two [=COs=]. Friendship and character focus.

''[[ Where it Stops, Nobody Knows]]'' by [=WerewolvesAreReal=]
* Recommended by {{Tropers/jinjoo88}}
* ''Synopsis'': Spock wonders, sometimes, if perhaps there is nothing at all he can do to fix time. If the loop will continue forever, or if perhaps in a million days the timeline will abruptly flow again, smooth and flawless, while he remains mad...

[[WMG:[[{{Shipping}} Shipping Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''
''...and remember, the term SlashFic was [[ invented in Trek fandom]].''

''[[ Incident Report]]'' by K'Sal
* Recommended by {{Tropers/AcrossTheStars}}, {{Tropers/LeighSabio}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': After being caught in "illicit activity" in a conference room during tedious diplomatic negotiations, Kirk must write up an incident report for Starfleet Command.
* ''Tags'': Comedy

''[[ What I Am To You]]'' by Cimorene
* Recommended by {{Tropers/AcrossTheStars}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': Post-''The Search For Spock'', Jim and Spock explore his returning memories... and discover what they should have been to each other all along.

''[[ Rekindling Fire]]'' by Jenna Hilary Sinclair
* Recommended by {{Tropers/AcrossTheStars}}, @/{{Killa}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': The effects of the Kolinahr have left Spock divorced from his body, unable to fully express what he knows he and Kirk should be. But when V'Ger returns, demanding Spock, Kirk will fight very Hell itself to save him - and to keep him for eternity.

''[[ Innocent When You Dream]]'' by Hafital (Warning: adult content. NC-17)
* Recommended by {{Tropers/AcrossTheStars}}
* ''Pairing'': Pike/Chekov
* ''Synopsis'': On a training voyage, Captain Pike meets Cadet Pavel Chekov.
* ''Comments'': Not a pairing that would ever have crossed my mind, but dear God is it well-written!

''[[ Down and Out and Under the Table]]'' by Jenna Hilary Sinclair
* Recommended by {{Tropers/AcrossTheStars}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': A very, very drunk [=McCoy=] witnesses a private moment between his Captain and his First Officer.

''[[ Deep Water]]'' by Jenna Hilary Sinclair
* Recommended by {{Tropers/AcrossTheStars}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': Not all is as it seems.

''[[ Trinity]]'' by Liz Ellington
* Recommended by {{Tropers/AcrossTheStars}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/[=McCoy=][[spoiler:/Spock]]
* ''Synopsis'': The long and difficult road from their first meeting to long after their careers are over.

''[[ Communication]]'' by Jenna Hilary Sinclair
* Recommended by {{Tropers/AcrossTheStars}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': During a war with the Tholians, Spock is given his own command. These are the letters sent between the two officers during the months they're kept apart.

''[[ Insert Slash Here: A Collection of Oneshots]]'' by Brittany Diamond
* Recommended by {{Tropers/LeighSabio}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': A collection of short stories that use {{canon}}ical scenes as a jumping-off point, and suggest what may have happened before or after them. Some are {{lemon}}, some non-{{lemon}}.

''[[ Sensate Focus]]'' by Lyrastar
* Recommended by {{Tropers/LeighSabio}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': After ''Amok Time'', Kirk and Spock head off to the Altair VI peace conference, and find a few surprises there

''[[ Bitter Glass]]'' by Killa
* Recommended by the {{Tropers/GirlInGlasses}}
* ''Parings'': Technically Kirk/Spock, but no sex, could be interpreted as seriously deep friendship.
* ''Synopsis'': A story about regrets and second chances. Faced with the news of Kirk's death in Generations, Spock tells the story of a thirty-year friendship that defied all categorization. (Crossover with Star Trek: TNG) Originally posted in 1996.

''[[ Heart To Heart]]'' by Cecil
* Recommended By: {{Tropers/StudiousJones}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': When Jim Kirk turns seventy, his life as star-ship captain seems farther away than ever before, but soon he is forced to realize that domestic life on Earth might lead to events which are more disastrous to him than most deep-space missions.
* ''Tags'': AU ignoring ''Generations''.

''[[ Things that Never Happened I: Blue]]'' by Nemo the Everbeing
* Recommended By: {{Tropers/Jesska}}
* ''Pairing'': Spock/[=McCoy=]
* ''Synopsis'': After everything they've ever known falls to pieces, [=McCoy=] and Spock attempt to find some meaning in what is left of their lives.

''[[ Another Country Beckons]]'' by Rae Trail
* Recommended by @/{{Ainyre}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': A starship captain discovers that his subconscious mind has been busily courting while his conscious mind runs his ship.

''[[ The Word Withheld]]'' by J S Cavalcante (Warning: Adult content. NC-17)
* Recommended by @/{{Ainyre}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': After retrieving Kirk from the interspatial rift of "The Tholian Web", Spock realizes his oath to Starfleet and his service aboard the Enterprise are in jeopardy because he has denied to himself–and withheld from Kirk–a certain truth about the nature of the Vulcan relationship called "t'hy'la."

''[[ The Game]]'' by jesmihr
* Recommended by @/{{Ainyre}}
* ''Pairing'': Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': Kirk, Spock, Scotty and [=McCoy=] kill time in a bar.

''[[ Dream Until Your Dream Comes True]]'' by [[ Djinn1]]
* Recommended by @/{{Kittenmommy}}
* ''Pairing'': Spock/Chapel
* ''Synopsis'': This is not your normal Spock/Chapel. [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor It's dark, it's twisted]], it's...well, give it a try and find out [[TwistEnding exactly what it is]].

''[[ Hesitation]]'' by CMM
* Recommended by @/RoseAndHeather
* Pairing: Kirk/Spock
* ''Synopsis'': ''TheKingsSpeech'', Star Trek-style. In a world where the Vulcan Federation annexed the outnumbered and outgunned Earth to rescue the planet from its war with the Klingons, Spock is King George VI, Kirk is the Queen Mother, Saavik is Princess Elizabeth, Dr [=McCoy=] is Lionel Logue, Sybok is Edward VIII, Ty'Lena is Wallis Simpson, T'Pau is the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Sarek is King George V. The story echoes the film - and the history it was based on - without being a slavish copy.