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Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Slide Effects, by ireactions, based on a plot by series co-creator Tracy Tormé
Recommended by kitkatness

Synopsis: Quinn Mallory wakes up to find himself home — in fact, it's like he never left and time has been rewound to the Pilot. It's 1995: Wade is working at Doppler Computers, Professor Arturo is teaching, Rembrandt is a musician and only Quinn remembers sliding. Haunted by five years of traumatic memories, Quinn begins to wonder if he's losing his mind or if something else has gone terribly wrong...

Comments: Sliders is a show that lost 75% of the cast, most of them suffering horrible deaths. It is a depressing series in the end, and "Slide Effects" seeks to turn that around. In an interview on, Tormé talked about the AuthorsSavingThrow he would use to repair his series. This fanfic is Tormé's idea expanded into a 46 page script. There are lots of post-"Seer" stories, but this one's different: it's not about resolving unfinished plots or undoing the deaths. It's about returning to the Season 1/2 characters on page one and having them confront the last three seasons. The story pulls off the neat trick of undoing the latter years while still leaving emotional fallout.

Sliders Reborn, by ireactions
Recommended by kitkatness

Synopsis: Twenty years after the first slide, Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo must step back into the vortex and begin their adventures once again.

Comments:This screenplay, by the author of "Slide Effects," seems to be another effort at restarting Sliders after "The Seer" but in the sense of a 2015 in-continuity movie revival. Only the first of three scripts have been released so far, but there's a 4-page prequel that takes place right after "The Seer" and shows Rembrandt coming out of the vortex and inexplicably reunited with Quinn, Wade, and Arturo and the script ends before any explanation for how three characters who were lost, dead and dead have somehow come back. The first installment, "Reunion," is a 95-page script set in 2015. It shows that Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo have been home since 2001 and resumed normal lives. However, something seems to be going wrong with reality and Quinn reappears after a 14-year absence, reuniting his friends and declaring that their only hope of saving reality is to step back into the vortex once again.

References are made to Wade's death and the Kromagg invasion but, again, no explanation is given for why home is a place where sliding is a secret and nobody remembers the Kromaggs at all. The script seems to delight in referring to Seasons 3 - 5 while blatantly contradicting it and using a 15-year time-gap to justify the present status. We'll have to see how Parts 2 - 3 turn out.

The Unstuck Man
  • Recommended by dbz77
  • Synopsis: Colin Mallory gets separated from his friends, thus leading to his Season Five travels
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  • Earth 214
    • Recommended by Transformer214
    • Synopsis: A full Season Six and Season 7. This group of stories reunite Rembrandt with the Professor after the latter was left behind in "Post Traumatic Slide" along with that alternate Earth's Quinn and Wade. Together they pick up Maggie, Mallory and Diana and seek to separate Mallory again while continuing on to new adventures. The series stays true to the original characterizations while introducing new dynamics with the new Wade and Quinn. Thought out and self consistent this series is a great read for fans of the first two seasons of the show.

    Tough to categorize.

    14 Years of Sliders, a parodic Twitter feed
    Recommended by Mag Flare

    Synopsis: In another universe, on another Earth very much like our own, Sliders was a smash hit TV series that ran for fourteen years. This Twitter feed reveals plot summaries of these unknown episodes, in the same "A-plot; B-plot" format used by the earlier TNG Season 8.