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''[[ A Friend in Need]]'' by Clearsky
* Recommended by @/TheRichSheik
* Status: Complete
* ''Synopsis'': An OriginalCharacter is able to see the world of the User, but no one believes her. While in the [[AndIMustScream Recycle Bin]] she watches the User type the code that shapes her world. An interesting exploration of the relationship between the {{ReBoot}} universe and the User world.


''[[ A Glitch In Bob]]'' by Jameson
* Recommended by @/TheRichSheik
* Status: Complete
* ''Synopsis'': A retelling of the series from the viewpoint of Glitch, starting in the episode ''Mousetrap''. Fills in a few minor plot holes and takes its own direction after season 4's cliffhanger.


''[[ Counterpoint]]'' by Yrfeloran
* Recommended by @/TheRichSheik
* Status: Dead
* ''Synopsis'': An AU fic of ''My Two Bobs''. Glitch-Bob is caught in a game and the User wins, but Glitch survives. Megabyte-Bob investigates the nullified sector alone for proof of Bob's demise, and Glitch attaches to his arm. Glitch bonds with Megabyte and forces a ShapeshifterModeLock. Being stuck as Bob forces Megabyte to keep up his charade indefinitely, and tries to fight against BecomingTheMask.


''[[ Paradigm Shift]]'' by sirensoundwave
* Recommended by undinegleason
* Status: Complete (for now)
* ''Synopsis'': Set after the “The Hunt”. An examination small inconsistencies in the series that paints the whole thing in a somewhat disturbing light. Shows a darker “what if” scenario to explain 'Enzo' and [=AndrAIa=]’s return to Mainframe not as game weary sprites, but as fully realized viruses.