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''[[ The Red Monarch]]'' By The Kage Tenshi (Flashbacks contain: Violence, gore, swearing)
* Recommended by: Saiyan5nine-tails
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis'': [[OriginalCharacter Tatsuki Miyabe]] has come to the Center for help on the recommendation of her guardian, and M.O.M has assigned her to be looked after by Martin Mystery and Co. Martin is disappointed by the prospect of a protection assignment, but what and who is after Tatsuki Miyabe? Most likely takes place after the show ended, so it is a ContinuationFic of sorts. Multiple [[OriginalCharacter Original Characters]] present, including my own later in story.
* ''Comments'': Upon finding this story, I fell in love with it. It is still ongoing. Much of the story takes roots in events of the Center's past, and these flashbacks to the past, which take place later in the story, explain the position that M.O.M., Tatsuki Miaybe and her guardian were in 10 years ago after a terribly bloody event that involves Tatsuki's older brother. The back-story is told from the OC's guardian's perspective on [[ Thekagetenshi's deviantart page]], which I recommend you DON'T read until you get well up to chapters 8-11, lest you be spoiled, as it is around there that many things are explained. This Troper (Saiyan5nine-tails)'s own ''Martin Mystery'' stories crossover with it late into the story, beginning with chapter 8 in reference, and fully appearing in Chapter 11. The plot is well-paced, well-balanced with humour and action, as well as drama. Compared to the rest of the ''Martin Mystery'' series, the author admits it is DarkerAndEdgier, but the author succeeds with flying colours in making it work.