Fanfic Recs: Magical Diary

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Shipping Fics

Pentagrams and Pomegranates by Gabi-hime
  • Recommended by butterflygrrl
  • Characters: MC, Hieronymous Grabiner, Damien Ramsey
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Synopsis: Damien decides he won't let go of his favorite freshman so easily, marriage or no marriage, and Professor Grabiner has to take drastic steps to protect her.
  • Status: Completed at 18 chapters, sequel in planning.

The Fall of the House of Grabiner by Addio Kira
  • Recommended by butterflygrrl
  • Characters: MC, Hieronymous Grabiner
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Synopsis: It's the summer after her freshman year and Professor Grabiner's accidental wife discovers that her new role puts her in unexpected danger, as a dark secret behind the Grabiner family line is revealed.
  • Status: Complete at about 90K words. A sequel is being posted at

The Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Grabiner by Esmeh
  • Recommended by Khismer
  • Genre: Romance
  • Synopsis: 'A romantic series of adventures between Hieronymous and his wife Gwen.' The adventure doesn't end just because the game did.
  • Status: Incomplete at the moment, with 10 chapters.

Make a Note of it
  • Recommended by Khismer
  • Genre: Romance
  • Synopsis: 'New school, new diary. That's the rules. Not that I'll have any trouble filling the pages. Diary, you had no idea what would be in store for you when I brought you away from those dull store walls. Tales of magic and intrigue, if you can believe it. And wait until you hear about the Professors...!' MC/Grabiner, journal entry style.
  • Status: Complete, at 116 chapters.