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Fanfic Recs: Magic: The Gathering
Fragments: An Alara Anthology by pretty much everyone on the flavour and storylines forum.

Recommended by Peryton.

  • Synopsis: Several tales about each of the shards of Alara, before, during and after the Conflux.
  • Comments: Frankly one of the best fanfic anthologies out there, it expresses a variety of prose styles and narrative juices, adorned by a beautiful medieval-inspired page designs. This is a fanfic in the true meaning of the word, as each writer has absolute grasp in the source material, and work with it better than even the official novel.

Crossover Stories

Vadam's Redemption

Recomended by The Pie Kid

  • Synopsis: Vadam is a young(ish) Planeswalker who has had the hardest life imaginable. He arrives on the Plane of earth through a moment of desperation and meets an old ghost who sets him on the course of redemption. But not all sins are forgotten and the oldest mortal evil remaining is still looking for him.
  • Comments: The story is a crossover between Harry Potter and Magic: The Gathering, it starts off a little slow and introduces the authors own character but the story shows promise and bearing with the first few chapters to read further is good... not great but the author states the story to be the first thing they've written. The story is worth checking out.
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