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  • Ongoing: The fic is being updated on a regular basisnote , or has received an update after a significant absence.
  • Dormant: The fic has not been updated in a fairly long time (several months to a year or more) but the author has not pronounced it dead.
  • Dead: The fic has not been updated in several years, or the author has specifically said that it will not be updated.

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    Authors and Websites 

Bleach-ed Na-tsu
  • Recommended by kilala2tail
  • If you want someone who puts a lot of time and effort into their fics, here you go. E'la nostra ora incisa sull'anello is the perfect example. Good characterization, a writing style you can see improve over time, interesting settings. She's the one I recommend if someone wants cute and fluffy.

  • Recommended by Alternative 27 Angel
  • Don't be fooled by the Romance genre labeling most of her stuff; it's hardly ever the real focus of the story. (The semi-serious ones, anyways.) Most famous for her humorous works, which carry her bizarre, yet lovable sense of humor, she also writes for the Horror and Fantasy genres. And exceeds all expectations. This troper finds practically anything she writes to be godly; especially Kindergarten Warfare and Wolf Me Down.

  • Recommended by lampyridae
  • Definitely should read this author's fics if you haven't already — very good characterization, minimal typing errors and superb writing style.

  • Recommended by Alternative 27 Angel
  • Someone with an obvious preference for the unusual, she's alarmingly good at both terribly dark and hilariously light genres. There's never a dull moment in her stories, so prepare yourself to be glued to the computer until you're finally finished reading everything that suits your tastes. (And even some that don't.)

Lys ap Adin
  • Recommended by Morcai
  • Beautifully written everything. If you can't find something you like written by this author you aren't looking hard enough.

  • Recommended by coian
  • This author manages to incorporate a lot of realism into the crazy world of Reborn! without ever losing sight of the characterizations. Her fic What We Fought For in particular is a must-read. It plops the characters into the middle of the brutal (and in a way, mundane) world of Italian organized crime as it is today and just let it rip.

  • Recommended by Shotstar
  • A simply spectacular author in a fandom that has been admittedly lackluster as of late. Her style mostly relates to genfics, all of which are interesting enough to become addictive after a while. She's very good at focusing in on characters, which provides a lot of truly thought-provoking insight. I recommend her fics wholeheartedly.
  • Very talented, but not an author you want to spend time reading all at once. Many of her fics reuse lines verbatim, which can become rather irritating over time.

  • Recommended by kilala2tail
  • While she has a lot of unfinished multi-chapter that I would suggest holding off on (b/c of want of more), her one-shots and completed ones are all fair game for a fun read. A lot of the stories focus on Tsuna and his "famiglia".

  • Recommended by Melody Hakurei
  • If you're looking for a good laugh, this author's got it. Almost all of her KHR fics are crack and there is a common trend that Tsuna tends to get ticked off a lot more easily, especially as an adult, but otherwise everyone is perfectly in character. Spelling and grammar is really good as well. I was left laughing my head off after getting through all of them.

  • Recommended by Tropic Thunder
  • Pretty much any oneshot written by this woman will leave you wanting more.

  • Recommended by transparentanswer
  • Her humor filled fics are superb. And so does her other works.

    General Fics 

and pins scream as they fall to the floor by elanor_pam
  • Recommended by Faliara
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Hyper Intuition isn't always a gift. Reborn contemplates what it might mean for someone to be born with it.
  • Comments: An interesting take on how Hyper Intuition works, it's a plausible explanation on how Tsuna doesn't seem to exhibit Hyper Intuition that much during the Daily Life arc.

Building A Legacy by kirui
  • Recommended by natroze
  • Status: 2 stories complete, part of a series that may be ongoing (?)
  • Synopsis: Building a Legacy (the first story in the series): First is holy matrimony. Next comes fatherhood. Sawada Tsunayoshi, Tenth Generation Leader of the Vongola Family, experiences both—though he is admittedly unprepared for the latter (and with the infamous Reborn as the self-claimed Godfather, who could blame him?) From choosing a suitable name, to keeping track of all the baby's firsts, being a Papa is hard, hard work. But thankfully, his Family is ever-so ready to help.///The Totally Fictitious But Rapturous Love Story of Rokudo Mukuro and Hibari Kyouya (second story in the series): To be honest, a conventional love story this is not. To be perfectly honest, “love story” might even be a bit of a misnomer. In all seriousness though, “vaguely obsessive and somewhat stalker-friendly story” just simply doesn’t sound as good as “love story.”
  • Comments: Both these fics are absolutely fall-off-your-chair hilarious and I couldn't recommend them more. They're brilliantly well-written and, though on the slightly longer side, are impossible to stop reading. Slightly on the crack-fic side but the entirety of Reborn is cracky enough that it's plausible and in-character. I believe I am a happier person for having read these fics, honestly. They're that funny.

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree by aruyo
  • Recommended by Shotstar
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A tree grown from poisonous soil will always bear poisonous fruit. Ten moments for the each Vongola's cursed lineage.
  • Comments: A wonderful look into the life of a woman with very scarce canon coverage. The author's headcanon mixes beautifully with actual canon, and the subject of the fic, Ottavo, doesn't come across as a Possession Sue at all, as is usually the fate of these sorts of fics. The author's use of symbolism also makes this fic very much worth your time.
    • seems to be a dead link

Mulan KHR Version by Primo Giotto 5510
  • Recommended by fruitstripegum
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Ineligible Sawada Tsukiko not only put her honor at stake when she signed up for the war, she also signed the contract to harsh training, being the target of bullying and... love!
  • Comments: Don't be fooled - this isn't another Cookie Cutter Fic with KHR characters replacing the Mulan characters. It's much, MUCH more than that. I don't wanna spoil anything, so my best advice is to read it for yourself.

Phoenix Fire by Nivek 01
  • Recommended by BaronCarmine
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Three and a half years. Since the fights against Shimon. Since the Ninth took up residence in Namimori. Since Tsuna finally got tired of the mafia and disappeared. But now he's back to bring his friends out of their own hells, and maybe save Namimori too.
  • Comments: This is an M-rated fic, though there won't be any lemons. I will readily say that this is even better than the manga itself. It's over 100,000 words, for those of who you like short ones, but this one is definitely worth it.

When Lightning Strikes Twice by Power Houseofthe Cell
  • Recommended by Faliara
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: When Lambo Bovino, a 25 year-old at the end of his rope, threw that grenade, this was definitely not what he expected. Time Travel. No Pairings.

Redemption by Lunahras
  • Recommended by Nyame
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: 27K (briefly), 2796
  • Synopsis: Changed forever after Fortuna turns her back on him, Sawada Tsunayoshi suddenly finds himself plunging deeper than he ever thought possible into the darkness of the Underworld and dragging his friends along with him, where he strives to redeem not just himself but his entire famiglia - all the while trying to suppress his thirst for revenge. Will he survive? Or will he destroy himself in the process? Warning: Minor Character Death
  • Comments: A brilliant and well-written tale of how Tsuna changes the Vongola and the mafia. This is a story about both redemption (of course), and learning how to move on with one's life.
  • Note: Now has a tropes page!

    For Want of A Nail 

Sora by Araceil
  • Recommended by demonicmonkey88
  • Status: Dead, not updated since 2012.
  • Synopsis: fem!Tsuna. One accident three years ago changes everything for Sawada Tsunayuki when she joins the Disciplinary Committee. Now, instead of being groomed as the wife of Vongola Decimo, she is being given a chance to become the Decimo herself.
  • Comments: The fic's pretty good, and that's a lot considering the type of fic it is. Although, I hope the author doesn't let his/her hatred of Iemitsu get to her/him. All in all the fic's worth a read, it provides entertainment~
    • Having read what's there, I can't say it's particularly worth a read. The premise is interesting, but Tsunayuki comes off as... well, less of a Tsuna and more of a Possession Sue. Her methods for punishment are utterly disgusting, Iemitsu-bashing is rampant, and the story pretty much falls short for an interesting premise.

    Crack Fics 

Boundaries by Zahira Raja
  • Recommended by: Xenone
  • Synopsis: The Vongola, as well as all of Italy, had learned a concrete set of rules and boundaries to follow when it involved Sawada Tsunayoshi. Rule One: You don't attack before Vongola Decimo has had his coffee. Or things like this could happen, "You've got exactly five seconds to get the fuck out of my house before I set you ablaze and dance on the ashes." And that was him being nice.
  • Comments: Hehehehe. General silliness abounds. Also a surprising amount of badassery.

Everybody Loves Tsuna by X Prodigy
  • Recommended by Phoenix of the Darkness
  • Synopsis: After an accident with an experimental bullet, Tsuna finds himself in a dire situation; everyone is infatuated with him! With friends and enemies now desperate to steal his heart, can the Vongola Tenth survive until the effects wear off? If they wear off?

High School is Just Like the Mafia by peroxidepest17
  • Recommended by Allie Montgomery
  • Synopsis: Tsuna thought that High School would be different. Sadly, the craziness that is his life continues to wreak havoc even in this new school.
  • Comments: It's well-written and witty, and also contains all the violent wackiness of KHR, except now the Vongola's in High School.

Iemitsu's Brilliant Idea to Defend Tsuna's Chastity by reader713
  • Recommended by Nyame
  • Pairings (implied): All 27, 8059, XS
  • Synopsis: Iemitsu has a problem. Instead of having a girlfriend, Tsuna has a multitude of male fans that Iemitsu needs to fight off to protect Tsuna's chastity. Luckily, Iemitsu gets the brilliant idea to hire assassins to get rid of Tsuna's (male) fans. Let's wish those assassins luck, they're gonna need it!
  • Comments: Downright hilarious, and written in a way that makes it clear that Iemitsu is an idiot that has a legit reason to be worried.

That Godawful Trip to Italy by Sanauria Maldhun
  • Recommended by Nyame
  • Synopsis: It started with a school trip to Italy. Everything simply went downhill from there.
  • Comments: A more nuanced variation of the common "class trip to Italy" cliche, one that is more in-line with the tone of the series. Tsuna still manages to be a Butt Monkey even as more and more of his secrets are revealed, much to his despair. And the ending just makes you want to pity him even more.

What Happened To Namimori by StMomo
  • Recommended by Fluffness
  • Sypnosis: Mary Sue has invaded Namimori, releasing Sue-beams into the air that has turned all our favorite bishies into complete drones! Only the girls are unaffected by the Sue! Will you be able to help them save the boys and take down the Sue?
  • Comments: Although you might be wary of the second person point of view, take into consideration that this is a great parody of Mary Sues. With Shout Outs to various tropes and TV Tropes itself, be prepared for a hilarious story with plenty of Lampshade Hanging.

     Peggy Sue 

The Second Coming by Eevetta
  • Recommended by transparentanswer
  • Status: Dormant
  • Sypnosis: When Sawada Tsunayoshi was told that he would soon inherit the bloodiest famiglia in the Underground, Reborn was surprised and intrigued when instead of denial, there was only acceptance. But Tsuna and his Guardians are hiding a deep secret that they wish to keep hidden from everyone, even from Reborn. The burdens they carry will only be shared by them and them alone. Boss!Tsuna
  • Comments: A little bit of a Continuation fic, likely, there had been a Schedule Slip until recently which had made this fic Dormant. Despite worrying of The End of the World as We Know It situation to come, it still managed to keep the early hilarity Katekyo Hitman Reborn! was known for. It may just have eight chapters but it's still worth a read.

    Alternative Universe Fics 

Apathy by KlonoaDreams
  • Recommended by Mellini Mintini
  • Synopsis: It's all fun and games until you realize that you've been reincarnated into a once fictional world where you're the next in line to become a mafia boss. Sawada Setsuna is anything but amused because it took a baseball to the chest to realize who she actually was and even then, her first thought is to buy a lock for her room. SI reincarnated as fem!Tsuna
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairings: None as of yet.
  • Comments: Sawada Setsuna, for all intents and purposes, is a self-insert reincarnated as a female Sawada Tsunayoshi. The catch? She didn't find out until weeks before she entered Namimori Middle School, when Yamamoto Takeshi had the luck of hitting a baseball into her chest. In which Setsuna discovers her genre-savviness was all for naught and can’t even. Featuring an overweight fem!Tsuna who is done with the world and in her attempts to prepare for the future, ends up joining the boxing club and becoming secretary of the Disciplinary Committee. Hilarity ensues.

Ayakashi by Kyogre
  • Recommended by Xenone
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Complete, slight AU, gen. Flames and the Trinisette are far from the only secret power in the world. In which Tsuna is half-youkai, and his Guardians aren't quite all human either. The mafia won't know what hit them.
  • Comments: Dear lord, this is amazing. The supernatural elements are worked in brilliantly. Also, Nana makes a great kitsune.

Colore Della Nebbia by HalcyonNight
  • Recommended by Rage Against The Author
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Dying is a lot like going to sleep, except you don't ever wake up again. When I died, I expected to just move on. I didn't expect to be tasked with a mission, be chucked into the body of Chrome, even though I'm quite clearly a guy, and have a rather passive-aggressive relationship with a demon baby. Puberty is gonna suck. *AU* *Reincarnation Fic*
  • Comments: Follows the trend of reincarnation fics in the fandom, but with a twist: a guy, David, is reincarnated as Chrome, and stays female, unlike the common rout of 'a girl is reborn as one of the guys but magically turned into a girl'. He died in a conventional manner, didn't screw up his last life, and was picked only because canon!Chrome dies somehow and needs a replacement, and he's the only person currently available. Halcyon Night has left any and all pairings up to the readers.

Flames and Family by madashes2ashes
  • Recommended by Very Melon, Rage Against The Author
  • Synopsis: A series of stories that pick up after the Varia arc and turn into an alternate story-line instead of following into the Future Arc. Tsuna gains even more power through very risky means and ends up in big trouble with an unknown enemy. After that's done, he is then put under training under the 9th to become the next boss of Vongola, which means getting enrolled at a mafia school, getting trained to kill with Xanxus as his mentor, of all people, and experiencing everything a Crapsack World like the Mafia has to offer.
    • Seconded. So very much. There are no words to say how captivating this story gets once you get into it. The pace slows considerably in the latter two parts, but the plot itself is more than enough to keep a person at the edge of the seat from start to finish and as of part two, it sometimes gets so overwhelming that it's difficult to believe how little things suddenly become incredibly important. About the worst flaw I can think of in this story is the sheer amount of OCs, but they're neither flat or unlikable. Hell, all the characters are given the depth and it's particularly interesting to see some of the subtle parallels between ashes' world and Amano's Future Arc, although characters like Byakuran make no appearance other than just being occasionally mentioned. The best thing about the story have got to be the characters, however. They evolve and they change and yet they do not change enough to be unrecognizable. And as a bonus, they're all flawed. So very much that it's sometimes difficult to just swallow it all without feeling the need to cry. Ashes goes to great lengths to show the dark and more realistic side of the Mafia and life in general and her time's not been wasted. Darker and Edgier taken Up to Eleven indeed.

Flowers of Forgetfulness by The Storyteller of Dreams
  • Recommended by HiHikariNoKaze
  • Genre: Angst and Mystery
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: It has been a year since the Representative War ended, since Reborn and the Arcobalenos died. Now Tsuna, in the third year of middle school, has accepted his role fully as Decimo. But what are seven supposedly dead people doing in Namimori? Are they truly the Arcobaleno? Or are they simply familiar strangers? An AU of the end of the Curse of the Rainbow Arc.

Footsteps of Time by phoenixtears07
  • Recommended by kotoshin, lampyridae
  • Synopsis: Primo Fic! What if the Primo gen reincarnates as Tsuna & Guardians.
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: None
  • Comments: Given the canon Time Travel plus character design reuse, why are there not MORE fics like this? I particularly like the fact that Giotto is NOT an uberSue who gets EVERYTHING perfect and right with Super!Intuition and still has to get used to present day and building up his child's body/stamina. Of the Primo Gen, Alaudi and Ugetsu are known to be reincarnated as Hibari and Yamamoto for sure, hints of Knuckles = Ryohei but no actual appearance, and neither Lambo nor Gokudera have shown up ... yet.

Halcyonic by HalcyonNight
  • Recommended by Rage Against The Author
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Alex, a (male) transfer student from the U.K, is caught up in the insanity that is KHR. Ryohei/Male!OC, yaoi.
  • Comments: The best KHR OC fanfic I've ever read. Alex is believable not just as a character, but as a person. His line of thinking is more critical and logic-bound than the canon cast, and watching him interact with them is interesting. His growth in terms of strength is paced well and he's neither overpowered nor useless.

Hamaguri's legacy by Aki no Hikari
  • Recommended by transparentanswer
  • Status: Complete
  • Sypnosis: An AU where Iemitsu is not the one with Giotto's bloodline, Nana is. The Vongola, desperate for a tenth heir finally found a lead and Iemitsu for sure wouldn't take it well when he finds that his wife is Giotto's descendant.
  • Comments: There are OC's around but rest assured, they are well characterized. I was quite fond of the author's characterization of Badass!Nana.
    • The fic is incomplete and up for adoption.

Heaven's Garden by Renegade Warrior
  • Recommended by Xenone
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Tsuna has a green thumb. A magical green thumb. When Reborn orders him to find candidates to join his family and no suitable ones appear, Tsuna's favorite plants become human to fill the position for the one who has given them the love and care they needed when they needed it the most. But why do they look like people who have already died?
  • Comments: This is heartrending in all the right ways. Also, Tsuna is friends with Fon.

Imaginary Friend by Metamorcy
  • Recommended by Xenone
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Tsuna pouted as his family made fun of his imaginary friend, it wasn't his fault they couldn't see him. It wasn't his fault that they couldn't see the tall man with a fedora that was behind them watching everything with those sharp dangerous looking eyes of his. Fluff mainly. No pairing! Parental!Reborn, child!Tsuna
  • Comments: Fluffiness, ahoy!

Kyoko by Discoabc
  • Recommended by transparentanswer
  • Sypnosis: "So, you are an infamous Mafioso dealer, part of both the Yakuza and Mafia, a genius hacker, one of the strongest illusionists in the world, wanted in several countries and STILL the number one idol in school?" "You forgot how I was extremely extreme too." "…Kyoko, you have some major issues." Being reborn as Miss Sparkles is not fun at all. Slightly AU
  • Status: On-going
  • Pairings: Tsuna and Kyoko
  • Comments: While it was hilarious in the earlier chapters, it gets dark because of one mistake this Kyoko made that changes canon events (Naito Longchamp dying five years before canon, Tsuna is a casanova thanks to hyper intuition activated, Momokyokai being a feared Yakuza thanks to said mistake, etc.). The titles for the chapters are misleading, and the characterization is well written. It was quiet nice to see some of the girls that didn't get much spotlight like Hana and Kyoko herself to be an Adaptational Badass.

More Than No Good by KuraiArcoiris
  • Recommended by phantomdare1
  • Synopsis: Reborn had never disagreed with any of the ninth's decisions, but when the Vongola boss sent him to Japan to train Sawada Tamaki, the hitman started to think that the ninth had chosen the wrong twin…
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairings: None
  • Comments: There have always been a great many fics that talk about Tsuna having a sibling (most notably a girl), but this one really takes the cake. Tsuna and his twin brother are portrayed as complete foils to one another, and at a first glance, Tamaki is the better candidate, but after a while, Tsuna really shows as the more suitable candidate for the Tenth Vongola. This fic also focuses on how Tsuna gradually becomes friends with Gokudera, Yamamoto, Hana, and many more. Also, a lot of angst, frustration, and tear jerkers on Reborn's part when he realizes that Tsuna's better than Tamaki. The writing is beautiful, and the fight scenes are also well-written.
    • TheRoad: Read it. Couldn't really get into it. The plot is a thing that exists, but actual character development just doesn't seem to happen. I think I made it about 70~80k words in— that's the length of your average novel. Even though the plot itself advanced, Tsuna never really changed. And neither did Tamaki. While the author is technically skilled, the glacial pace of character dev was just too frustrating for me.
    • doublegemini: I kind of have to agree with The Road. I read up to the latest chapter and I have to say that the characterization of Tsuna's little brother seems a little forced. His character development also get's shoehorned in a single chapter and Tsuna is starting to turn into a gary sue. It's still a pretty good fanfic overall, this troper just kind of wishes that Tamaki was a more believable character.

My Heavenly Judgement by Colbub
  • Recommended by transparentanswer
  • Sypnosis: Alice was normal. Unremarkable, smart-ish and... normal. So when she died, she was shocked. But it was even MORE shocking when part of her Judgment for her to go to Heaven consisted of... protecting Tsuna?
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Hibari/OC, Tsuna/OC
  • Comments: At the first fifteen chapters or so, the structure and quotations may seem to be lacking, but it gets better in future chapters. This was a different take of a normal SI-ish story where instead of staying there, the OC's had limited time to stay in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Universe. An SI based off divine trials are rather rare, so this was recommended. The characters are also in-character as well.

Phantom Thief Decimo by Kyogre
  • Recommended by Faliara
  • Synopsis: Phantom Thief Tsuna is hired to steal the Vongola Rings. No one expects the Sky Ring to mark him as a candidate for Decimo. Now Tsuna is on the run from the Varia, who object to his appointment, half the criminal underworld, who want to see Vongola fall, and also his own allies, who support his new position entirely too much.
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: None
  • Comments: I'm just going to say this now, if you enjoy this or Vigilante Tendency, I suggest looking for any other stories that might be written by Kyogre. She managed to keep Tsuna in-character despite the personality his alter-ego had been painted with, and you simply have to love the writing style. There also might be a sequel to this incoming, so look out for that too.

Potential by Fayah
  • Recommended by marafee
  • Synopsis: Everyone has potential. For some, this potential will remain unrealized. For others, this potential may surface. And for Sawada Tsunayoshi, this potential was brought forth much earlier before his teenage years with the baby mafioso Reborn. AU
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairings: None
  • Comments: A really different take on a change in events of Tsuna's childhood and the butterfly effect that follows

Russian Roulette by Vixen Tail
  • Recommended by Aki-no-hikari
  • Also available at ao3
  • Synopsis: No one ever said an SI gets a place in canon events, or that they would be ideally placed at all. How much would you recall if you had decades to go before anything in a long forgotten story comes to be? AU, Thief!SI/OC, Pre!Fated Day Arcobaleno, very Pre!Canon
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairings: None
  • Comments: From the creator of Deja Vu No Jutsu we get a new OC/SI reincarnation fic. Sonya is a socially awkward Russian thief trying to make sense of living in the world of the magical rainbow mafia. The world is complex and makes sense. The characters, who are mostly OCs, are well developed and likeable. Definitely a recommended read.
  • Now with a tropes page

The Boogie Man by Jikage
  • Recommended by Fluffness
  • Sypnosis: It began on the night when Hibari popped out of his wardrobe. Then from under his bed, his kitchen cabinets, the janitor closet, and trashcans. And as he grew older, slowly but surely, little Tsuna's fear became something akin to love. /Eventual 1827/
  • Status: Dormant (Complete sans Epilogue)
  • Pairings: Hibari/Tsuna, Implied various minor pairings.
  • Comments: A long and lengthy fic that starts out with hints of WAFF between the titular character, "Boogie Man" Hibari, and an adorable little Tsuna. Gets Darker and Edgier as it progresses, and even the most minor details become Chekhov's Gun. Filled with delightful twists and a well-written plot, this story is simply amazing. Plot Holes are filled, the Alternate Universe the author has created is reminiscent of canon, and the Character Development that every character gets is remarkable. You will be transfixed by this wonderful story.

The Mafia Wants You! by SwordsMagician
  • Recommended by Alternative 27 Angel, Fluffness, Rage Against The Author
  • Synopsis: Sawada Tsunayoshi was unassuming. Resourceful. Surprisingly adaptive. A little inept when it came to dealing with romantic affections or unwanted attention. And his hyper-intuition hasn't been wrong yet. Regardless, he didn't need that indication of doom to know that Reborn was the harbinger of utter chaos.
  • Pairings: None so far, and doubtful if there ever will be.
  • Status: Dormant
  • Comments: What do you get when you make Tsuna aware of the Mafia from a young age and exposed to things like Doctor Who? A near genius-level hacker and Deadpan Snarker that's apparently a "Mafia-magnet." And still finds time to fail Algebra. Written with the kind of clever, yet random humor that has you grinning silly for hours while you applaud the writer's wittiness, and overloaded with shout outs and quotes that we all know you've heard before. It also holds a plethora of OCs that are just so lovable and unique, you might find yourself cheering for them more often than the actual canon!characters.
    • Seconded. It's a wonderfully complex story, with all the hijinks of KHR and a smarter Tsuna

The Rightful Sky by Heir to the Sky
  • Recommended by lampyridae
  • Synopsis: Sawada Tsunayoshi is ordinary. Average. Not at all special in any way. So while having ties to the mafia comes as a surprise to Tsuna, the fact that his younger, more talented, more popular twin brother is chosen as the next Vongola boss doesn't. Not everyone agrees though. After all, what is a world without a proper sky?
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: None
  • Comments: Features a very timid Tsuna and incorporates side characters e.g. Hana, Mochida(Kendo club captain). Unfortunately this fic hasn't updated since August '012

The Sun Always Rises by Lacewood
  • Recommended by Unlucky Normalcy CLO, Yabumi
  • Synopsis: In a different world, Tsuna had a different Sun guardian - Kyoko.
  • Pairings: Tsuna/Kyoko
  • Comments: An amazing oneshot based around the idea that instead of Ryohei becoming Tsuna's guardian, Kyoko does in his place. Despite the fact that they're alike in personality, how Kyoko sees and handles things is a lot different than Ryohei, and the characterization throughout the story is spot-on. It's not just interesting, it's believable, and makes you really wonder What Could Have Been. Covers the time from the beginning of the manga up through the Varia arc and into the future arc, and leaves you wanting more.

Vigilante Tendency by Kyogre
  • Recommended by Faliara, lampyridae, Aki-no-hikari
  • Synopsis: There's such a thing as being too much like the 1st generation. Tsuna didn't mean to start a vigilante group, but somehow it happened anyway. Well done, "Neo Primo," well done.
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: None
  • Comments: I laughed the whole way reading this. Hilarious, certainly kept to the wackiness that is KHR. And you have to love how Tsuna eventually goes from freaking out at everything to 'I don't even care anymore'.

Dead-Eyed Tsuna by Wyrvel
  • Recommended by cyber-inkblot
  • Synopsis: Sawada Tsunayoshi is cold, aloof, constantly exhausted, perpetually doubtful, and has the resting face of an axe murderer. He's resigned to being a complete failure for the rest of his life, and is pretty satisfied with himself, as long as he has people like his best friend Sasagawa Kyoko to help him along the way. But his dull, emotionless status quo is shattered when Kyoko decides he should join the Disciplinary Committee and do something with himself. The Disciplinary Committee, as in the thinly veiled school gang run by the Scariest Teenage Boy Alive. And yet, against all odds, it's not the Committee itself that led him into mass international criminal politics, magic powers, and casual murder.
  • Status: In Progress
  • Pairings: None, with the exception of many horrifically painful teen crushes
  • Comments: Khr!Fic at its finest. Both hilarious and oh so dark. You will not regret the hours you put into reading this.

    Shipping Fics 

The Awesomely Epic Chronicles of Squalo and Xanxus by Dreaming Spire
  • Recommeded by natroze
  • Synopsis: A beautiful, heartwarming tale of how Squalo and Xanxus surmount their relationship of tyrannical boss and whipping boy, and become best friends forever via human trafficking, falling couches, and dead goldfish. Xanxus x Squalo
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Xanxus/Squalo
  • Comments: I cried laughing. This story follows Squalo through his entire childhood and early teenage years up until the point he meets Xanxus and tries to decide whether to kill him or kiss him, etc. etc. It's morbidly hilarious and incredibly well-written, and while it deviates from Xanxus and Squalo's canon backstory somewhat, is still a wonderful interpretation of their relationship. If by 'wonderful' I mean an unmitigated disaster. It's awesome.

The Balance of Devotion by metisket
  • Recommended by kotoshin, Yabumi, Y.S. Jennis
  • Synopsis: Primo Gen Fic! The story of the founding of the Vongola Family and Primo's eventual exile to Japan, as told by G. Slightly unreliable narrator.
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Giotto/G, Giotto/OC, D/Elena
  • Comments: Need more good Primo Fic like this - I don't agree always with the author's portrayal on Mist and Cloud Guardians, but she definitely sets a distinct tone to all the Primo and sets them apart from the Decimo Gen. Do Not Miss the Kewl Reference Notes at the end.
    • blueblood: Seconded! One of my favorite KHR fics. G is hilarious and, while he is a somewhat unreliable narrator, the characterization of the Primo Generation through his eyes rings true. It's also nice to see the Primo Gen written with personalities that differ from those of the present-day Vongola. Metisket also has a few other Reborn fics that are quite good.

The Persistence of Memory by Kale Rei
  • Recommended by Kaoru Sailor Z
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A few months after coming back from the future, an unfortunate accident causes Haru to lose her memories, and sends Hayato on a collision course with his past and the memories he's buried and tried -but failed- to forget. Goku Haru; 5986.
  • Pairings: Main - Gokudera/Haru , Minor - Tsuna/Kyoko, mentioned Ryohei/Hana, implied Ken/Chrome
  • Comments: Nothing short of amazing story. There is character development in both central characters and the two characters (Gokudera and Haru) unlike some fics truly fall in love with each other. It's believable and sweet. The plot itself is very well-thought out.

  • Recommended by: Tropic Thunder
  • Synopsis: Tsuna, forced to attend one of his tutor's secret dealings, experiences first-hand color gangs, DOLLARS, games and the mystery that is Ikebukuro.

Old Habits Die Hard by Summer.ice7
  • Recommended by: dreamer1425
  • Synopsis: The Shinobi Age is long gone, but due to forces outside his control, one Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto is still alive and kicking. But when one lives forever and wields enough power to take a country off the map with ease, boredom is a dangerous thing. After centuries of wandering alone, the Vongola becomes the latest victims of one blond, immortal shinobi.
  • Status: Ongoing

The Mafia King by eremies
  • Recommended by: Nyame
  • Synopsis: Reborn had admittedly heard that his new pupil was a difficult one. He just hadn't thought his largest hurdle would be to make Tsuna give up his dream of becoming the pirate king. AU where Monkey D. Luffy was reborn as Sawada Tsunayoshi.
  • Status: Complete

Set the Skies Ablaze by cywscross
  • Recommended by Katherine-Sanderson
  • Crossover with K
  • Synopsis: It doesn't take long for HOMRA to notice the nondescript man in the bar corner who always arrives at six and never stays a second past seven. But regular patrons aren't that uncommon so they leave him alone… until he stops a kidnapping attempt on their youngest member one day. Then it gets personal – they've got to repay him after all. Too bad the man refuses to cooperate. AU, Dimension Travel.

To Be Shounen by Byakuzee
  • Recommended by Tonki
  • Crossover: Gintama
  • Synopsis: As they both continued reading each other's manga, they discovered that they really didn't fit into the Shounen Hero's trope. Oneshot.
  • Comments: It was a very nice and realistic story. very funny and heartwarming to see two characters in the same predicament sympathize with each other.

Black Sky by Umei no Mai
  • Recommended by: Beta-Orionis, Dame-Amaryllis
  • Crossover with: Harry Potter
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: When you're a Black, you're a Black and nobody gets to hold all the cards except you. Not a Dark Lord with a grudge, not a Headmaster with a prophecy and certainly not the world's most influential Mafia Family... Dorea is as much a Black as a Potter and she is not about to let anybody walk over her! A Fem!Harry story. Slow Build.
  • Comments: The Author manages to blend the two worlds together very well, though it is currently focusing more on the 'Harry Potter' side right now seeing as Xanxus is frozen in ice. However the author still gives us looks at what is going on from the point of view of the other characters, although it is told in third-person. Umei no Mai has done a wonderful job with her world building and fusing story elements such as the concept of Flames and what they are and how they operate with/against magic. The characters are well developed and their actions make sense without them coming across as one-dimensional. You also don't need to know much about either story to read it, so I recommend it to everyone to at least try, even if long stories aren't your thing.