Fanfic Recs: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

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Authors and Websites

Eternal Wind by Sssomsie
  • Recommended by: Death Note Fan
  • Synopsis: Even after Maron helped Fin, her battles weren't over yet. The Battle at the Ice Castle was only the beginning. The demons that were still on Earth are now coming after Maron with everything they've got. Maron must be stronger than ever, or else.

I Was Never Your Enemy by MovieVillain
  • Recommended by: Death Note Fan
  • Synopsis: Set after the anime, Miyako is invited to a sleepover set up Maron so that they could talk more of what happened in the Castle of Ice.

I Know Your Secret All Along by MovieVillain
  • Recommended by: Death Note Fan
  • Synopsis: In chapter 27, Miyako reveals to Maron that she knew about her being Jeanne all this time. This is her poem.

Dreaming Omega by countertime
  • Recommended by: Dellanotte
  • Synopsis: "An alternate universe closer to our reality, where there are other powers that duel over a kaitou's fate, and where your dreams can save you- if you can stop them from destroying you first."