Fanfic Recs / Gilbert and Sullivan

''Bunthorne Abroad; or, The Lass That Loved a Pirate!'' by John Wilson Bengough
  • Recommended by: Simyera
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Pirates of Penzance are tired of respectability, so they have decided to return to the sea and their old profession. Also, they want to take their wives far away from Bunthorne and his Aesthetic influence. Then, the pirate ship picks up an unexpected passenger… And THEN they cross paths with the good ship Pinafore…
  • Comments: A rather impressive two-act operetta fanfic written in 1883, involving music and characters from Pirates, Pinafore, and Patience. It functions as a sequel to these three works. Highlights include: an enlightened Sir Joseph who is “no more a parlour seaman”, Bunthorne’s reluctant induction into the Pirates of Penzance (“I am willing to join you in murdering people and stealing their things, but I shall never wear that Philistine uniform!”), and the Pirate King’s attempt at disguising himself as an Aesthetic poet.
  • Tags: Continuation, Crossover, Original Flavour