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!![[GenFic General Fics]]

''FanFic/{{FK4}}'' by Greer Watson
* Recommended by Tropers/AmyJade
* ''Synopsis:'' A virtual fourth season that continues the show as if the last two episodes didn't happen.
* ''Comments:'' One of my favorite virtual {{continuation}}s ever. It really captures the spirit of the show despite altering the format a bit (the episodes are far more continuous and dependent on each other than the show itself is) and develops the characters introduced in Season 3, and the author has a great attention to detail. Unfortunately doesn't have much of an ending, as the author seems to have been planning a Season 5 that didn't quite get off the ground.

!![[{{Crossover}} Crossover Fics]]

''[[ Steeling Into the Knight]]'' by iocaste
* Recommended by Tropers/AmyJade
* ''Synopsis:'' Remington Steele and Laura Holt get caught up in a murder investigation after flying to Toronto to meet with a mysterious client. (Crossover with ''Series/RemingtonSteele''.)
* ''Comments:'' A silly-sounding concept, maybe, but fun and very well-executed. The characterization for both shows is spot-on, and there are some very funny character moments, such as Steele thinking Nick is a vampire by connecting the situation to ''Film/{{Dracula 1931}}''. Should be understandable even if you're not familiar with both shows.

''[[ Forever Janette]]'' by [[RichsComixBlog Rich Morris]]
* Recommended by Tropers/MugenKagemaru
* ''Synopsis:'' She was brought across in 1089. Embracing the darkness that gave her strength, she triumphantly wields her power through the long centuries, a thorned rose that will never wilt. The world lives on, ever changing about her. yet she remains... "Forever, Janette?" (Crossover with ''Series/DoctorWho'')
* ''Comments:'' Goes beyond what one would expect with a Series/DoctorWho story. Though the present day scenes feature the Creator/PaulMcGann's Eighth Doctor operating solo, the flashback shows us the Creator/PeterDavison's Fifth Doctor traveling with Nyssa of Traken. And then we get a Shyamalan Twist towards the end. That's all you're getting if you haven't yet read it.