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Authors and Websites

Maella Abbey Insane Journal Dragon Quest community full of fanfiction. Some of it is very adult. Hasn't been updated in quite some time, but still worth a look. Most of it is Dragon Quest 8, but includes fics from 4.

Dragon Quest HQ Site dedicated to all things Dragon Quest. While it's mostly fanart/graphics/message board, it does contain some fanfiction and is an excellent source for those on the look out for Dragon Quest related works.

Dragon's Den Similar to HQ, only bigger. Also has some fanfic and just about everything else related to the Dragon Quest Series.

Act The First by Ro Anshi

  • Recommended by Axelseru
  • Pairing: Marcello + Angelo
  • Synopsis: Angelo steals various earrings from the girls he flirts with and then wears them. Marcello does not take Angelo's vanity kindly.
  • Comments: A well written, well balanced fic that says quite a bit about the relationship between Marcello and Angelo. Nothing sensationalist, and something that could have easily happened in the game itself.

Vengeance by The Full Neko Alchemist

  • Recommended by Axelseru
  • Pairing: Marcello + Angelo
  • Synopsis: "During his time at Maella Abbey, Marcello ponders on his halfbrother, Angelo, and how his life was ruined. As they say, vengeance is a dish best served cold."
  • Comments: Paints a sympathetic picture of a strong, powerful, and complex character. You don't see much of him in game, but he still manages to be a dominant presence. I liked how the author showed that Marcello /has/ to see Angelo as BAD, or he would have to admit that he made a terrible mistake.

Family Obligations by Dragovian Knight
  • Recommended by Axelseru
  • Pairing: Marcello + Angelo
  • Synopsis: Dragon Quest VIII Pregame Angelo is approximately ten. Vignette. Angelo is ill, and Marcello is obligated to check on him. Nonfluff Marcellocentric.
  • Comments: A very interesting fic about Marcello appearing to be concerned for Angelo, but is really concerned for what happened to himself. However, one way to interpret this fic is that maybe, just maybe, Marcello cares more for Angelo than he will ever admit. Or, that despising someone doesn't mean wanting them dead.

Not So Blind by Weiila

  • Recommended by Axelseru
  • Pairing: King Trode, Medea, Charmles, Hero (Eight), Yangus, etc.
  • Synopsis: "Despite normally being all too happy to complain about everything, there are things that King Trode does not speak up against. Hero/Medea, mild Angelo/Jessica."
  • Comments: The only fic I know of that goes into King Trode's head and shows that the haughty man is far more grateful to everyone(especially Eight) than he lets on.

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Jade Reflections by Hoboshorts

  • Recommended by Axelseru
  • Pairing: Marcello/Angelo
  • Synopsis: Marcello is jealous of Angelo and it shows.
  • Comments: Does a good job showing the complex feelings Marcello has for Angelo and how easy he is to read. While there is physical abuse involved, it is plausible.

The Best Laid Plans by Miss Becky

  • Recommended by Axelseru
  • Pairing: Eight/Angelo, Marcello
  • Synopsis: "After the events on Neos, Marcello sets a desperate plan in motion, only to be thwarted by the last person he expected."
  • Comments: A very influential and tightly written piece. If you LOVE Marcello getting some kind of comeuppance for what he's done, especially at the hands of someone who is considered a "blank", then this is an excellent fic for you. If you don't(and I honestly don't), then this fic is still worth a read.

Each Life's Quest by volta arovet

  • Recommended by Axelseru
  • Pairing: Eight/Marcello
  • Synopsis: "Marcello wants some way to hurt Angelo, Eight wants someone to save, but there are children being kidnapped and monsters to fight, so none of that really matters. Eight/Marcello of a sort, warnings for mild descriptions of sexual relations and violence."
  • Comments: Excellent dialogue and has Marcello saying things that he likely WOULD say if he were in this situation! You could easily read this story in one sitting given the fast paced style of the writing. The ending is a bit abrupt, but has a good plot and worth checking out despite the m/m content(there isn't much of this though).

Getting His Attention by Wallwalker

  • Recommended by Axelseru
  • Pairing: Red/Yangus
  • Synopsis: "Getting Yangus's attention wasn't turning out to be as easy as she'd hoped it would be."
  • Comments: Excellent insight with Red when dealing with Yangus. Red/Yangus is an uncommon pairing in the DQ 8 fandom, but this fic says a lot about them in relatively few words.

The Edge of the Rainbow by Stealth Noodle

  • Recommended by Axelseru
  • Pairing: DQ 4, Saro/Rosa
  • Synopsis: Rosa and Saro, life after fairytales, the burden of agency, and other ways to fall. Mind the shameless abuse of color symbolism.
  • Comments: That color symbolism is all over the fic in a beautifully poetic manner. One of those fics that says many things with very few words. Just gorgeous.

Keeper of the Crypt by Queenoftheskies

  • Recommended by Axelseru
  • Pairing: Marcello/Angelo
  • Synopsis: Dragon Quest VIII, Angelo/Marcello: trapped together - "If we aren't going to kill one another, we might as well make the best of this." R rated
  • Comments: Yes, they certainly do make the best of the situation the brothers are in, but the point is not anything naughty, but rather that they do indeed complement each other quite well. The author does a good job showing that and the complexity of Marcello and Angelo's relationship.

A Need for Compromise by harrowed_corky

  • Recommended by Axelseru
  • Pairing: Angelo/Jessica
  • Synopsis: Dragon Quest VIII - Jessica/Angelo: Costumes - "All right, Angelo. Now YOU dress up for ME."
  • Comments: One of those fics that says a lot in very few words. And yes, Angelo would look good in pink! Then again, he'd look
good in a burlap sack.

Healing in his wings by raisedbymoogles

  • Recommended by Axelseru
  • Pairing: Eight/Angelo
  • Synopsis: Eight is fastidious about the health of his teammates.
Prompt: Dragon Quest VIII, Angelo/Eight: Hurt/Comfort, wingkink - "Hold still, let me fix it"
  • Comments: A bit of a "what if" fic featuring wings. Overall, this is a short but sweet fic. Kind of like Eight. Fluff indeed! :D