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[[ Firebird]] by [[ Meowths Toon Dragon]]
* Recommended by: Death Note Fan.
* Synopsis: What went through Paul's mind as he took Debbie and Mindy hostage in Casual Gals? Well let's take a look and see if we can't find out for ourselves.
** Note from the Author: Holy shit, TWO of my stories got on TVTropes?! I made this originally as a test for someone, but truth be told, Paul is still probably my favorite psychopath in the entire franchise due to how much I can sympathize with his motives. I was the awkward teenager in high school due to my disorders and I had many of the same feelings of paranoia and fear that Paul did. The fact that Paul was the only psychopath (besides Isabella) that could be saved was pretty sweet and I make it a point on ANY playthrough to ALWAYS save him.