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General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

And Again by Riona
  • Recommended by: Fool, looploop, enunciability, gosh, Shiny Tsukkomi, Syncogon
  • Summary: Naegi finds himself caught in a time loop. Surely living through Monobear's game once was bad enough?
  • Comments: Explores several "What If?" scenarios while keeping every detail and characterization on-point. Highly recommended if you enjoyed DanganRonpa IF.
  • Tags: "Groundhog Day" Loop

Old World Order by thereisafire
  • Recommended by: looploop, enunciability, gosh
  • Summary: School life before mutual killing. (Set pre-series, major spoilers.)
  • Comments: If you're not feeling depressed yet about the fact a class of close friends had their memories wiped before being forced to kill each other in pursuit of a futile goal, then this Happy Flashback fic will sort that out.

The Hope Out Here by estuary
  • Recommended by: looploop
  • Summary: Alternate Universe Fic in which the 15 students escape via deus-ex-switch.
  • Comments: Tragic, optimistic, life in the post-apocalypse if all the kids had escaped at the very start. Aoi POV, whole cast, with a side of Aoi/Sakura.

Fifteen Friends Mukuro Ikusaba Never Had by Miss_Prince
  • Recommended by: looploop
  • Summary: A few moments that, in another life, might have led to friendship. The countdown to the end of the world has begun.
  • Comments: A fascinating speculative look at the pre-series relationships of a character who doesn't get much time to shine in the game itself. Really in-character, really melancholy, really despair-inducing.

why stand on formalities when we're already so close by suitablyskippy
  • Recommended by: waxbees, gosh
  • Summary: Before Syo arrived there were just blackouts, and way too many pieces of DIY equipment hidden round Fukawa's room.
  • Comments: Unsettling, nightmarish, grimy, creepy, and fantastic.

night terrors by bellmare
  • Recommended by: waxbees
  • Summary: The road to recovery is paved with night terrors. (spoileriffic, set after the game)
  • Comments: The people who survive go on to find out that the Monoworld isn't real, and that the police have been surrounding Hope's Peak in a siege for quite awhile now, and their families are okay.

  • Recommended by: Kalle
  • Summary: Wherein the entire school life of mutual killings was all a setup for The Greatest, Most Hope-Inducing Surprise Birthday Party in the History of Mankind. (Endgame spoilers!)
  • Comments: Utterly hilarious and perfectly in-character. And an even better Twist Ending. Surprise!

Memory by Ziddia
  • Recommended by: gosh
  • Summary: Togami remembers the past, before everything went to hell. This... changes some things. (Spoilers)
  • Comments: Interesting, although unfinished.

Calculated by Masu_Trout
  • Recommended by: gosh
  • Summary: Mondo Oowada gives a practical lesson on the differences between 'I killed', 'I ended up killing', and 'I tried to kill but failed miserably'. It is, unsurprisingly, a rather unpleasant experience for everyone involved.
  • Comments: Quite in-character, and all in all an interesting view into Togami's head.

Wow, That's Kind Of by Kitt_Monroe
  • Recommended by: Scabex615
  • Summary: Supposing Mondo didn't go batshit when Chihiro told him her secret. (An alternate take on Chapter 2 where no one dies and everyone's secrets are revealed.)
  • Comments: Comes up with interesting and plausible secrets for all the characters who didn't have theirs revealed in the game proper, along with all their reactions.

Light in Despair's darkness by Avret
  • Recommended by: Saber The Fallen Angel
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Summary: AU, Rational!Naegi. Monokuma was prepared for almost every eventuality. However, he did not realize that hope was not the only mental state that could stand against despair. Current arc: 4 (8 students left alive counting Enoshima)
  • Comments: A very well written story exploring an interesting concept. The changes so far have all been justified, and make the audience wonder what else will change later on.

Alternate Cast Fics

Stories that replay the premise of the game with a cast of original characters. See also Fan Sequel.

The Outcasts by Zephyr_Tisane
  • Recommended by: 0999Silv
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary: Sadako Maeda thought that she was the luckiest girl in Japan when she won a lottery that admitted her to Hope's Peak Academy - 4 times! Her classmates are among the most famous and talented youth in Japan, and Sadako can barely contain her excitement. But when they wake up in a boarded up school run by a sadistic teddybear, they are given two options: stay forever, or murder each other for a chance to escape! Who will break under the pressure first?
  • Comments: Fan Sequel, a new main cast with original characters besides Monobear, has some illustrations, 54 chapters, contains spoiler from the series near the end, is part one of a series.
  • Notes: Now has a trope page.

O Fortuna Velut Luna by Hoprocker
  • Recommended by: Rose Bride
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Summary: The Most Despair-Inducing Incident in the History of only makes sense that such a catastrophic event would spread to the other side of the world. While Naegi and company fought their battles, a new story unfolded at St. Fortuna's University for the Naturally Gifted. A story filled with pain, grief, and a very fleeting amount of hope. This is that story.
  • An Elsewhere Fic (Original Characters and Original Setting...except Monobear) that takes place in the US, so far there are 13 chapters, has some art posted in the author's DA account, and except for some Mythology Gags contains little to no spoilers of the series.

Fangan Ronpa: Universal Despair Sale by SarcasticProductions
  • Recommended by: madcapguy
  • Status: Complete, with a sequel in progress.
  • Summary: Sixteen All-Star students from the American equivalent of Hope's Peak Academy, Success Summit, are forced by Monobear into a game of Mutual Killing in the Mall of Monomerica. (Be warned of massive spoilers for the first two games in the final chapter)
  • The story is told in similar style to the games, divided into six cases/chapters which are further seperated into free-time/exploration , investigation periods, and then a class-trial/execution.
  • Comments: A very enjoyable (and, at over two-hundred thousand words, lengthy) fic. The story is alternatingly told from all sixteen students perspective, giving them each time to develop. The full story is available on tumblr, but is unedited. An edited version is currently being released piece-meal on archiveofyourown 3-4 times a week. Official character portraits can be found through a link on tumblr or embedded in the first chapter of the edited version.
  • Notes: Now has its own page on This Very Wiki.

Graduate Meeting Of Mutual Killing by Reading Forever
  • Recommended by: Arcade Tokens
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Summary: Some time after the happenings of the School Life of Mutual Killing, sixteen graduates of Hope's Peak are called by the Future Foundation under the pretense of appointing them to help restore the world. Akane Ogata, ex-Super High School Level Chemist, along with other fifteen, are locked into an underground shelter, under the ruling of the loathed Monobear and the threat of eventually starving to death if they don't kill somebody and don't get caught.
  • Comments: Although the story had a slow start in terms of characterization (as one may notice some traits just disappear in later chapters without explanation), once the author got the grasp of each character the story really got better. It also includes illustrations about the characters. Contains an important spoiler in first paragraph

Dangan Ronpa: Legacy of Despair by Magorgle
  • Recommended by: 0999Silv
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Summary: A Dangan Ronpa fan story starring sixteen original characters stuck in the Kamakura History Museum, written in the format of a game script. Readers will have the opportunity to choose who the main character spends their free time with and trial puzzles will given in a way that allows for the readers to solve the puzzles themselves.
  • Comments: Characters are very well made with the quirky personalities you would expect to find in the original series. Clever murder mysteries and puzzles well thought out. Readers can vote for character Free Time. Contains some spoilers from the original games.

Dangan Ronpa: Forever Despair by Kitt_Monroe
  • Recommended by: nettlemace
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Summary: A fan story about sixteen original students in "Hope's Peak Metropolis" - a city set up by Monobear as the stage for mutual killing. Inspired by Legacy of Despair above, and follows the same script format. Will contain spoilers for both games.
  • Comments: It has a colorful, likeable cast, many of whom have Hidden Depths. The mysteries are presented in a similar manner to the games, giving the reader a chance to solve them.
  • Trope page under construction

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

8140km by Jinjojess Spoilers & Explicit yuri content in the last chapter & Violence
  • Recommended by: parucafe
  • Pairing: Enoshima Junko/Ikusaba Mukuro
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary: What happens when SHSL Zetsubou's oldest and dearest member defects from the cause?
  • Basically, in an AU where Junko and Mukuro aren't killed by the remaining students at Hope's Peak Academy, Ultimate Despair runs the world. Mukuro, tired of her twin sister, has an argument with her and runaways. As the Ultimate Soldier, you wouldn't expect her to fall into the trap set by Naegi's clique. And you wouldn't expect that she'd be so willing to rid the despair off Junko's head and have her sister normal again.
  • Jesus Christ, please read this, it's awesome. Also, features the crew of Super Danganronpa 2, since most of its cast were Ultimate Despair too. It has a battle between Ikusaba and Pekoyama, do I need to say more?

Crossover Fics

Stories that cross over Dangan Ronpa with other media

Puella Magi Makoto Magica by zenonaa Crossover with Puella Magi Madoka Magica, spoilers for both stories
  • recommended by nettlemace
  • Status: Finished
  • Summary: A fusion fic that puts the cast of Dangan Ronpa into a Puella Magi-verse, some of them playing out the roles of the major characters in PMMM! In this continuity, boys can be magical girls too, and they're still called that (hence the title). The characters are well-written, and there are passing references to bits of DR canon. There's clearly a lot of thought in this. Pairings aren't the focus, but there is a bit of Ishimondo, Naegiri, Toga Fuka, and Sakuraoi, as well as hints of others.

Facets by Stephanie_Marie
  • Crossover with Persona, Fusion Fic.
  • Recommended by Leliel, piddlesworth
  • Rumors are coming true, and students are found hanging dead from electrical power lines—even for Hope's Peak Academy, this string of mysterious deaths is extremely out of the ordinary. Kyouko Kirigiri, already investigating the double homicide of Saeko Satomi and Natsuko Kuzuryuu, must put her life—as well as those of her classmates—and reputation on the line to navigate a dangerous landscape ruled by hearsay and unravel the web of mysteries surrounding the school. But what kind of serial killer strikes without a single trace?
  • Status: Ongoing.
  • An entertaining cross, albeit one that cheerfully relies on spoilers-even in the first chapter, there's Junko confessing to being a Self-Made Orphan to her sister as part of the teaser for the rest of the fic and the Shadow World here being the Jabberwock Islands, with Chiaki being called out as its AI native. First two chapters are introduction, as of the fourth one Kirigiri has barely escaped her Shadow Self and is forming her first Social Link.
  • Seconding this rec. Notable for having a very rare in-character Komaeda and including content from the first two Persona games, whereas most crossovers only focus on the later entries.

Danganwrestling by Alfredo Dizon
  • Crossover with WWE 2K14 and a few others. Enjoyable even by non-WWE fans.
  • Recommended by Comun
  • A quirky story with characters made on WWE 2K14 custom character maker. It really captures the witty writing from Danganronpa (one word, not two) series. It is really stupid at first, but by Chapter 5, it becomes utterly amazing. Kirigiri and Monokuma are a little bit Oo C at first, but at least Kirigiri's part is handled pretty well later in the story. Really entertaining and definetly worth watching until the end, despite the slow start.
  • Status: Finished