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[[WMG:Authors and Websites]]

None yet.

[[WMG:[[GenFic General Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ Final Intimacies]]'' by Riter 544
* Recommended by Future, [[@/{{Animenutcase}} Animenutcase]], {{Tropers/Holliequ}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Each chapter follows each student in Class 3B during their last moments in life. Even more in-depth than ''Battle Royale'' itself, this fic shows their thoughts and last wishes. Based closely on the manga.

''[[ Heads is Heads]]'' by Technomad
* Recommended by Eoppen
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' Kazuo's coin-toss comes down differently...and he chooses to resist the Program, and save as many of his classmates as he can.

''[[ Did I Hear You Say This Was Victory?]]'' by Technomad
* Recommended by Eoppen
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': The thoughts of a survivor. In the Program, can anybody ever really win?
* ''Comments:'' This story is pretty clearly manga-based; it draws very heavily on the short sequence in the manga showing Shogo Kawada's return home. The name and sex of the narrator are not given, nor is the name of the town the narrator came from. Quotes from the Blue Oyster Cult song ''Veteran of the Psychic Wars'' are interspersed with the narration.

''[[ Main Universe]]'' by kawada_s
* Recommended by consummateAquaculture
* ''Status'': Ongoing
* ''Synopsis'': A collection of short stories set in a modern-day alternate universe where instead of being recruited into The Program, the students of Class 3B keep attending school and living (mostly) normal lives. The stories are generally light and comedic (especially in comparison to the source material), but occasionally venture into deeper themes.

[[WMG:Original Battle Royale]]
''Abbreviated to OBR in some circles, this FandomSpecificPlot places original characters into The Program.''

''[[ 72 Hours]]'' by Anthony Marston (Lots of violence, obviously.)
* Recommended by Solitair
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': ''Battle Royale'' with an all new, all-American cast, set in a world where America and Europe are dictatorships just like Greater East Asia. The rules are the same as the original, except with less emphasis on danger zones, exploding belts instead of collars (which the story eventually admits isn't the best idea) and a three-day deadline (hence the title).
* TV Tropes page: ''{{FanFic/Seventy Two Hours}}''

''[[ The United States Raising Hand Program]]'' by The Wax Factory
* Recommended by Toxic Granola
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis'': A diverse class from Spanish Rivers, Oklahoma has been abducted and thrown into the game, authorized by the fascist government of the United States. Friendships will end whilst strange new alliances are formed, each student unveils a strong urge to survive, some hoping to escape or avoid conflict, whereas others use a more sadistic approach.
* TV Tropes page: ''{{FanFic/The United States Raising Hand Program}}''

''FanFic/FirstAmericanBlitz'' by Terryllennium
* Recommended by [[Tropers/{{Frankenfoot}} Frankenfoot]]
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis:'' Twenty-nine students from various schools are trapped in a kill or be killed game sanctioned by a brutal contract between rogue elements of the American government and Japan. Utopia is never what it seems. And escape from 'the Program' is impossible...

''[[ The Training: Secret Project]]'' by Fomalhaut
* Recommended by [[Tropers/{{Frankenfoot}} Frankenfoot]]
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' 30 students from Jefferson High School are selected for a top-secret government experiment known as "The Training", with cruel rules: they will have to kill each other.

''[[ From an Alien Perspective]]'' by The Passionate Admiral
* Recommended by Animeking1108
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis:'' An American scholar is spending his ninth-grade studying abroad in Japan. The entire school year goes along relatively well for him. However, the day before the class graduates, the American and his 44 classmates wind up in the absolute worst scenario imaginable. When a "new rule" is introduced, the American is certain more than anyone else that he will not survive the ordeal.

''[[ The Program]]'' by [[ Cerulean Scarf]]''
* Recommended by [[Tropers/NJE91 NJE91]]
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis'': A class of 42 students, thinking they have won a free trip to Paris, are instead thrust into a horrifying game of survival.

[[WMG:[[{{Crossover}} Crossover Fics]]]]

''[[ Azumanga Royale]]'' by DB Sommer
* Recommended by Darkblade
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' An unthinkable FusionFic with ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'' that essentially is an AffectionateParody of both original works.

''[[ Battle Royale, Maine]]'' by Technomad
* Recommended by: Tropers/TheRedRedKroovy
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: A {{crossover}} with the Creator/StephenKing novel ''Literature/{{Carrie}}''. It switches between three viewpoint characters: Sue, Chris, and Carrie. Sue plays the same role Noriko did in ''BR'', soon reuniting with her boyfriend Tommy (the Shuya of the story) and later forming a team with the "bad boy" Billy (the Shogo figure). Chris, meanwhile, plays the Mitsuko role as the AlphaBitch-turned-FemmeFatale. Finally, Carrie is the murderous psychopath like Kazuo, albeit combined with [[KnightTemplar militant religious fanaticism]] and a BullyHunter attitude.
* Pairing(s): Sue/Tommy, which was also canon in the book.

[[WMG:[[{{Shipping}} Shipping Fics]]]]

''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

None Yet.