Fanfic / Xanatos

A Death Note For Want of a Nail fanfic written by CelticKawaii, which starts off at around episode 24 of Death Note and takes off in a whole new direction when L fakes his death after striking a deal with Rem. He promises Misa's safety in exchange for allowing him to capture Light as Kira.

After deciding that his original method of solving the Kira investigation wasn't going to work, and that Kira would almost definitely get away if he were to die, L decides to take a different approach. Namely, he allows his successors to step in, hoping that they work together to catch Kira. That... didn't exactly work out.

So L readjusts the plan, and implores Matt to not only work the case with him, but also get Mello and Near to agree to cooperate, since, as Mello's friend, he can best get him to work with Near.

Along the way come mysterious trolls, European painters who oppose Kira, and hackers who Rickroll people.

Thus far, it has 13 chapters, and definitely promises more plot-twists along the way. It can be found here.

List of tropes in Xanatos: