Fanfic: Urfbowd My Verson

UrfBowd: My Verson (changed to EarthBound My Version) is an EarthBound Troll Fic (possibly), spanning seventeen chapters and last updated on February 20, 2012. It was written by DarkAngus (aka notchristopher11, aka Angus) and can be found here, but dare you click that link? UrfBowd is a rather disturbing fanfiction filled to the brim with sex, cannabalism, and tons of Alternate Character Interpretation.

The story is told by Ness, and is an exact retelling of EarthBound, with Ness being a murderous cannibal sex addict, as well as his companions. Traveling the world of the original EarthBound, they meet some of the same characters, with some of them becoming main characters instead of NPCs.

The last chapter was rewritten by the author's ex-editor Reid Wright (before he was fired), and was a serious improvement upon the rest of the fanfic. Sadly, it was not the author's original ending and was edited greatly by Mr. Wright. The author posted the "real" ending after Reid Wright was fired.

"UrfBowd: My Verson" provides examples of: