Fanfic / Tokyo Little Shop
aka: Chiisai Shoppu

Tokyo Little Shop is basically an Anime continuation of Little Shop of Horrors created by TV Tropes's own Cabbit Girl Emi.

The fanfic takes place in present day Tokyo and focuses on 15 year old Kazama Shohei, who has recently worked part time at the local flower shop with his closest friend and crush, Momokawa Hikari.

One day, an enormous asteroid heads towards Earth, but thankfully, it burns up in the atmosphere and the shards shower down on Tokyo, one of them fusing with a butterwort/Venus flytrap hybrid, which Shohei later buys and dubs "Hikari II". Soon enough, Shohei learns that Hikari II feeds on his Life Energy, but it leaves him tired, so the plant adapts to eating bugs and meat.

All 13 chapters can be found here and here.

This fanfic provides examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Chiisai Shoppu