Fan Fic / The Professor Vs The Werewolf

The Professor vs. the Werewolf is a sequel to The Emperor and the Marty Stu. As expected, it is a crossover between The Arcadian Legends and Twilight, and it is written by the same author.

Set after the previous fanfic, Professor Kristopher Smith tries to find some potions and water for Emperor Damien Kurogane and Catherine Grayson, both falling ill from food poisoning. (To spare you the Squick, I decided to not go into detail what were their, ahem, ways of losing half of their gained weight.) From there, Kristopher is forced to battle with Jacob Black, who wanted revenge for the Arcadians killing Bella. Kristopher finds an old ray gun he once made.

The story can be found here. Unlike The Emperor and the Marty Stu, this one is not split up into parts.

Succeeded by The Warrior vs. Renesmee.

This Troper Work contains examples of the following: