Fan Fic / The Neo Domino Purge

The Neo-Domino Purge is a Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's fanfic that follows an alternate continuity from episode 8 of the anime onwards. Desperate to uncover the Signers lurking on both sides of the Neo-Domino/Satellite divide, Rex Godwin creates a conflict between the two under the pretense of their way of life being threatened. Essentially the fanfic boils down to taking the Trauma Conga Line already set up in 5D's and turning it up to eleven. The fanfic is written by CuteYami apparently with someone else working on the story and duel planning. It can be found here

The story itself has developed its own Alternative Continuity, which continues from the end of the first Season, taking place immediately after the Security Arc.

For another Darker and Edgier take on a card game anime by the author, see Override.

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