Fan Fic: The Golden Age

Part of The Marvel DC Project — a world where Marvel and DC coexist as one universe — this series focuses on the universe's titular Golden Age. As for a synopsis, here it is, taken straight from the series homepage:

"The year is early 1942. The world as we know it is in the brink of a terrible war, with it's key source being a country responsible for then unseen horrors and terror whom's reverberations are still felt to this day. But at the same time, another story is unfolding. One where a man who wields a red, white, and blue shield, another who covets a shining ring as bright as emerald and creates constructs that defy the realm of possibility, and many more such beings exist together, all doing their part to make their nations, and the world, a better place. So when they are called upon by their leaders to form a fighting force designed to put this war to an end, they will learn to set aside their differences and work towards that one goal, even if, for some of them, it will take some time to get there. But in the shadows, behind enemy lines, an even more dangerous menace lurks; one nearly as old as the human race itself. And thanks to this new breed of heroes, this eternal force has formulated a plan that it will soon realize into fruition..."

The series itself will eventually star one large 60+hero force, but instead of trying to juggle everyone at once, the main cast will rotate as the series demand, with all characters rarely appearing together. You can still expect 10+ member groups though, or even 3-4 member groups; it all depends on the current story or arc. Public Domain characters will also make an appearance, though the Marvel&DC characters will still take priority.

The series is located here. Post Jan.5th 2013, a new chapter is uploaded once every Sunday; prior to that, it ran for over 2 weeks with a new chapter every day. The author also went and updated every chapter prior to that day, fixing various typos, grammar issues, and other mistakes.