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Fanfic: The Dead Are Undead
aka: Dead Are Undead
The Dead Are Undead is a fanfic crossover between Resident Evil and Bleach written by Alex McMullen.

An unusual virus spreads throughout Raccoon City and causes mass casualties, only for the recently deceased to rise up again as blood-thirsty zombies. Meanwhile, Mayuri Kurotsuchi has obtained a vial of the same virus for some "scientific research". When he realizes the implications of the virus, he tries to destroy the evidence by blowing his lab to pieces. But by then, it's too late, and the virus spreads within Soul Society too.

As the worlds of the living and the dead battle against the growing horde of undead ghouls, things get a little nasty. The people of Raccoon City try to flee their country, but improper quarantine procedures brings the infection with them. One of their planes crash lands in the middle of Karakura and then everything goes From Bad to Worse.

A brave group of Karakura locals and Raccoon City survivors band together to survive the apocalypse, but can they survive?

Find out on Be warned, keep the light on.

The Dead Are Undead provides examples of the following tropes:

Dark Studios Kids Next DoorTroper WorksDead Connie Society

alternative title(s): Dead Are Undead
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