Fan Fic: Stars Above

Homura: "Now, one last time before we begin... give me your word that you won't offer to make contracts with them."
Kyubey: "Absolutely not. It's out of the question. If either of them became Puellae Magi... it would mean the end of everything."
—From the prologue

Stars Above is a fanfic written by Tropers BHS and Forzare. Based loosely on the events of a long-running RP on the TV Tropes Forum, the story is a Puella Magi Madoka Magica/Lucky Star Intercontinuity Cross Over.

A typical day at Ryouou High takes a turn for the strange when a mysterious transfer student enters Kagami's class: Homura Akemi. The new girl doesn't show emotions and doesn't speak a spare word to anyone, but whenever Kagami looks her in the eyes she feels something she can't explain. On the train ride home from school, Kagami, Konata, and Tsukasa are attacked by a terrifying creature. Homura appears and kills the monster, then apologizes to Kagami, saying that the attack "wasn't supposed to happen" before wiping her memories of the incident.

The problem is, the memory wipe doesn't take. The next day at school, Kagami demands answers... and the truth is stranger and more terrible than she could imagine. Coming back from two years after Madoka's ascension (thus ignoring the events of Rebellion), Homura and Kyubey have fled from their own world, which is on the verge of death due to Kagami's Alternate Self transforming into a Demon and attacking the Earth. They have crossed over to this new timeline to prevent the apocalypse from happening again... but the Demons have crossed over at well, and are targeting Kagami and Tsukasa.

In the midst of the growing chaos, an impossible friendship starts to bloom into something more...

A Yuri Genre Crossover Ship fic that aims to be "as awesome as possible", according to the authors. Now has a Characters Page, under construction.

Stars Above has Bonus Material including two side-stories, My Sunshine and Pioneer, and profiles for each of the Demons of the Nine, which can be found here. The story is also posted on Archive of Our Own and DeviantArt

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This fic and its related materials are also posted on DeviantArt and AO3 (Archive Of Our Own), in addition to its home on

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WARNING! Here there be SPOILERS. It is highly recommended that you finish watching the Madoka anime before reading the story or looking at this page!

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