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Fanfic: Sisyphus
When Harry wakes up in his almost-eleven year old body, it is both a blessing and a curse. There he is, in the hut on a rock, his aunt screaming at him, his uncle glowering at him, with Dudley blubbering something in the back - and suddenly he has the chance to make things right. He can save Remus and Tonks and Fred - he can save Sirius, save Cedric, save everyone.

Sisyphus is a Harry Potter fanfic by esama, in which Harry gets a second chance to relive his life after dying in the final showdown against Voldemort. Seeing his predicament as a blessing, he eagerly decides to make changes in order to save those he had loved and lost, but not all goes according to plan...

Compare Oh God Not Again for another take on a Peggy Sue Deconstruction Fic. In fact, it may help after this one.

Sisyphus can be found here

This story provides examples of:

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