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Fanfic: Puzzle Hunt Precure
Bringing your problem to its solution!

In the Eight Queens' Lands, a cautious peace between eight rulers has given way to a fight with invaders going after all eight. Each monarch depends upon her chosen Precure to fight back the Metamasters and their puzzle monsters, the Hanjir. Queen Bianca's Precure, Takaraike Miu (Cure Lock) and her less confident younger sister Takaraike Rei (Cure Cipher), arrive at her palace, ready to present three transformation devices to their tentative ally Queen Shyama. What they find instead is a Metamaster infiltration, and they're sent into a void where they end up separated. Rei falls through a portal and out of the sky into an unfamiliar world...

In the year 2034, the human world is as exciting as ever, but Shinobu Emi feels like there's something missing. She does well in school and she has a lot of admirers, like the sweet and slightly strange Senri Chika, and a fun best friend, Kaji Hideko, who dreams of solving mysteries. Emi, though, doesn't know what to do with her life like everybody else does. But when they see Rei falling from the sky, suddenly there are more important things to worry about.

Puzzle Hunt Precure uses a system that twists the Wonder Twin Powers of some seasons by not having designated partners for its Precure, just needing partners in general. It also has a heavy puzzle theme extending to the plot itself.

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