Fanfic / Persona Ultraviolet

Persona: Ultraviolet is an OC Persona fanfiction, written by Ice Krystal. However, past characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4 are expected to show up in the story as supporting characters.

"A mysterious cult is brainwashing the youth of Osaka, seeking out the return of the Night Queen. Arisu Amano finds herself dragged into the world of Persona and Shadow, and only she and her friends can find out the truth. The world is once again being altered, and they are chosen to face the darkness their predecessors once conquered. But not all is what it seems."

It follows the story of Arisu Amano, a sixteen year old girl, who has moved to Osaka from Tatsumi Port Island.

The main crew, so far, consists of Arisu Amano, Kameko Matsuda, Mizuki Yukimura, and Haruto Yukimura.