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Name is a Firefly fanfic series, beginning about 16 years before the events that occur in the pilot episode Serenity. The series originally ended with "My Name Is FINAL" (hence the title, probably), but fans insisted on continuation. The author recently confirmed that as-yet-unpublished chapters will stretch far beyond the Serenity movie.

Unique in that the primary character of Name never actually reveals her name, and is in fact given new names fairly often throughout the series.

Written by the author of the Firefly fanfic This Is Not A Fanfic, notable for being banned from Twice.

Now being made into a motion comic series, presumably by the original author.

Most of the story takes place in House Madrassa, a Companion training facility. (Although early on it seemed that the unnamed primary character was Inara, Word of God says that she will grow up to be Saffron.)

Some chapters have been known to disappear and reappear, and the following links have been heavily edited, but a good Google search should help you find the originals:

Spoilers abound below.

This fanfic provides examples of: