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Fanfic: Legend Of The Rising Star
Legend tells about humanoid machines called "Vocaloids" that serve as the messengers of the gods, along with being the voices of the past, future and present. They are combinations of hyper-advanced artificial intelligence and the ability to feel and create emotion, destined to fight for justice. They serve as the saviors of the planet and over the course of history, they have endlessly fended off the forces of the Deathmoon Family and the Apocalytes , virulent evils that corrupt all that tries to oppose them. As loyal vanguards of the Lunardream Family, the rulers of heaven themselves, there are many myths of Vocaloid heroes in the span of history... In today's world, the Crypton Province exists as a haven for the Vocaloids, who double as both sensational pop-stars and guardians of the city, protecting it from harm. However, there are eight Vocaloids in particular whose stories have yet to unfold, linked together with the legendary heroines...


What happens when you smush together several different worlds consisting of Vocaloid, The Legend Of Zelda, Metroid, Final Fantasy and a bunch of others into one unified setting? You get Legend of the Rising Star, a crossover fanfiction made by Xerizero Re 9010 taking place in the same universe as his original fiction series, Starlit Heroics.

It consists of the adventures had by the central characters (the Vocaloids) and the new companions they meet on the way. It starts off nice and comfy, focusing on their semi-peaceful lives at Shining Advent, balancing between fighting monsters and crime to making music videos, and so on. However, everything steadily becomes worse with the presence of a new enemy. They are known as the Apocalytes, a large organization of demons and other beings who have unified themselves for one purpose— the destruction of everything. Said enemy is also an old foe of the Vocaloids back when both the ruling Families of Heaven and Hell were on good terms with each other, so they're back for revenge on top of that.

Pandora, Vocalis and Ranthael (the three rulers of the Lunardream Family), being aware of this, made sure that they prepare for the uprising of the Apocalytes by gathering all of the heroes needed for this. There's also eight Macguffins known as the Silence Gems, made to serve as the ultimate weapon against the Apocalytes back in the day and serve as the key to unlock their secret lair, the Tenebris Rosa Arcem, leading both sides to go on a massive Fetch Quest to get them.

However, as time goes on, it becomes evident that the Apocalytes are only one of their many worries. There's also the presence of a cat boy by the name of Augustus Octavia, who the Vocaloids and friends take in after stopping him from theft on the account that he prove his true worth to them— little did they know that they had picked up the reincarnation of the God of Death on their side, and this causes a lot of Emotional Torque among the group throughout the series for many different reasons.

Due to taking place in the same universe, it's also a non-canon sequel to Starlit Heroics, taking 2-3 years after everything that happened. It features many aspects from its parent series which overlaps into the other series that are used, such the eight elements system and so on.

Tropes include:

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alternative title(s): Legend Of The Rising Star
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