A fanfic MegaCrossover series that takes place within the ''Sailor Moon Remake'' universe, set sometime after the fanfic version Teknophage: Demon's Reign. When the Phage himself is brought to Earth, even the Powerpuff Girls and the original Sailors that have become Foreign Exchange Students to Townsville learn they are no match for the serpent and his crew. They later gather as many allies as they can with the dark side gathering their own recruitment for their own team. However, as the sides fighting continues, it is learned that not everything as it seems as even more greater evils, including the foes from ''Anime/SailorMoon'', come to join the fight, making the KNS and Team Spicer as they are called to join sides whenever it happens to fight against the combat foes. Sometimes, it's either for the better or worse...

The series co-written by Creator/JusSonic and @/{{Julayla}} can be found [[http://kouja-no-senshi.deviantart.com/gallery/ here.]]

The Tropes themselves are still in the works and NeedsWikiMagicLove.

!!Tropes associated with this story:

* AbusiveParents: Some of the KNS characters are shown to have had this, especially Pinky (of [[WesternAnimation/RockADoodle Rock-A-Doodle]] fame) toward Brer Fox.
* AdaptationPersonalityChange: In the [[ComicBook/NeilGaimansTeknophage comics he reside in]], the Phage was a horrid monster with little to no redeeming qualities. Here, in the series and its prequel, Demon's Reign, he is shown to have a softer side and sees the iconic [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Yoshi]] as a respectable MoralityPet as well as having genuine PetTheDog moments.
* ADayintheLimelight: The Side Stories themselves provide this.
* AlternateContinuity
* {{Animesque}}: Most characters, minus most Toons and certain furries, are suppose to represent this (especially the ''Literature/MrMen'' cast of all franchises).
* BerserkButton: Many characters show it, but especially Brer Fox when it comes to messing with [[spoiler:his own family, especially [[SonictheHedgehog Tails]] and [[WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer Swiper]], his own two grandsons.]]
** [[WesternAnimation/WolvesWitchesAndGiants The cunning wolf]] is shown to dislike anyone who is UnintentionallyUnsympathetic, so much, he'd punch that person, then snap and shout [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech why they were being unsympathetic and why he hates them for it]].
* ButtMonkey: Certain characters, but especially Fidget gets this.
* CharacterDevelopment: Surprisingly, despite a massive crossover, it does show character development overtime, especially in the Side Stories.
* CityofAdventure: Tokyo, Japan itself.
* ContinuityNod: This trope is filled with it.
* DubNameChange: Like [[Anime/SailorMoon the show]], the Inner Senshi (and more to an extent, the few supporting cast from that show as of Rini) retain the name, though now there is an InUniverse explanation for the name changes.
* FreeingTheGenie: Sailor Moon uses this wish [[spoiler:on Shenron during the Chrono Arc. However, as time passes, it's become clear that there are drastic consequences in freeing the dragon of the Dragon Balls.]]
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: For a series with massive characters, what else can you expect?
* MegaCrossover: The entire series is this.
* MythologyGag: As a whole in the series, it is also filled with certain gags from other shows.
** [[spoiler:Danni dies by Galaxia killing her in front of Mordecai and Rigby before the Sailor Starlights rescue them is similar to when in the Manga version of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon witnesses her love killed in front of her by Galaxia.]]
* OutOfOrder: This is mainly due to the main and Side Stories being in AnachronicOrder which jumps back and forth to tales told within different orders.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: A lot of this happens within the series, but one of the more notable ones happens when Miss Whoops (with Mordecai and Rigby) give one to [[spoiler:Johnny's mother Sally and calls her out on the way she treated her son.]]
* RunningGag: Cheese randomly appearing out of nowhere until [[spoiler:after Dimentio in Count Bleck Arc blows him up.]]
* ScriptFic: The entire series (minus the Lemon stories) itself is this.
* ShootTheShaggyDog: On the 2 parter Black Mamba pregnancy fics, everyone wanted to try taking the twins of Dr. Viper and Black Mamba for themselves. However, [[spoiler:after the twins are sent away from Earth, they land on Alderaan. But what is the real kicker that can be described as heartwrenching is that in the main KNS arc that it was not only discovered that the twins would not have long to live, but they along with the parents of Leia were destroyed by the Death Star on Alderaan.]]
* ShoutOut: Certain episodes show there are shout outs from certain movies and fics.
* VillainDecay: Certain villains that have been in Team Spicer, but especially the Phage himself, started this as character development occurs.