Fan Fic / Into the Wild

Into the Wild is a fic written by a Love to Hate fan of Avatar. It tells the story of Jade West, a Corporal in the RDA security force. She survives a Samson crash in the middle of the jungle on Pandora and decides to make her way back to Hell's Gate. However, she meets a Na'Vi that can speak English who offers to guide her home - whom she dubs Marty. Along the way they discuss the Fridge Logic of the movie's universe and shift the movie's Black and White Morality to Grey and Gray Morality. Oh yeah, and the Marty develops a crush on Jade, but accidentally kills her during the Battle for the Tree of Souls.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the book or film of the same name made about the life of Christopher McCandless.

This fanfiction provides examples of: