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Fanfic: Hunger

Hunger is a Prototype fanfic written by user TheWunn.

The work's two main characters are the game's protagonist, Alex Mercer, and his sister, Dana. Other characters include Bradley Ragland, a doctor who Alex has some history with, an unnamed sexist businessman, the Infected Hive Mind, and Blackwatch's new General, who is later revealed as the Not Quite Dead Specialist Cross. When Alex learns that Dana is likely to die due to rapid cellular degeneration, he and Ragland infect her with a modified version of his own strain of the Blacklight virus. The story follows Dana's change from a scared young woman into a fully-fledged killing machine, with a large pile of corpses in between.

There is now a sequel in the works, currently alternating on-and-off hiatus.

Not to be confused with the 2008 movie of the same name.

This work provides examples of:

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