Fanfic / Harkons Angels

"If and when you leave, you will have grown wiser, stronger, less reliant on outside power and more reliant on the powers that you have always had within yourselves. The connections will be reforged, but they will serve only to strengthen you"
GM Eni

Harkon's Angels is a sort-of Crossover Fanfic, along the lines of such Raekuul-Works as "Restart Deluge VI: The Mandate of Heaven". The story is that of three girls - Chiba Usagi (daughter of Usagi and Mamoru), Takamachi Nanoha, and Hibino Hikaru - and their (mis)adventures on Caballa Island as they take part in "The Great Game". Along the way, they meet Author Avatar Kota (short for Pokota; not related to IRC Lurker Kota) and his two friends King and Heca. That's... really as far as it's gotten. There's more in the works.

This Work-In-Progress provides examples of:

  • Author Avatar - Pokota, a buffalo. Hasn't done much except point out the "Numbers" and get banished by Esther.
  • Who's on First? - Planned, at least - anyone who is in the guild the author is in is going to see this coming a mile away if they read the Hime-chan's Ribbon page.
  • Write Who You Know - The aforementioned Pokota, plus King and Heca.