Fan Fic / Ghostbusters SLC

Silver: "We're scientists, not demolition experts."
Sketch: "We're certainly not experts..."

Ghostbusters SLC is a series of Fan Films based in the Ghostbusters universe where the company became a franchise and new organizations of Ghostbusters started opening around the country. This is the hapless group of paranormal experts who set up shop in Salt Lake City. The team consists of the dedicated academic Scott Silver, the money oriented Kevin "Mavric" Mavricson and the relative newcomer Garin "Sketch." And no Ghostbuster team is completely without their Sassy Secretary, Lenora.

In Episode 1 things are slow for the group, their most latest adventure was dealing with a cat stuck in a tree. Worrying how well things will get going, they are called in to their first major haunting. It can be found on YouTube in four parts: One, Two, Three and Four.

Episode 2 is currently in post production, delayed due to the work schedules of those involved.

The first film was simply named Ghostbusters SLC, and when work on the second installment continued the series was named Ghostbusters SLC: Chronicles and the first film retroactively called Episode 1.


  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Justified because their last case was a cat rescue.
  • Casanova Wannabe: Mavric.
  • Cold Opening: A Janitor rocking out to AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" before the opening scare and credits.
  • The Danza: Scott Silver plays Silver.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Sketch.
  • Description Cut: "We are professionals!" (Sketch walks into the room wearing only underwear and a tank top.)
  • Doing It for the Art: The EctoUT vehicle belongs to Wes Roberts (Mavric) and he uses it as his regular commuter car, roof rack and all.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Scott Silver directed the first film, Jonathan Rudy directed the second one.
  • Expy: Silver is an approximation of Egon, Mavric has Venkman's money-focus and womanizing tendencies while Sketch has Winston's newcomer perspective with some of Venkman's wit.
  • Flash Mob: There is a crowd outside once the Ghostbusters are done, for no other reason than to have a group of people cheering for the main characters.
  • Forbidden Chekhov's Gun: Suggested, but doesn't actually happen because it was in response to a bunch of flying books.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: The Ghostbusters (1984) DVD is amongst the flying books in the classroom.
  • Hero Insurance: They have some, but they aren't responsible for the first 5,000 dollars in damage.
  • Made of Explodium: Silver says he knows how to turn the proton packs into warheads.
  • Male Gaze: Gender inverted with Sketch sticking his butt out while raiding the fridge
  • My Nayme Is: Mavric, pronounced like Maverick.
  • Na´ve Newcomer: Sketch isn't brand new at the beginning of the film, but Silver and Mavric have a bit more experience than he does when it comes to legitimate ghostbusting.
  • Real-Life Relative: Silver (Scott Silver) and Lenora (Anna Ellsworth) are married.
  • Sequel Hook: The first film ends after the credits with a new ghost appearing from the same building.
  • Sigil Spam: The "No Ghosts" emblem is seen everywhere, including Sketch's boxers.
  • The Stinger: Two, one regarding instructing Sketch on how to properly empty a trap and a Sequel Hook afterwards.
  • TV Genius: Silver, though he does have a playful, friendly side to him.