Fan Fic / Get Animated
Get Animated! [1]
Created by Strawberrytop 007 on Deviant ART in 2009, Get Animated is a Fancomic based off of the cartoon Transformers Animated and centered on her Original Character(OC), Erin Parker, and the rouge Decepticon Starscream.

Get Animated was originally a western style comic, but is currently being redone in a manga format.

Set in an AU of Transformers Animated season 3, the plot revolves on Erin after being kidnapped by Starscream because she absorbed a tainted Allspark Shard.While that's happening ,Bizarra, Optimus's Decepticon little sister and her monster boyfriend Phantom enter the fray. It can be found on Deviant ART here [2]

Get Animated Provides Examples of:
  • Action Girl: Erin. Oh Erin... Taken Up to 11 when the DarkSpark shard let's her copy Sari's armor though she's a Dark Action Girl by that point. Sari is also an example.
  • Art Evolution: The Manga version of the comic has better quality than the original- and to a lesser extent, the first few pages of the manga compared to the latest pages.
  • Body Horror: What happened to Phantom counts- since he was found guilty of being a traitor, he was experimented on until he was mutated into a horrific monster that needs to devour Energon from living 'bots to survive. Doubles as Playing with syringes.
  • Cain and Abel: Optimus and Bizarra- the former doesn't understand why her sister would turn traitor and join the Decepticons, and the latter blames Optimus for what happened to Phantom.
  • Interspecies Friendship: Starscream (Cybertronian) and Erin, (Human). Maybe.
  • Magic Skirt: Subverted. Optimus ended up unintentionally getting a Panty Shot of Erin. Erin was not amused.
  • Villain Protagonist: Starscream, but since Erin is forced to work for him she also counts especially when she took a level in Badass, upgrading herself with the DarkSpark. fragment.