Fanfic / Drawn to Life

Drawn to Life: The Final Arc by Antgirl1

Recommended by: Red Sky Tiger

Summary: The world of Raposa was now in ruin; everything was in grayscale and almost all of the village was gone. Most of the land was now in control of the S.H.A.D.O.W., the Book of Life was taken away and all seems hopeless. The Hero must be awakened, and soon.

Drawn to Life: That Other Chapter by TimeSeerStudios

Recommended by: Red Sky Tiger

Summary: In this humorous rewrite of the severely under-developed videogame, Drawn to Life the Next Chapter Wii Edition, there is now more drama, more action, and more hilarity than ever before! Follow the bizarre adventures of Drew and Jowee as they attempt again and again to find and defeat a mysterious shadow raposa who has begun to wreak havoc all across the known world.

Synopsis: A quirky rewrite. The story expands upon and adds a new dimension to the lackluster plot. Spoilers to those that haven't already played the wii game.