Fanfic: Dissidia 021 Viginti Unus Final Fantasy

The final battle in the War of the Gods will be decided by the strength of the Warriors, and the valor of the new warriors referred to as Summoners. If they truly wish to end this cycle, the Warriors of Cosmos and the Summoners must possess the power to break the chains of cause and effect, invert black and white, and act in complete contradiction to the rules of the universe...

A Dissidia: Final Fantasy Fanfiction created by StarlightAT and Co-Written with Shadow Ninja Koopa. After the events of the 13th Cycle, Chaos wanted revenge against the Great Will and Cosmos, and Shinryu gave him that chance by creating a Nightmare World that trapped the Warriors in the dimension. Forced to fight again and again the world collapsed due to the pressure of Feral Chaos and the Warriors were forced to move to another world to fight. If they can win this cycle, then they will most surely be able to go home. However, they cannot enter the world without "permission" and thus have to rely on certain people to "Summon" them.

Hikari Himemiya is a Priestess of one of the worlds many gods, and ends up calling forth the Warrior of Light on her 16th Birthday. Along with Rei Tachibana, the Summoner of Firion, and Shirou Ogami, the Summoner of Cecil Harvey, the three leave the village they have called home since birth to track down the other Summoners and Warriors. Along the way they must face off against remnants of a war from twenty years ago, the monsters and demons that rage throughout the world, and the rules of the cycle that has entrapped the Warriors to the new world of Mundeus. And sadly the Warriors of Cosmos aren't the only ones with Summoners, and the main rule for both sides has been set; If the Summoner dies, then the Warrior dies as well...

Not as dreary as you think as the story contains huge amounts of Comedy on the OC's parts as well as a wide variety of characters.

The first chapter can be found here! [1]

The author has announced that chapters 1-6 will be getting a rewrite due to continuity issues, typos and basically fixing other mistakes.

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