Fanfic: Daring Do

Daring Do and the Dragon's Flame

  • Description: Daring Do, world renowned treasure hunter, has had her share of adventures. But now, in the looming threat of war and world domination, she must brave the toughest challenge yet - facing down a horde of dragons, and the villainous unicorn Iron Crest. [1]

Daring Do and the Legend of the Ruby Knight

  • When a well placed conversation sparks the throes of adventure within a mare like Daring Do she finds herself once again flying the high skies in search of great treasure! The Legendary Ruby Knight. [2]

The Quest for the Sapphire Stone By Booke Cypher (Editing) and Teal Roper (Writing)

  • Teal Roper returns to her landmark series with the first volume in a 'Rebuild' of the first Daring Do novel. After crash landing on a Hayan island, Daring must make her way through the hostile rainforest as she tries to reach the legendary Sapphire Stone. At every turn, her enemies are ready and waiting to stop her and if she has any hope of getting off the island with the stone and her self in one piece, then she will have to pull out every trick in the book - and do it with one wing tied to her back. Edited by Booke Cypher of Polo House Publishing, 'The Quest for the Sapphire Stone' is currently being posted chapter-by-chapter by Polo House in Electronic format.

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