Fan Fic: Code Geass Colorless Memories

"This person I knew, he too thought that if he just 'follow the rules' as you would say and gain as much power as he possibly could he would be able to protect those who were important to him. All he ever wanted was to lead an ordinary life, live in peace with his family, become a master swordsman like his mother, and who knows, maybe even become a Knight of the Round if he wanted to. But then… things happened and his life became anything but ordinary."

Rai Sumeragi/Thurston speaking about his past

Quite a Colorful picture eh.

Code-Geass-Colorless-Memories code geass Fan Fic byNSBleach00 is an ongoing Code Geass Fan Fic featuring Rai from the visual novel Code Geass Lost Colors.

WARNING!!! As of 13.09.2014 at least, the author has no written stories on profile. It means that this story is erased - or possibly moved to another place. If someone is willing to investigate further, it will be appreciated.

As of 11.05.2015, the author has begun to rewrite this story on Fanfiction.Net under the title Code Geass: Colorless Memories Redux.

Like the game that he appears in, Rai lost his memories and ends up unconscious at the gates of Ashford Academy, found and taken in by Milly and Lelouch. Rai sets out on his quest to recover his memories while at the same time deciding how he will affect the battle for Japan.

Has it's own Wikia page which is open for editing and adds information to the universe that is not stated in the main story i.e. the location of the thought elevators, and the territories of each faction.

This fic contains examples of the following tropes, in addition to those already present in the source material:

  • All There in the Manual: Mixed with the Spin-Off Code Geass Colourless Memories Side Stories. It adds background stories to characters like Diethard, Cecile, etc., and other events that happen before or during the fic along with more information about the Code Geass universe in full.
    • As mentioned above on Code Geass fanon wiki, there is information that is not stated in the main story that gives more information on the fic's universe, such as the Knightmare Frames, the thought elevators, and information on each of the factions.
    • Has another spin off called ''Code-Geass-Rise-of-the-Blue-Moon which focus's on Rai's activities after the Black Rebellion and how he founded the Blue Moon Order with E.E..
  • The Alcatraz: What Temple Tower is supposed to be for Britannia. Five stories high and five stories underground, not that it stops someone breaking out a prisoner in Chapter 26. It was Rai breaking out Kallen's brother Naoto.
  • Absurd Cutting Power: Rai's mother's sword which is able to slice the tip off grasses, and is a mix between a katana and longsword.
  • The Ace: What Rai, Kallen and Tohdoh are for the Black Knights, and Suzaku and Sai are for Britania.
  • Adaptation Expansion: The author plans to go more into Geass and Immortals who have the Code that allows them to survive. It also seems to affect the story and the universe more as well. Whatever happened during the Eighth Holy Saint War and E.E. in the past has brought about the story's current events.
  • Alternate Continuity: The story is for a good part what you get if you add characters from most Code Geass medias, add a few OCs, and change certain events in canon while still following most of it.
  • Anti-Villain: Quite a few Britannian characters fit this status, with Oldrin Zevron and Princess Mirabelle being the best examples.
  • Badass: Along with the original series, quite a few of the pilots in the series certainly count.
  • Ascended Extra: Remember that female Black Knight solider who was a Moment Killer for Rai and Kallen? That was Haruna Ikutsuki, now member of the Zero Squadron. Hell, she lampshades it by claiming that no one ever remembered the grunt soldier.
    • Chapter 33 shows that the male black knight Solider was Kou Kirijo, another member of the Zero Squadron.
    • Other characters fit in here as well.
  • Big Brother Instinct: As always, Lulu for Nunnally. Naoto was probably one for Kallen. Is still one as Chapter 30 shows.
    • Rai was one for his dead sister, and then becomes one for his cousin as well once his memories return and she finds out who he really is.
  • Berserk Button: Mild example, but threatening or harming innocents or loved ones when Rai is around is a sure way to earn you an ass-kicking, as some thugs in Chapter 9 learned the hard way. Or, in the case of Rai's father and Britanian relatives, your death.
    • As with the series, harming insulting or threatening any Japanise people or loved ones is going to get you a whooping from Kallen.
    • Don't badmouth about Euria in front of Orpheus Zevon, as Cerberus found out to his dismay.
    • Rai, think carefully next time before you criticize Euphie in front of Suzaku, or you will get punched for it.
  • Birds of a Feather: Euphie and Suzaku as in the series. Lelouch and C.C as well when you consider how both act and how they connect and talk with each other.
    • Rai and Kallen as well as both are the aces of the Black Knights being Zero's Blue and Red Knights, they are both half breeds, have pretty similar views on the world and what they are fighting for, both have had problems with and reject their Britannian hertiages, both had a sibling they loved very much, and they go to great lengths to protect people they care about.
  • Big Brother Worship: As in canon, Kallen for her brother, and Kaguya for Rai even though they are actually cousins despite Kaguya claiming Rai is her onii-Chan.
  • Bigger Bad: What Charles/V.V. and Surt Zilch seem to be for the series as a whole, though this could change as chapter 30 shows BLG is well on his way to being the next Big Bad.
  • Break the Cutie: In Chapter 18, it shows that Rai was a sweet, caring child who loved his mother and sister very much (much in the way Lelouch loved his mother and the way he dotes his sister) and got along well with his dad. Then came the attack on his town and everthing went to hell for Rai from then on. And it didn't stop there as Rai then lost his memories thanks to C.C. mindwiping his mind for his own reasons and amusement.
    • Chapter 30 shows this with Kallen as well after her brother went missing on a mission a few years before the start of the series.
  • Brick Joke: In chapter 9, Rai beat up and geassed some thugs he had run into with Kallen earlier in the story. Then comes Chapter 15: with them unable to beat up people anymore, thanks to Rai geassing them not to, they then try to rob a store with Suzaku and Sai in at the same. A certain spin kick happens.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Kallen as in series is a half breed of Japanese and Britannian, as is Rai, who turns out to be of Britannian nobility with Rai's father being a Knight of the Round, and Japanese Royalty with Rai's mother being one of the most famous Japanese people in the universe (part of the Sumeragi clan Kaguya, his cousin, is part of).
  • But Now I Must Go: In Chapter 25, Rai leaves the Black Knights, his friends and Kallen behind to return to his task of fufilling his contract with E.E., and as they talk in the cave on Kamine Island, it seems that all the events in Japan (part from C.C. wiping his mind of memories and black leather guy appearing) were part of that plan, and what Rai did before then as a mercenary were also part of it. They then move on to the next stage of their quest to fufill their contact with each other (mainly being fufilling E.E.'s wish, whatever that may be).
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Naturally Shirley for Lelouch and Kallen and Rai for each other.
    • This really shows in chapter 29 on Kallen's part as Milly pretty much tells her to talk to Rai about her feelings for him or nothing will ever happen as Rai isn't good with intimacy according to both Milly and Rai himself and as shown in chapter 25 when Rai is leaving Japan Kallen kisses him and gets it out she likes him and Rai says he does as well but they don't talk anymore about their feelings nor does Kallen give any indication she wants to go with Rai waiting for him to give her a sign he wants her to come and as a result Kallen ends up left behind by Rai but the two all but promise they will see each other again one day yeah you see what happens when you don't get your feelings across.
  • Celibate Hero: Lelouch is this as is Rai as he tells Suzaku in chapter 31 that he has no time for relationships due to his contract with E.E and not wanting Kallen to be involved in it and her to have a happy and peaceful life.
  • Character Development: After Rai reveal's his past to Zero/Lelouch in chapter 19 and gently calls him on his habit of keeping secrets from everyone he knows and cares, Lelouch starts to put more trust in those around him first with Rai who he tells his royal past and identity to along with his feelings on people close to him like his sister and Euphie and then in chapter 23 when he reveals his zero idenity to Milly and her grandfather this along with E.E. at Kamine Island stops V.V. from having any chance to kidnap Nunnally as in canon as he asked Milly to watch Nunnally at all times til the battle was over
    • Chapter 24 he gets over trying to recruit Suzaku to his side when he orders Kallen to just kill him in the Black Rebellion though in chapter 25 he does state his regret to Rai on that Suzaku still refuses to join him and still as Rai puts it ' Suzaku still wants to play the white knight in shining armour role'
    • in Chapter 27 he seems to be discussing events and threats with his high ranking members of the Black Knights rather than just with C.C as he would in canon
    • though in chapter 29 when Kallen corners him and forces him to reveal his identity to her he puts on a jerkass façade (see Jerkass Façade below for more details) and doesn't tell her why he really took up the role of Zero (for his sister) though this is likely because have been to keep her from getting close to him and to get her to be hate him for Rai going and not Rai himself though ymmv on this.
  • Cheerful Child: as in the series Kallen was one and Rai as well before things went south for both of them probably one of the reasons they get along so well
  • Childhood Friend: Rai and Lelia Malkal.
  • The Chessmaster: as always Lelouch is one both literally (though it's more of an informed Attribute in actual chess play) and in practise while there are hints that Surt is being built as one and maybe E.E./Rai as well considering that Rai's actions in the last two years before and while he was in Japan were stage one and now they are moving on to stage two of their plan and in the latest chapter hints to him being behind the Knights of the Blue Moon it's safe to say many games are being played in this fanfic.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Kallens pouch finally given use in chapter 24 by Rai in scaring Sai's face Sai did not take that well at all other examples include Sai's red necklace and lance swords.
  • Chess Motifs: as with the show quite a bit of this in the story with chess being played in a few chapters by Lelouch and Rai and in one chapter chapter 22 Surt has a chess set of one side gold (his side full) and the other blue (two pieces) hinting at whats to come as shown in chapter 25 with stage two and Rai and e.e.'s plan about to begin and Lelouch makes a comment in chapter 26 the Rai is a chess piece that you won't find on the board whatever than means chapter 30 plays with this again as Surt has two chess sets one black and white and his blue and gold set from chapter 22.
  • Cool Sword: Rai's mother sword is this as is Black leather guys is as like Rai's mother sword it's a legend sword used in the holy eight saints war, another sword is Bismarck's Excalibur sword hinted to be another Eight holy saint weapon.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Zero is this as seen in the series with his tactics at Narita etc. Rai is one as well as he will use terrain, ambushes, in Chapter 18 blow up his own knightmare to defeat his opponent and also in chapter 23 where he uses chaff smoke to hide and ambush Suzaku which leads to Suazku's defeat and near death helps that both guys are both strategists and know war tactics, classic strategy very well and know they are up against an ememy that controls a third of the world
    • OZ proves to be this in chapter 31 as well when he kills one of the guys responsible for killing his girlfriend years before.
  • Crossover: The fanfic uses characters from other Code Geass series to characters from Akito of the Exiled to characters from OZ the Reflection
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Quite a few character's have gone this way in the series but Rai and Lelouch are the one's who fit this trope the best.
  • Dark Secret: What the Sumeragi legacy is and what might it's history be is viewed by all characters except Rai and E.E who know what it is
  • The Dark Side Will Make You Forget: inverted example while E.E doesn't think Geass has corrupted Rai (it hasn't she does think Rai has lost the meaning of love and his reason to exist that she thinks is harming his ability to fulfill their contract hence leading to her 'handing' Rai over to C.C to correct that not the usual example but somewhere along those lines.
  • Day In The Lime Light: Chapter 15 is entirely from the POV of Britania as it is the first chapter of Original Character Michael Steinburg aka Sai and the author has said more chapters like this will appear in the story.
    • Chapter 28 does the same again focus's on Britannian characters, mostly Oldrin and the Knights of the Round.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Minor example once Rai gets his memories back he's more sarcastic with Lelouch and Kallen at times in a jokey/teasly way chapter 21 shows a bit of Rai's cheeky side. As does Chapter 31 in his talk with Leila Malkal about the high eunuch's of the Chinese Federation.
    • C.C as always can't seem to go one chapter when she ain't snarking at something.
    • Naoto proves to be quite the snarker in and out of combat once Rai frees him form temple tower
  • Death by Origin Story: somewhat inverted Rai was 15 by the time it happened but his father being forced to kill his mother and killing his sister is what led Rai to getting his geass which led to events that eventually led to his fateful trip to japan.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Rai reached this in chapter 18 when his mother and sister were killed and he killed his father in his past. He even told E.E at one point that there is no hope for his life and is okay with it. Thankfully he gets better.
  • Defector from Decadence: as in the series Lelouch and Kallen are this but also Rai as well after his Britannian father (who was pressured to doing so by his family) killed his mother and sister simply cause they were seen as a threat by Rai's Britannian relatives which did not end well for either of them
  • Dramatic Irony: In Chapter 11, Suzaku is talking with Lloyd and they bring up Rai who Lloyd had offered a place in his unit only for Rai to turn it down as he had joined the Black Knights partly because of Kallen of whom Suzaku knew the two hung out with each other a lot and says to these lines in response.
    Suzaku: "Well you see... there's this girl that Rai hangs out with at school. If he were to join the military though, I fear he won't be able to see her that much anymore. I would hate for them to be separated because of something that I did."
    Cecile: "So is this person his girlfriend or something?"
    Suzaku: "Well they never made any official statement or anything, but I think it's heading in that direction. I believe he would be safer with her than with me anyways."
  • The Dreaded: Even though he has only made a few appearances thus far in the story they way C.C and also E.E. talk about the mysterious guy in the black leather suit name is Surt Zilch if you want to call him C.C. seems to refer him as 'personification of Death and he is referred by the other immortals as the Black Star of Thantos' suggest he is this especially if C.C of all people is fearful of someone as shown in series when Mao turned up. Chapter 31 he proves why he is feared by even Rai.
    • In chapter 22, Surt and V.V. talk about E.E and they seem to fear her quite a bit. V.V. even says "Even I don't want to mess with her. She knows more about the Codes than the rest of us." Makes you wonder what her plans are and what she wants Rai to do for her.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Quite a few characters make an appearance early before they are properly introduced in the story.
  • Easy Amnesia: Of course Rai thanks to C.C.
  • Empty Shell: This speech by Rai to Suzaku in Chapter 31 says it best.
    "And even though he was the only one who walked out of that town alive, inside he still felt like he died that day. There was nothing inside of him anymore; happiness, sadness, anger…he felt none of those emotions. Instead, only his corpse dragged him on."
  • Everyone Can See It: Along with Shipper on Deck, most characters notice how much time Kallen and Rai spend being together with each other, how much they care for one another and how both go silent or stutter and not sure what to say when a character asks them about their feelings for the other.
  • Expy: Rai, to a certain degree, is one oto both Lelouch and Suzaku in that he has Lelouch's intelligence, ability to read people, strategy and leadership skills (and both having very talented and respected mothers and they both acknowledge their similar pasts and traits in series) and physical features while having Suzaku's athletics and Knightmare abilities (though he has a lot more skill than strength) and having certain issues with their fathers. Rai has enough traits to stand on his own as a character, but as the story goes own this might change.
    • From what we have seen so far the group Knight's of the Blue Moon are somewhat one of Celestial Being from Gundam 00 though the author has said this is somewhat intentional and we don't know their goals or who most of their members are yet so this could change, chapter 30 Rai mentions to Lelouch that their man goal is reformation of the world which could mean a number of things and Rai said the blue moons have many different goals
  • Failure Knight: While not definite it is hinted that the reason why Rai takes drastic actions to protect people he cares about is because he feels at fault for his mother and sisters death straight example Orange as always with Lelouch's mother.
  • Fix Fic: A mild case as it closely follows the anime and the game closely but the SAZ masscare happens but Euphie is saved thanks to Rai's Geass being like Lelouch's, though he gets a shot in the side for his effort plus the story is still ongoing so who knows what may happen yet and the author is being careful to balance the two sides.
  • Foreshadowing: the author likes to foreshadow some info chapters in advance with some examples below
    • a lot of the conversations that seem to happen between C.C and E.E (as with her 'talks' with Marianne in the series we only hear C.C side of the conversation) give hints that it was C.C who caused Rai's memory loss and that they had a deal over him in the first place place which in chapter 25 turned out to prepare Rai for his contract with E.E. and that events in the story that may be coming etc.
    • Kallen repeatedly leaving her pouch around and in chapter 20 when Rai goes to her house and her room is very messy and unorganized somewhat foreshadow that in chapter 23 Rai finds her pouch again in the hanger and uses it in his fight against Sai more of a Chekhov's Gun but still somewhat counts when you consider the events mentioned.
    • Chapter 17 as Rai is running from Sai he trips over a tree branch and his grenade drops out and the pin comes out resulting in him escaping from Sai by dropping into the ocean, in chapter 18 his tripping over a loose board in his house is the main cause of his mother's death doubles as a Chekhov's Gun as well.
    • two in chapter two one being the surname Milly gives Rai turns out that is his surname or his Britainian one at least another by C.C when she tells Lelouch "When that time comes, we'll all be amazed by who the real Rai is." as the later chapter shows yes they most certainly are amazed thank you C.C who as mentioned before was the one who wiped Rai's memories which set up the whole story beyond that moment.
    • One in chapter 3 Rai is in the library and once he comes across Knightmare stuff he is fascinated by it guess what is the thing that grabs attention from people around Rai oh and he reads about the Sumeragi Clan guess which family Rai comes from.
    • Another in chapter 17 where when Zero announces the new organization of the Black Knights only C.C. and Rai have no position as Zero hasn't decided their roles yet by chapter 25 they are both gone from the black knights though C.C returns in chapter 26 Rai is still nowhere to be seen.
    • Throughout the fic, the story of the Blue Moon Festival is brought up a few times on how in the words of Milly
    "The legends say that once every year the moon will glow an ominous blue color for a few hours on one night. And any couple that confess their love to each while standing on the altar of a chapel when the blue moon is out will live a long, happy, life for all eternity with each other"
    • Turns out in Chapter 25 E.E. is the one who caused it to start which was hinted to in Chapter 22, when Rai saw her, and his ancestor hinted to be Saboro in a church doing this in a vision caused by Rai touching C.C when Lelouch's Geass was going out of control. And in Chapter 26, turns out there's a new group called the Knights of the Blue Moon which hints to Rai and E.E. doing stage three of their plan if they are the ones running that group.
  • Friendly Sniper: Chapter 30 reveals Kallen's brother Naoto to be one back in the day and still is one for the Blue Moon now.
  • Gambit Pileup: Chapter 25 spends quite a bit of time showing how many plans and games are being played by characters in the series Surt Zilch unknown plan, Lelouch and his United States of Japan, emperor Charles/V.V plans continuing as planned and finally Rai/E.E moving to Stage two of their plans how these plan's will go only time will tell.
  • General Ripper: Both General's Calares and Upson are this in every way possible in chapter 27 where they get their whole forces destroyed by a few Knightmares then again this may all be part of Black Leather Guy's plan as he seems to be testing the Black Knights and the Knights of the Blue Moon chapter 29 Upson tops himself by trying to use his ship to destroy one Knightmare. it ended very well for him
  • General Failure: as with the above General Upson is this, every time he leads a battle it is a total disaster for him and Britannia his attempt to use his own ship to destroy one Knightmare gets him killed that's how bad he is. though Surt counted on him being this as part of his plan.
  • Great Escape: start of chapter 26 involves a prison break from temple tower of an young unknown prisoner by an unknown young pilot for who, what and why nobody knows yet it was Rai breaking out Kallen's brother Naoto who is alive in this fic .
  • Grey and Grey Morality: while most of the story is from Rai's POV the author is taking the time to show the conflicts in the story from both sides and is showing that in many ways both sides are being used and manipulated by various groups in the shadows and that both sides have good and bad people on them (more bad on Britanian side since they are the villains.
  • The Glomp: Kaguya is fond to doing this to her onii chan (cousin) Rai also in one chapter both amusing and heartwarming Kallen does it to Rai at the start of chapter 19
  • Held Gaze: In the later chapters, after Rai has his memories again Rai and Kallen do this quite a bit as their feelings for each other deepen ever more and they realize they love each other.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Rai certainly does in Knightmare and normal combat as does his rival Micheal steinburg and Surt Zilch.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain : So far black leather guy has only been using pawns and gathering resources for whatever plan he has going thanks to Rai geassing him in chapter 18 allowing for his code to activate upon his death and him having to change his plans because of this.
  • Honor Before Reason: Some characters in the series have this but Michael Steinberg has this the most in chapter 23 he had a chance to defeat Rai who was exhausted and had used up the tactic he planned to use on him, but Michael took the floater off and gave him a fair duel costing himself a chance to take out one of Britannia's most dangerous enemies Rai display these traits himself at times chapter 18 where he first fought Michael in area 12 had him beat and Michael asked him to finish him off, but Rai refused to do so and this leads to Michael appearing in Japan later on and being Rai's worst opponent there.
    • Rai later shows this again in chapter 31 when after refusing his offer to join him in the Blue moon he let's Suzaku continue his Britannian career and this leads to him causing the EU much trouble and his rise to the Knight's of the Round. Also later on in the later he missed a chance to kill Surt just to ask him a question to which Surt calls him out on.
  • Humble Hero: Unlike Zero Rai is very humble and as he put's it in response to people talking about his skills "I get told that a lot even though I don't think I'm anything that special. I just do my job, that's all." his mother is said to have been this as well and his father is pretty humble as well must be a family trait
  • Hypocritical Humour: Chapter 27 this line by Zero.
    Zero: "I don't like how there're keeping their identity away from us. I cannot possibly cooperate with such an individual."
    C.C.: "Hmph... like you got room to talk."
    • Zero again later on in the same chapter
    Zero: "Besides, they've only been about to do all things they did by using our forces as decoys while they moved out from the shadows. I refuse to be used by someone else, especially someone who I can't even see and know about!"
    C.C.: "...You don't like that."
    • "Come out, it's no use skulking around in the shadows." Yeah considering Surt Zilch has been doing this the whole story so far.
  • I Knew It: Many fans correctly guessed that Naoto was still alive, though this was foreshadowed as early as Chapter 10. They also guessed that Rai was in the blue knightmare Susano'o but then again it probably was the author's way of keeping people guessing for a little while.
  • Incest Subtext: as always Lelouch and Euphie with her being his 'first love' Lampshaded in chapter 23 where Rai suspects he has this trope with Cornelia and possibly Nunnally as well which he denies but they laugh about it.
  • Improbable Age: quite a few young characters in the series, this gets lampshaded in chapter 28 by Dornetha Ernst, considering how young some of the knights of the round members are, six of them are under twenty years old.
  • Spanner in the Works: Despite Rai's presence in Japan in this fic, nearly everything that happens in R1 happens with a few changes like Euphie being alive, the Black Rebellion succeeding, and V.V. being unable to kidnap Nunnally, and the balance between the sides is still the same as shown in Chapter 25, where despite losing Japan, Britania has found another source of Sakuradite to continue their conquests, allowing them to feel confident to come back to Japan two years later, and Charles'/V.V.'s plans remain unchanged as well.
  • Insufferable Genius: Lelouch can be this at times as can Lloyd as well.
  • I Can Still Fight: in chapters 23 and 24 after being shot by Euphie and geassed by Lelouch into resting Rai still heads out into battle to save Kallen from getting killed by Suzaku and then does battle with Suzaku and SAI making his injury worse, tiring himself out and getting stabbed in the same spot he got shot and ends up unconscious and in hospital for his efforts oh and a not very happy Kallen as well who chews him out for risking his life like that.
  • Intertwined Fingers: in chapter 20 after their near kiss is interrupted and they talk about Suzaku knowing their secret they hold hands in this way with Rai liking Kallen's 'soft' fingers quite a bit.
  • Ironic Echo: Quite a few in the fic, chapter 23 Rai says to Suzaku he would rather not kill him if he doesn't have to, one chapter later Suzaku says the same thing to Kallen.
    • Chapter 29 Lelouch says to Kallen even he has to keep some things secret, chapter 30 Rai says the same thing to Lelouch
  • Jerkass Façade: Naturally Lelouch put's one up round people at school and at first one round Rai but as he learns more about Rai and once Rai joins the Black Knights and they fight together and talk to each other they find a lot of common ground with each other, and once Rai regains his memories and reveals his past to Lelouch and tells him he knows he is Zero Lelouch opens up his past to Rai leading to the two becoming close friends and comrades.
    • Lelouch really pulls this act well in chapter 29 with Kallen who has somewhat worked out he is Zero and he pretty much tells her the Black Knight and Japan are tools in his quest to destroy Britannia but he is mainly doing this to stop her getting too close and to make it seem he is sending Rai on a mission rather than admit that Rai is leaving of his own accord, this could also be the author's way of sinking any chance of any shipping happening between Kallen and Lelouch plus as said above to get Kallen to blame Lelouch for Rai's departure as he knows the two are in love with each other but ymmv may very on this.
  • Knife Nut: Kallen with her pouch and Rai with his weapon of choice being swords both in kightmares and in person.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Definitly one of the reasons Rai uses a sword as his main weapon in person and in kightmare combat since he dosen't even know how to use a gun as he told Zero in chapter 10 and as shown in chapter 18 his mother taught him martial arts and swordmanship skills hence why he doesn't know how to use guns.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: How Rai lost his memories thanks to C.C. and as in canon to Shirley after the Mao events that happen off-screen in this story. once Rai has his memories again in chapter 19 Shirley's different behaviour around Lelouch is the key to him realising who Zero is.
  • Magical Eye: Natually Lelouch with his Geass. Rai as well has his with the Geass nearly the same as Lelouch's, except it works by using his voice around the area.
  • Martial Pacifist: Rai is one to a degree as C.C. put's it in chapter 9 "From that one fight, I learned that you're not the fighting type by that I mean you're not the kind of person who would pick a fight with someone. Your moves are all self-defense, no offensive moves. Whoever taught you wanted you to be able to defend yourself, or possibly those precious to you in your past." it was his mother who taught him to be like this as she would state this before training him in lmartial arts and swords "I will teach you how to fight only if you swear to use that power to protect the things and people you care about. You should never power for your own selfish ends." though Rai is a mix of this and Technical Pacifist and as stated in Shoot the Dog section he is willing to kill if he feels there is no other way
  • Manipulative Bitch: C.C. naturally what with her plans for Lelouch and also mindwiping Rai's memories partly to in her view neutralize a threat to Zero but for the most part to amuse herself also this is what Suzaku thinks Kallen is this once he finds out about Kallen and Rai's secret in chapter 17
  • Manipulative Bastard: Lelouch is one as always though not as much as you would think but he did get Jeremiah to change sides in the Black Rebellion by playing on his loyalty to his dead mother .
    • Rai shows hints of this trope in chapter 31 with his talk with Suzaku near his destroyed hometown where he is seeding doubts in Suzaku's mind after he turns down his offer of joining him in the Blue Moon and trying to get him to realize that his goal of changing Britannia form the inside his hopeless.
  • Memory Gambit: Complicated example as C.C. pulls one on Rai as she wipes his memories party for her own amusment, party to mold him into being Zero's ally and party to honor her agreement with E.E. with helping Rai regain what he lost two years ago. (love and the reason why he exists)though E.E. says the memory wipe was C.C idea not hers yeah it's complicated.
  • Mysterious Past: Quite a few characters in the story have pasts that affect the story in some way even a large amount has yet to be revealed or as the author has said won't make sense til later on in the story.
  • Meaningful Name: Searching for Adnormal Indviduals Michael Steinburgs codename considering what he's in japan to look for and what he finds it fits him well the name.
    • Rai's name in japanese tends to mean thunder, lighting and lastly but most commonly trust and it's somewhat a short form of the spanish name Raimundo which means protecting hands though Rai according to code geass wiki is somewhat derived on how the word Liar is written in Japanese interesting eh.
    • Surt zilch as mentioned in Shown Their Work Surt is related to the Norse legend around that name and zilch is a hint to how the guy operates in the shadows without anyone knowing who and what he really is.
  • Never Found the Body: After the events of Kallen's mother Ohgi talks to Rai and mentions that Naoto got separated from his group in one mission and they never found his body or what had happened to him chapter 30 it's revealed he's still alive was caught by the purist faction and his dad and taken back to the mainland where he found the Sakuradite that allowed Britannia to continue it's conquests, but it did lead to him being in prison and Rai breaking him out.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: as chapter 18 shows Rai using his Geass to kill a mysterious guy in black probably wasn't a good idea though he was on the verge of death and he did do it without knowing it.
    • As revealed in chapter 30 lampshaded by Naoto himself by dumb luck he found Sakuradite which after Britannia lost Japan it allowed them to continue their conquests with little effect and it allowed his father to gain more power in Britannia
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: Black Leather Guy has a powerful Geass (somewhat similar to Bismarck's though it's more to do with slowing people down rather than seeing the future) and shown in later chapters a lot of pawns but for reasons yet unkown chose to attack E.E/Rai in japan sent E.E to her thought elevator cutting it off access from other immortals which prevents any chance of V.V. taking Nunnally and in his fight with Rai get's himself killed and activating his code and losing his geass (he acknowledges this himself as he has to change his plan) and allowing C.C to take advantage of Rai and use him to help Zero and in the end costing Britania Japan though that doesn't seem to bother him much as he tells V.V. in chapter 22 he has lost interest in the imperial family and is interested in Rai's family for some reason.
    • Michael Steinberg aka Sai in chapter 23 has the floater on his knightmare but takes it off for his battle with Rai and leaves it on the side and the Black Knights later retrieve the floater which allows them to build the gliders for their own knightmares way to help your enemy Michael.
    • chapter thirty reveals that Kallen's dad took Naoto back to the Britannian homeland and left Kallen with his wife and her real mother thinking it would lead her to being a real Britannian lady guess how that went eh should've kept more of an eye on her Mr Stadfeld.
  • Not What It Looks Like: In chapter 16 Milly catches Kallen in Rai's arms after Kallen tripped over Arthur while walking to get her pouch back from Rai.
  • Original Character: mostly averted the author has said he is trying to avoid creating them where he can but he is creating a few new kightmares for his story but he does plan to have a full Knights of the Round group in this series so one or two more are likely on their way.
    • so far only a few OC's have been created where needed one in Michael Steinberg aka Sai and another in Kallen's friend and Zero squadron member Haruna Ikutsuki , plus names and backgrounds for Rai's family
  • Parental Issues: As in the main series a lot of the characters have issues with at least one of their parents.
  • Plot Threads: Quite a few going on in the story and they continue to build and increase as the story goes on more will probably follow as the author prepares the next arc of the story. Chapter 31 shows how big the thread is getting with the main villains name (or code name) being revealed and that there's more to the Sumeragi's Legacy than we thought.
  • Put On The Bus: Rai in chapter 25 leaves Japan and summons E.E to begin stage two of their plan, he hasn't been in the story since, when he will emerge again, nobody knows. chapter 30 he returns he's been in the story in the last few chapters just in the background.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: A few examples.
    • Kallen Red Rai Blue hell that's the color of their knightmares.
    • Suzaku Red Sai Blue.
    • Rai red/purple Zero blue (though this is switched between the two at times especially when it comes to geass as Zero tends to use geass quite a bit to aid his plans while Rai tends to only use it as a last resort).
    • Sai blue/purple Rai Blue.
  • The Rival: As in the series Kallen/Suzaku,Suzaku/Zero and finally Rai/ Sai
  • Royal Blood: quite a few characters all members of the imperial family lelouch, Nunnually as part of that family, and turns out Rai is Japanese royality through his mother and britannian noblity through his father
  • ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: Zero and the Black Knights follow this Especially Rai as he says in chapter 25
    "I acted based on what I believe was the right thing to do, even if it meant looking like a criminal to the world".
  • School Festival: Part of chapter 21 is covering the school festival of episode 21.
  • Secret Stab Wound: during the SAZ massacre in chapter 22 Rai gets shot by Euphie, then geassed by Zero in chapter 23 and then stabbed in the same shot he got shot in by Sai in chapter 24 suffice to say Kallen was not amused when she found out.
  • Sensei-chan: Rai's mother was one for Rai and his friend Lelia Malkal in education and in martial arts and sword training.
  • Shadow Archetype: Michael Steinburg aka Sai is one for Rai as both have similar backgrounds suffered similar losses and similar personalities the difference lay in how these events shaped their views and which sides they end up on in the story.
  • Shout-Out: Chapter 15 Suzaku pulls off a famous move we all know and love (or hate).
    • author includes and mentions characters from other Code Geass series as well (main character is from the Lost colors video game which never came out in the west).
    • Black leather guy is probably a mix of Prince Ali (in size, personality and fighting abilities , Alejandro Corner (his fondness for gold stuff and hints he comes from a family like Corners) and Ribbons considering his resources, hidden agenda and for backstabbing people considering the author's fondness of Gundam 00 this is very likely .
    • Chapter 21 has a humorous shout out to the first school festival episode (which the chapter covers as well) when Rai and Kallen go into the Haunted House Kallen got tricked into working in by Lelouch earlier and Kallen gets scared by the very trap she worked on before and drags Rai out of the Haunted House.
    • Chapter 27 is a big shout out to Gundam 00 as the knights of the blue moon now have a four knightmare team that each play roles similar to the Gundams from that show, oh and a short green hair man run's into Kallen and her OC friend Haruna remind you of anybody in particular.
    • Rai as a whole could be considered as one to Lelouch if you know Lelouch was supposed to be a white hair pretty boy in his original design though that's probably cause the makers of Lost Color decided to use that design somewhat when they made Rai.
  • Shipperon Deck: Suzaku is to some degree one for Rai and Kallen to say that this came back to bite him big time would be an understatement as is Milly who puts Kallen in charge of Rai, Shirley ships them as well for who Milly orignally did it for so she could be with Lelouch though that ship hasn't took off yet for reasons well known.
    • Lelouch becomes one for Kallen and Rai as well as the series goes on see Jerkass Façade for more details on this.
    • Marika Soresi and her friend Liliana Vergamon ship Oldrin Zevron and her friend Michael Steinberg aka SAI also Liliana seems quite interested in the idea of Suzaku and Gino being together calling them cute when Gino has his arm round Suzaku.
  • Shoot the Dog: Zero is willing to do this as is Rai at times as he tells Kallen in chapter 16 "We have to be prepared for what we must do. If Suzaku insists on being a Britannian soldier, we'll have no choice but to wipe him out." though he also tells Kallen
    "Listen Kallen, when the time comes, if it's too hard for you…I'll be the one who does it. I'll be the one who kills…Suzaku Kururugi." which he very nearly does in chapter 23 so it probably more of a case Rai would rather dirty his own hands and keep the people he cares about hands as clean as he can.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: As in the series Suzaku is this as his battles with Kallen show and especially his fight with Rai in chapter 23 while yes he was letting his emotions affecting his judgement and had been weakened by Kallen it only took an ambush by Rai and not too many moves by him to defeat him he would've been killed if Sai hadn't shown up at the last minute Averted with Sai while he has a bit of honor before reason as shown in chapter 23 he mostly shows he is a equal match for both Kallen and Rai in the fic especially for Rai both inside and outside of knightmare combat.
  • Shown Their Work: The author has done his research when it comes to naming certain things in the series and seems to have a knowledge of legends and mythology such as:
    • the knightmare model Susano'o that first appear in chapter 26 is the name of the Shinto god of the sea and storm, considering where it first appears it's very fitting, also doubles as a Shout-Out to Gundam00's Mr Bushido machine
    • Chapter 28 Nornette has given the nickname Sir Sagamore to the now scared on the left side Michael Steinberg considering his legend you might find it fits well.
    • the knightmare for the Knight of nine Nornette Enneagram Griflet considering she's the first of the Knight's of the round to appear in the story, and what her battle style is, the name goes well with her.
    • the Kusanagi blade Rai's mum sword and his sword from chapter 20 onwards is one of Japan's most famous swords and is and one of three Imperial Regalia of Japan and it's popular name is grass cutting sword, it makes Rai's mum nickname the silent grass Slasher fitting
    • here's an odd one Black leather guy kills the Wizard with his sword called the gram, which is from Norse legend that Sigurd used to kill the dragon Fafnir, makes you wonder who he plans to slay indeed.
    • Oldrin Zevron's knightmare is called the Lancelot-Grail which is the name of the volumes that tell the story for the Holy grail and the romance between Lancelot and Guinevere, this might give some hint as to her roles in the fic
    • Chapter 30 the name of Surt Zilch ships Laevateinn which is also from Norse legend like his sword it refers to a weapon made from the gates of death which fits his motto well when he proclaims he rain hellfire on the Black Knights.
    • Chapter 30 when Leila mentions her main weapon to be Kagutsuchi which is the Shinto god of fire in Japanese mythology, some of these is probably also the author giving shout outs to Naruto a series he is a fan of.
    • Chapter 31 we have some name for the apparent main villain he goes by the name Surt Zilch with Surt being in Norse legend the guardian and ruler of Muspelheim, destined to defeat Frey at Ragnarok makes one wonder what Surt has planned for most characters in the series.
  • Smart People Play Chess: Leouch and Rai have quite a few games throughout the story while drinking tea no less it's 8-8 at the moment.
  • Spanner Inthe Works: if Rai hadn't collapsed near Ashford Academy things might've turn out differently for him, the other characters and the story.
    • Also Milly (unintenionally) as her decision to save Rai, let him stay at Ashford and make Kallen his guide affect the plot in a big way that she probably didn't intend
    • Chapter 25 Villetta as in canon may become one for Lelouch (already one when you consider her role with shirley at the port) and the black knights in the future now she is with V.V after he found her in the ghettos and gave her memories back to her, chapter 30 she is pulling her stuff once again with Ohgi.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Euphie the masscare happens but because of Rai the geass command over her is broken so Lelouch doesn't kill her and she orders the army to retreat from Japan once is is awake again and plans to still support Lelouch from within Britania though as always time will tell Naoto is alive, Naoto is alive.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: though it's shown they were mostly very close childhood friends chapter 18 gives hints that this trope might be in effect for Rai/ Leila Malkal though time will tell if anything comes from this.
  • TheStoic: given what other characters say about Rai and even after he has his memories back he tends to remain calm act in a sedate manner and seems to be gennerally introverted Rai gives off more than a hint of this trope though it may be more due to events in his past and knowing what his contract with E.E as hinted to chapter 25 involves than him being emotionless as he does laugh at times and see When He Smiles for more info on that front.
    • Rai does have a few moments when he does get angry like in chapter ten when he snapped at Tamaki for his tasteless joke on refrain after seeing how it hurt Kallen and her mother and in chapter eighteen he got angry with his dad and Britannian relatives after they were the ones who had his mother and sister killed and his home and town destroyed though these moments Rai is probably Tranquil Fury as he seems to keep his calm when doing so.
  • Super Prototype: The Gekka Pre-Production Test Type or Proto Gekka, Rai's blue knightmare that serves as the prototype to the units the four holy swords get and Todouh's own model being based on Rai's battle data on the Britanian side the Lancelot Club serves as this for Sai ironiclly was made for Rai at one point and other protoypes are mentioned by Lloyd that he has built for other characters in the series both prototypes mentioned above get destroyed in chapter 24
    • later chapters show a lot of different knightmares being used by all sides.
  • The Strategist: naturally Zero with all his tactic's in the series, Rai is one as well as he constanly assess's his situlation, his enemy and his tactic's and can think and change his tactic's on the fly. so in a way while Zero is the one who comes up with the plans and set's the stage Rai who Zero consults quite a few times on his plan is the one in more ways than one helps the most to make the plan come to fruitation
  • Sword Fight: quite a few of the fights if not all of them between Rai and Michael Steinberg aka SAI involve a sword
  • Talk to the Fist: Suzaku does this to Rai after he criticizes him and Euphie for their naivety and Wide Eyed Idealism after the SAZ plan fell part.
  • Takea Third Option: seems to be Rai's preferred method of dealing with problems as he tells
    Zero/Lelouch in chapter 25 "And regarding the Black Knights, from the very beginning, everything I did wasn't for Zero, I acted based on what I believe was the right thing to do, even if it meant looking like a criminal to the world. You and I walk similar but different paths. While I cannot walk the right sided path of a righteous loyal knight, at the same time though, I refuse to walk down the left path and use under-handed tactics a noble demon would use either. The path I walk…is straight down the middle."
  • That Man Is Dead: how Rai views the person he was before the loss of his family .
  • Tragic Hero/Tragic Villain: The three main male characters Lelouch (ymmv on which he is), Suzaku (ymmv same as Lelouch) and Rai are this
  • Trauma Conga Line: as with despiar event horizen Rai reached this in chapter 18 when his town and family were destroyed but he got better (for now)
  • Tsundere: Kallen as always one sec she's glomping Rai in chapter 19 to then pushing him down and telling him off all within a few lines in the same chapter repeat for chapter 25 when Rai wakes up in the hospital they hug and stare into each other's eyes and then next second she's not amused with his actions in the last two chapters at all and later on when they finally kiss and confess their feelings for each other and then she whacks him with his sword onto his boat
  • Two Roads Before You: the early chapters play with this trope quite a bit as Rai has to make a choice that affect him and the story as a whole (mainly happened this trope as the author wasn't sure which side he wanted Rai on til he made up his mind)
  • Undying Loyalty: Oldrin to Mirabelle she even turned down a chance to be a knight of the round to stay with her as her knight as shown in chapter 28, Bismarck to Charles as well, same with Guildford to Cornelia.
  • Villain Episode: chapter 22,25 and 28 that have a bit of attention on Charles, V.V and on Surt Zilch
  • Wham Episode: chapters 18, 22, 24 and 25 have revelations and twists that affect the story. add in chapter 30 now.
  • Wham Line: "let's go sumeragi legacy"
  • What the Hell, Hero?: it's subtile but in chapter 22 Rai had this with Lelouch after his geass went out of control and trigged the SAZ masscare after Rai repeatly warned Lelouch about his use of geass in the previous chapters but despite this he still saved his sister Euphie with his geass
    • Suzaku thinks this trope with Kallen after finding out her's and Rai's secret in chapter 17
    • He thinks it again when he thinks that Rai is making it out that the SAZ plan falling apart is Euphie's fault and punches him for it.
  • Walking the Earth: What Rai did for two years after his family's death in chapter 18 and what he somewhat goes back to doing at the end of chapter 25 mostly it's to fufill E.E.'s contract he made with her as quickly as possible
  • WhenHeSmiles: Rai rarley smiles given he has no memories for the first sixteen chapters and when we see his past it's very understandable but when he does in chapter 13 and especially in chapter 20 both times when he's with Kallen and the second it's one he hasn't done since his mother and sister were alive you get the sense this trope is in full effect
  • Whole Episode Flashback: chapter 18 is a complete flashback to Rai's past to which the author has said events in will make more sense later on in the story
  • Worthy Opponent: plenty of examples Kallen/Suzaku Suzaku/Rai Guidford/Toudouh and finally Rai/ Sai