Fan Fic / Blazin Gears

Because Someone Has to Do It, and because the author was highly caffeinated after playing a few rounds of BlazBlue online, this crossover was conceived. Blazin' Gears is a tale that has slowly been dropping main characters from the Guilty Gear series into the Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi (the main setting for the game BlazBlue) about a day or so before Ragna the Bloodedge strolls in through the front door of the library and the wheel of fate spins anew. So far, the GG characters have been getting their asses handed to them as their bodies adjust to the new "rules" of this world, but who knows what will happen afterwards? The author is still trying to figure that part out for himself.

Will there be action? Yes.

Will there be humor? Yes.

Will there be romance? Unrequited so far, but yes to a small degree.

Will someone have an Unsettling Gender Reveal? It's being considered.

Will there be any original characters? A few, but they won't overshadow the main cast.

Provides examples of: